Stay The Course

There are so many people that need this word...People I know. People I love. Including ME...a good reminder to stay the course. I signed up to receive this daily devotional, but I must admit that I get SO many emails, that it's often skipped over, deleted, forgotten. But I felt the need to open this one. And I'm thankful that I did.

In Touch Daily Devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley
Monday July 31, 2006
The Grace to Overcome
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

The Lord declares that His grace is sufficient for every painful situation we will ever encounter. Because of His abundant goodness, kindness, and love for us, we do not have to succumb to discouragement, give up hope, or walk away from His plan. We will know God’s grace is working in us when...

We have the strength to persevere. Through the indwelling Holy Spirit, Godreleases into us His supernatural power so wemight endure (Acts 1:8).

A spirit of confidence in Him is ignited within us. Grace awakens our hearts and
minds to believe God will turn our troubles into something beneficial (Romans 8:28).

We have a sense of His presence with us. When grace is at work, we will be conscious ofthe Spirit’s abiding support.

Our focus shifts from our trials to God. Grace helps us shift our attention from oursituation and emotions to God’s sufficiency.

We trust that God will bring us through this — and not just barely through, but withdeeper intimacy and greater faith at the end.

We are assured of God’s sovereignty. He knows our frailties and has promised to limit trials to what our weaknesses, strengthened by His power, can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13).

The apostle Paul had been through shipwrecks, imprisonments, and beatings - difficulties far worse than most of ours. He didn’t quit because he drew on God’s grace and found it sufficient for every circumstance. Where do you need an infusion of grace in order not to give up and walk away?


autum said...

Thanks for this. I need also need a reminder that no matter what is going on God's grace is more than sufficient.

As The World Scraps said...

Oh! I so needed that. Thank you! Thank You! Yesterday was a rough day with a decision. I was selfish and wanted it MY way instead of the decision going Gods way. I kept batteling with it all night. The spirit was telling me that I was being snotty and that I should look at Gods picture. I think that my poor husband felt he was a target. Thank God for conviction, I finally surrendered to Gods choice and gave up the poopiness feelings and ... texted my husband the word "love". end of trial :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this amazing reminder. His grace IS sufficient. Blessings to you!

Christy said...

Great post girlie!
I SO needed to hear this... thanks!