Our Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day we were homebodies. Our family celebrations were happening Saturday and Sunday- so Thursday we decided to keep it lowkey and just enjoy a pajama day! I got up and looked out the back windows to see the first heavy frost had arrived. So pretty and serene!

Then I opened the blind in the kitchen and was greeted with THIS! Gorgeous! The picture just doesn't do it justice- the trees GLOWED gold, red and orange from the backing of the morning sun. And smelling fresh brewed coffee while gazing on this, standing in my robe and jammies--just icing on the cake!

Made oatmeal with raisins for breakfast. And cocoa for the kidlets.

We let Daddy sleep in and we took our oatmeal downstairs to watch the MACY's parade! The photo looks like a shot from Poltergeist with that glowing white screen- but I assure you- it was all Broadway music, marching bands and giant floating characters! The kids loved it.

Here's a shot of the rolls I made for our Thanksgiving dinner with Robert's side of the family on Saturday. YUM!


Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

"For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends. "
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Thanksgiving!


Slippin' outta the Slackin.

I've updated my "crafty" blog- BellaCarte Designs. I'm going to try and post a little more consistently. No more slackadasical...i hope!
Take a peek by clicking on the link on my sidebar!

Here's the 'do all curly-like.
Because all TWO of you living long-distance that read this just HAD to see it. ;)

You like??
I really, really do. A lovely change.
Here's what we had going on this week!

  • Matthew gave himself a shiner at church somehow. Rough housing with his friends after AWANA's and he now has a very bruised, scraped area around his right eye and ear. And he doesn't recall exactly what he hit...hmmm. I think *I* would remember, don't you?

  • Thursday we had our first Annual Homeschool Thanksgiving Feast. It was great fun to see the kids in their handcrafted Pilgrim and Indian garb. We had a very well balanced menu of corn, green beans, goldfish crackers, jello, apples, cookies, candy and apple juice! lol. Mac 'n cheese showed up a little later to round it out more but it was pretty funny. To the parents. The kids thought it "rocked". At least that's what we gathered in between war cries, gobbles and giggles. We followed the feast up with a viewing of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

  • Friday we had a field trip to go see a production of "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" at a local playhouse. It was wonderful to see my kidlets respond so positively to the experience. Matthew said it was better than the movie, which shocked me. I knew Josie would love it- she's our little performer. But I feared Matthew would be disinterested. Not the case AT ALL. I think I see MANY more trips to the theatre in our future.

That's all for now! Hope you're all having a great weekend!





This is my idea of holiday prep! Nestled under a newfound vintage quilt, freshly laundered and smelling wonderful. But you only get a wiff of it now and then because the aroma of my Cinnamon Dolce Latte is wafting throughout the room! Top it off with a slice of gingerbread with cream cheese frosting, a few new holiday issue mags and one of these handy-dandy lapwarmers we picked up for a song...free!

Meet Max.
Josie and Matthew felt it was the PERFECT name for him, so there you go.
He's fluffy & LOVES to cuddle.. and is gradually warming to the exuberance of the pugster. They'll be curled up napping together before long, I'm sure!

And...no hair pics. Sorry.
I know! I know!
I'll post them soon! But today was just uh....NOT the day.
My kidlets put me through the wringer today and I *LOOKED* like it!
So be kind. Be forgiving. Be patient.
Tomorrow perhaps???


I'm home from my homeschool mom's meeting and had like..6 cups (small cups, but still..cups)of coffee. Not just regular coffee but Shari's ROBUST blend. oohlala! Considering that we met at 9pm and left there around 11...and I'm feeling wired...this isn't a good thing. So I thought I'd catch up on some blog reading, get things ready for tomorrow..etc.etc.

What I've done so far: Catch up on some blog reading. And it's officially "tomorrow", as of 9 minutes ago- and I'm not ready at all.

Moving on.(denial that it's officially "tomorrow" and nothing is prepped)
Have I told you how much I enjoy THIS BLOG???? Hilarious, gorgeous photography and apparently, a fabulous cook. Did I mention she's hilarious?? When I need a good, guilty, gut-busting-laugh, I know I can just scroll through her entries and do so. Love it. Go check her out- you'll want to bake from scratch tonite. AND go buy an insanely expensive camera and be JUST LIKE HER. It's wicked talent, I'm tellin' ya!

I'm already stewing over what the kids will wear for Christmas holiday stuff. I think the stewing began when I saw this! I just imagined Josie's head on this outfit and instantly knew it must be this or something very much like it. She'll think it divinely Eloise-ish and I'll be thrilled as well- it's adorable and classy.

Cute, yes??

And Matthew--just don't know yet. Still looking. Plus, he'll just throw it on and ask if he can "go get on the computer now" anyway...lol.

New subject: Our whole family is desperately craving a cat to cuddle with. An indoor/outdoor- cuddle in your lap- cat. And I want him/her to look just like THIS!

SOOOOO sweet! SOOOOO cute! It's quickly moving up from we WANT to we NEED...

One last random thing. That I want (apparently I have a case of the "gimmes" tonite!)

Fun, retro-vibe Paint by Number kit. This one has several scenes including the Eiffel tower. Would LOVE to do this!!

Alright- I'm off to bed. I'm SOOOOO going to be sorry in a few hours. When it's time to let the dog out. When it's time to get up with the hubster. When it's time to start school. oy.... I'm feeling it already.


Ooooh, SO busy!!
Hope you are all well and enjoying this gorgeous Fall season.
The crispness in the air, the vivid colors of turning leaves, cuddling under quilts with your kidlets, some coffee and a good book read aloud... I *do* love Fall!

I'm in the midst of a LOVELY weekend and decided to post something here to let you know I'm alive and kicking! When I say LOVELY I mean it- it's a weekend of "me" stuff that I sorely need right now. Good-for-the-soul type stuff. Thursday evening I went to the Holiday Soiree at POET'S GARDEN with my bestest-buddy Jocelyn. We had a great time--very nice to meander amongst beautiful holiday decor and glean ideas and absorb the "mood" to take home with you! I had a gift certificate I'd been saving for this special occasion and was able to buy a few fun little things~ a great little jumpstart to decorating for Christmas!

On Friday I dropped Matthew off at HIS bestest-buddy's house for a playdate and then surprised Josie with a Mommy&Me afternoon at the hair salon! She *LOVED* it and said we should be doing this everyDAY! lol. We both got our hair cut rather short and AHHHHH! How liberating! I should've done it LONG ago. Josie looks like a little French girl- with a classic little chin length bob. VERY Eloise/Madeline-esque, which thrills her beyond words! We were going to originally go for something more mod/angular with it cut/cropped shorter in back and angled to a longer length in front, but I thought that was a bit too mature for a little girl- and I'm glad we went with this more classic cut. It suits her beautifully.

These pics just show her cut in process- not finished and polished! I'll post that soon. But just look at that smile on her face in the second picture!

Mine is similar..but different. I'm terrible with describing these things so I'll just post a pic soon. Suffice it to say- I love it and have NO regrets!

ANYway- moving on- Friday evening I had my monthly scrapbook night at church. What a nice night of fellowship, encouragement and creativity! It was JUST what I needed. Here are a few pages I made...I love 'em!

The photos look pretty dark here but much better in person. There's a fourth page in progress- just needs some finishing touches. So I didn't do too shabby! Especially considering how much talking we did!
Today Robert made us all breakfast, and although my house smells like a giant smoked sausage factory- it was WORTH IT! YUM! Matthew and Robert are out getting M's hair cut and then we're meeting up with the Stroup family for lunch and to see the BEE MOVIE together. Tomorrow is church and then my nephew's birthday party in Portland. He's getting SO big- I can't believe it. It'll be great to hang out with them for a while- we don't get together as much as we used to.. our lives have become busy and just different, with children and day-to-day "stuff"!! Isn't it crazy how that happens?! Anywho- looking forward to being with my sis and her brood tomorrow!
Keep an eye out for another post with fun hair pics soon!


Just Keep On Keepin' On...

So did you catch the OPRAH last week where Bill Cosby just BROUGHT IT?!
That was one of the BEST.

Come On People!
He talked about the decline of society and how todays parents aren't active participants in their childrens' lives. He focused mainly on African Americans but I personally feel it's an overall issue in our society in this day and age. It's not just in the "hood" that children are neglected, raised in dysfunctional homes, uncared for physically and mentally. He was right when he said "It's not what they're doing to US, it's what WE'RE not doing..." He also spoke of how everyone has this "victim" mentality. They use their poor childhood as an excuse to behave inexcusably.

It was just very powerful. Do I think things in our society will improve where this is concerned? Unfortunately I don't. But at least there are people like Bill Cosby out there airing the "dirty laundry".

I always did dig Dr. Huxtable.


* To Do Lists

* A Crazy Storm with hail and sheets of rain!

* Kids being creative..and just a wee bit proud of the result

* A feathered friend who hangs around our yard, entertaining us daily- being a bit bashful in this pic

* The cutest little pugster we own!


Preparing for Rain

Fall is here. Cloudy skies are already becoming a daily occurrance. I actually welcome it. It's a sign the seasons are changing. Time for sweaters, galoshes, scarves and umbrellas. Living in the lush Pacific Northwest, we endure much rain. My anti-humidity/frizz shampoos and serums and CHI iron get LOTS of use. My scarves come out and are a daily wardrobe staple. I *adore* scarves. I've yet to aquire a pashmina. I'm not sure why- I keep saying I'm going to, but I haven't as of yet. I'd love one in each of these colors: petal pink, black and a deep grape/plum color. J.CREW has a scarf (or two!) I'd love as well.

It's a navy/yellow stripe cashmere. Love the "prep" factor of this- plus, I'm a sucker for yellow lately. Bright, sunny, egg yolk yellow. Love it.

Another staple I'd like to have a few of.... cute umbrellas. They're necessary, so why not have fun with them? I've found a few for Josie. We have a little umbrella holder for hers (really just a yellow mesh mini-wastebasket). I'd like to find a great umbrella stand for mine as well, and then a few cute 'brellies sitting inside as well! Here's some fabulous ones at PARE UMBRELLA. A little spendy, but wonderful all the same.

Aren't they?! At $85 they very well SHOULD be.




Foul Play Friday?

I awoke this morning to cool, misty air and overcast skies. Birds were chirping- but it seemed subdued. The grass had beads of moisture from the shower overnight. And then.
I heard car doors being opened/shut. I peered out the window and saw a line of cars along the street. It was only a few minutes after 8, so what could this be?? A lane of garage sales RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from me! I put the coffee pot on, then meandered over with the kids. We didn't find much. Just a few summery shirts for Josie next season and a faux-American Girl with a bag full of outfits, shoes,etc.
She's a little beat up but I'm going to help Josie clean her up and we've discussed the fact that if she can take care of this doll, we'll seriously consider a "REAL" one for Christmas. Suffice it to say, she's taking this VERY seriously. In cleaning up the doll, we discovered that one of her fingers of her right hand was neatly cut off. No gnaw marks. No other signs of foul play beyond some hair pulling. Perhaps she owed someone else residing in the toybox money?? One could only propose.. that after the horrific loss of a digit, she quickly packed up and threw herself into the garage sale pile for a hopeful exit, bravely putting on a smile. And we rescued her! Of course, poor thing- it's only a matter of time before "they" may discover she's only just across the street. Eeep!


We're HOME!

We're home from SoCal!
Disneyland was magical as always and seeing it through the kids' eyes was the BEST.
Their enchantment and awe stirs the heart and makes us remember when WE felt that way as a kid. LOVE that.
The lines were virtually non-existent with the exception of NEMO. We should've taken the 1.5 hr wait first thing in the morning because it only worsened as the day wore on. So we never got that one in.
Josie hated Indiana Jones and she braved her way through two bouts of Tower of Terror but definitely didn't enjoy it. lol.
Matthew went on EVERYthing he could and especially enjoyed California Screamin' & Tower of Terror.
Despite our fun in Disneyland-- the best part of the trip was most definitely our time in San Diego. We stayed with our good friends, Ken & Christy. Their hospitality was WONDERFUL and we were blessed to be able to crash there and spend time with them.

Ken & Christy- Thank you for all your generousity! Your home, your time, your food, your FLEXIBILITY with our crazy and often confusing "schedule of events" everyday. You guys are SUCH a blessing to us and we are lucky to call you life-long friends. Hotel Berkhouse ranks #1 with the Freeman family!

While in San Diego we got in numerous visits with Robert's grandparents & extended family that came for a special visit one afternoon. We went to the beach a couple times, romped around Mission Bay, Coronado, La Jolla.... all our old "haunts". A high priority was IN & OUT and RUBIOS. And we also visited CORVETTES again, which is always fun. Although this time their a/c wasn't working properly and the place was PACKED= not QUITE as fun as it could've been. The kids had a blast though. Josie lost her first tooth on our way to Disneyland!! She was THRILLED and just a *little* triumphant after all the wiggling/working she'd been doing on that poor little tooth!

Christy took me shopping at Fashion Valley (LOVE it!) and to a few of her favorite scrapbook stores around the area. Wish we'd had more shopping time but what we DID have was fabulous. I brought back a few things but it's probably a blessing that I didn't have alot of room in the car to bring loot back home...we could've gotten into trouble! She also took me to Original House of Pancakes for breakfast and MAN-O-MAN... it was soooooo delish!! I think we have one in Salem but I haven't been before. She had raved about it before and so I was naturally curious. I *LOVE* going out for breakfast, be it morning, noon or night! And this place didn't disappoint at ALL. We sat, eating delish food and sipping on amazing coffee and talked and talked and TALKED. We were both so happy to finally get to be doing what we'd always talked about-- shop together, go out to eat- just the two of us- and just talk and enjoy each others company. I could REALLY get used to that, C.

I'm leaving out all sorts of details and events, but suffice it to say- we had a great time and plan on going back down in a year or two!

And...now we're back home and getting back into the grind of "normal" life. This week is all about creating a new routing/schedule and then next week we start school! The day we got back (after driving straight through from Anaheim, arriving in our sleepy town at 5:45am) I was so tired but it felt GOOD to be home. I unpacked the suitcases and started laundry, watered flowers, went through all the mail that accumulated while we were gone. Visited with my parents when they dropped Pepper off (Thanks Again, Mom & Dad!! Love you!). Then later that night I had my first meeting with other homeschool moms at our church. What a FUN time!! There's such a variety of personalities in our group- but everyone is so nice and encouraging. We have people who've been doing it a long time and many of us who are just jumping in... so we got in lots of questions/sharing. Plus the fellowship with them was just a blessing. Coffee and good conversation with women who share common life situations/interests... we're meeting once a month at Shari's~ something to look forward to!!

More later.. just wanted to drop in and say "Hey!" and fill you in a bit!





One of the things on my "list" was a huge surprise party for my parents!
A celebration of THEM & what they mean to us and their extended family and close friends. We began by blindfolding them as soon as they entered the house and then walked them into the backyard and played "This Is Your Life"- having our guests share a clue about their identity and who they were to my parents. My parents were blown AWAY. We had guests from Texas and Kansas and others they hadn't seen in ages- so they were amazed and touched. Those bandannas over their eyes worked well to sop up the happy tears!!!
My sisters and I have been planning this for QUITE a while and the outcome was SO wonderful!
It went off without a hitch, really- which was AWESOME.
We were going for a tropical theme and held it in our backyard.
It looked pretty, almost everyone that was invited were in attendance, and Mom and Dad were completely SHOCKED & blessed. LOVED that. It's EXACTLY what we wanted.
I was running around, so I didn't get alot of pictures until it was VERY dark.
But what's most important is that it turned out amazing. My parents were thrilled and happy. We got to visit with some longtime friends we haven't seen in years. The food was delish and we had PLENTY ( a BIG concern as my sisters and I don't typically entertain parties of this size!).
* BBQ Pulled Pork & Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
* Corn Salad
* Chinese Chicken Salad
* Spinach Artichoke Wraps
* Fresh Veggies w/Dip
* Paradise Punch
* Bottled Water
* Dessert: Chocolate Fountain w/cubed Poundcake, pretzels, fresh fruit, marshmallows, etc.
* Coffee with coconut creamer
NOW- on my agenda. An ever-growing TO DO list for our trip to SoCal. I'm excited & exhausted. But it feels good. A NEW something on my list is to design a nook in the Sunday School branch of the church. An inviting "lounge" area for the littles of our church family. I'm excited!! That will begin as soon as I return from Cali. AND throwing a baby shower. AND starting homeschool with my kidlets. AND. AND. AND. It's ALLLLLL good and will turn out fabulous, I know. One step at a time!
Hope YOU are enjoying a beautiful day! The weather here is GORGEOUS!! I have TONS of leftover flowers from the party scattered all over the house and on the patio. The windows are open with a cool breeze flowing through the house. The kids are playing together nicely--nice quiet background "noise" for me. Really love hearing them interact- their imaginations collaberating vs. CLASHING on grand schemes of castles, characters, games.... SO neat.
Ok. Don't expect another entry until I'm BACK from SoCal. Then I'll drown you in vacation photos!!!!!!!!!! If you have BABY SHOWER ideas, throw me some ideas!! I'd love it!


Full Plate. Prepare Yourself.

Pics of our new digs...

...because it's better than finding this NOT updated AGAIN, right??

Ah- life is just insanely busy. Apparently the story of my life, really. Because I say it




My TO DO lists are miles long- or at least FEEL like they're that long, mentally.

Feeling a little bogged down. A little blue.

I'll snap out of it.

It's like this-- a nice little plate, overcrowded with all these AMAZING, TANTALIZING foods is thrust into your hands-and you're told to eat it. NOW.



Even though you just ate a full, filling meal BEFORE being handed this plate.

WHat do you eat first?? What looks the yummiest or the more healthful option?? The food the hostess made or the food your Mom made? The lightest, so you don't feel ill- since you're already full? The richest, most decadent- just because you never typically treat yourself to it??

That's me. That's my plate-o-life right now. Lots and lots of amazing, fun, interesting things going on. All are things with deadlines or obligations to be fulfilled- and all of them are jam packed onto this "plate" and aren't going anywhere. They must be done. These things are coming at me and have to be handled- I just have to keep moving and have a morsel of this and a morsel of that- tackling it ALL bit by bit- until I can look back on it all and let out a long, deep breath of relief.

And that *should* happen somewhere around the beginning of October.

I hope.


I'm Back...I think!

Hello dear friends~
I *think* I'm back to blogging. Perhaps sporadically but better than nothing! I'm trying to unpack things and jump back into some sort of normalcy. Our days are full- more than I'd like on occasion- but it makes for solid sleep at night!! I've slept SO hard the last week or so!

The kidlets are in swimming lessons in the late morning and they come home happy but tired. They have been voluntarily taking a nap right after lunch~ CRAZY but I'm not complaining! In the evenings they have another Vacation Bible School, which gives Robert and I a few hours of quiet to unpack and have dinner together. Last night we dropped the kids off, then picked up a few things from Walmart and went a few blocks from our new place to a little Japanese bento deli/market. The food was GREAT! There's a little ice cream parlor in there too- so we'll be making many walks there in the future with the kids, I think.

Our new home is in such a nice little neighborhood. Established. Friendly neighbors. A park on the next block. Downtown two blocks down. Our local Farmers Market a block down. Library is 3 blocks away. Church is only 5 minutes down the street. It's wonderful! I'm looking forward to the day when things are all put away, a sense of organization and feeling settled. I'm anxious to get out in the yard to clean it up a bit, although the "bones" of it are already enjoyable. Just need some pops of color!

Next on the list, getting my Ebay inventory unloaded, organized and ready to go. It's a typically busy time with back-to-school so I need to make the best of it! We have a trip to Cali in less than a month to save money for!! In addition, I have a couple custom items that I need to wrap up and get sent out as well.

Although things have been insanely busy the last few weeks- once we got into our new place, I craved curling up in bed with a good book and soft lamp light. So last Friday and Saturday I read a book- savoring the feeling of quiet and calm within these new walls, and the wonderful story I held in my hands. If you haven't already, you MUST read this. It's gripping. Emotional. Lovely. It stayed on my mind for a few days afterward. Add it to your reading list- you won't be disappointed.

Sarah's Key


Anyone out there?!?

I've been away AGAIN.
SO incredibley busy, I cannot even tell you.
But it's all about VERY, VERY good things!

Vacation Bible School for the kidlets every morning.
Swimming Lessons starting up soon!
Friends visiting from Cali--- ALWAYS a good thing!
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings-- this month is ALWAYS full of these for us!!!
We had a garage sale this weekend and I just have to say... I don't want to have another for maybe 15 years or so. LOVE going to OTHER sales- DON'T love having my own. We did VERY well though!
And for the very BEST, most EXCITING news (in MY opinion anywho..)---

WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's only across town but it's to a MUCH larger home with TONS of storage, a finished basement with wood burning fireplace. A living room with floor to ceiling windows and a wood burning fireplace. Retro built-ins and large closets in all the rooms. I'm beyond thrilled and feeling very blessed right now. It's EXACTLY what we were praying would come along. The neighborhood is FABULOUS. Already met the neighbors and enjoy their company. It's blocks from a park, our library, our cute local theatre...junk shops...(happy sigh). I cannot say how tickled I am! Can you tell?!?! lol.

I'll post some pics soon. The outside needs some TLC but I'm itching to get started--making it our own. That's the yard above...see the lovely English looking home peeking from behind the tree?? I get to gaze at her any ol' time now.

Just wanted to see if anyone stops by anymore or if you've given up on me! I'll be back in a few weeks posting regularly!



Soooo behind!

Hey Ya'll!
Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.
Things are just UBER busy lately- lots of time spent outside, running errands, VBS started,etc.etc. All mostly good things- but it's keeping me away from my little blog which isn't so good...or is it?! ;)

I'll post again soon- just wanted to let you know I'm still around.
Will post soon with pics!


Lubs me some Court...

Want a GREAT tutorial on how to make your OWN vacation album?!
Check out the latest webisode on ScRaP in StYle and my sweet girl, Court, will show you how!! Isn't she cute?! ;) She's amazingly talented but this is DEFINITELY something anyone can make- even my dear "I'm soooo NOT crafty" friends! ;)
Check back tomorrow to see some mail love from today AND another installment of ThRifT GoodNess it's FriDaY!


Sounds like this is going to be a family movie for us around Thanksgiving! Click the link above to view the trailer- it looks REALLY cute and funny! I *know* I'm going to get teased about this from the hubster because Patrick Dempsey is in it. He thinks I have a mad crush, which I do NOT. He IS good looking but I'm not crushing! ;) Anywho- just thought I'd share a fun find for the near future.
Please say a little prayer today for our senior pastor. He's going in for a critical surgery to repair/strengthen the work from a previous extensive bypass done over 10 years ago. He's been in surgery since 7am this morning and the surgery is supposed to last 3-7 hours. He's a wonderful man of God and a good friend of our family. We KNOW God's hand is on him but all prayers would be coveted!
No other news for today. Keeping very busy with Garage Sale preparations for this weekend. Hope we clear out a BUNCH of this stuff and make some $moolah$ for our upcoming Disneyland trip!!


ThRifT Goodness it's Friday!

I do believe I've found a weekly "segment" for my blog! One I'll easily keep up with- just posting pics of thrift/estate sale finds!

I found this sheet set a couple of months ago- they're PRISTINE. Super soft, no holes, fraying--they're wonderful. LOVE the colors and pattern- I can't decide if I want to keep them as bed linens for Josie or hack them up for various projects.... being the AVID SEAMSTRESS I am (those of you who know me should be enjoying a good laugh at this juncture), they'll likely remain bed linens for a bit longer. Vintage sheets seem to be a new "trendy" thing popping up. They're selling like hotcakes on Ebay...I'm afraid my thrifts and garage sales will soon be picked over when it comes to these...I'm already finding this is the case. I used to find pillowcases in abundance (at the time that was all I was interested in- vs. sheet sets)but now they're becoming more and more difficult to find. Hrmpphh.
This is a little jelly dish or somethingerother that I found for my sister, kate. She was over a few weeks ago and commented on my own- serving as a sugar dish next to the coffee. She had one very similar but had lost it. Hopefully this one will suffice. I really hope so, as I sacrificed a whole quarter. And Kate, if not- I'd be happy to keep it! ;)

So there you have it- my first of many ThRifT Goodness it's Friday installments!

And...I saw this in a recent issue of Vogue and thought of my sweet friend, Courtney. I did NOT buy the issue- I just lucked out when I googled in search of this to post here! See?! I'm frugally resourceful! NO magazine purchases for like...uh...18 days or something like that! It's a record for me, folks. Sad but true. ANYwho- this little pic is for you Court. Isn't that little elephant (wearing Louis Vuitton no less!) adorable?! I'll take Kiera Knightly's boots, thanks!

And now that I've partially entertained you for all of two minutes...I'm off!
Happy Friday!