Why I do What I do.

To laugh often and much;

To win the respect of intelligent people

And the affection of children;

To earn the appreciation of honest critics

And endure the betrayal of friends;

To appreciate beauty,

To find the best in others;

To leave the world a little bit better;

Whether by a healthy child;

A garden patch,

Or a redeemed social condition;

To know even one life has breathed easier

Because you lived.

This is to have succeeded.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


I Miss The 80's

Today Josie was dressed rather...brightly. A funky shirt, denim skirt over wild stripey tights and crazy boots. Robert came home and said "Hey, you look like Punky Brewster!". She came into the adjoining room where I was and said "Mom? What's a punkin rooster?!" lol. We went to the computer and I googled PUNKY BREWSTER and discovered that there are YOUTUBE episodes AND that the first several seasons are available on DVD now!!! WAHOOO!


Tiny McSmall Love.

Something I like to do is peruse online children's boutiques. Making dreamy wish-lists and being inspired, daydreaming of having a store of my own and what I might stock it with. CHILD magazine (no longer running) used to hilight one or two boutiques a month- it was my favorite segment. Pictures of the storefront or inside. Their best-selling items. Anyway- beautiful, funky children's shops are a definite weakness for me.

here are some fun finds I thought I'd share.


Link here
Talk about ADORABLE!!! If you have kids- check it out.

My faves... classic stlyed dresses, personalized felt barettes, silky soft cotton knit mod leggings, sweet jumpers...(happy sigh).

How was that for a deep, thought provoking blog entry?!



For C.

Ideas for displaying your collection...
Love you!


Didn't do much in the way of housework yesterday- so today is catch-up day!
We went to the Homeschool Swim yesterday afternoon and the kidlets LOVED it. As soon as they got in the water they began recalling what they'd learned in swim lessons this past Summer. They had a LOT of fun and enjoyed playing with friends- racing, jumping, "bolly" flopping (aka belly flops) and many sputters and giggles. It was nice for me also- I got to visit with a few moms and swap ideas and successes/struggles with how school is going for all of us.
Today is the FIFTH day in a row that I've been experiencing the WEIRDEST thing. The muscles underneath my eye- just above my cheekbone- are intermittently twitching. It's happened before- too much coffee and I'll get a little twitchy for an evening- but NEVER 5 full days. I don't know if it's related to caffeine intake in this instance because on several of the 5 days I've had this I haven't had any coffee/soda and other days I've had a cup or two--no days of excess. What the..?!?!? I was joking around with some girlfriends saying "Yes, it's warning me I'm about to stroke out, I'm sure" and honestly, I'm a tiny bit concerned why this IS lasting so long. I hope it's nothing.

Here are a few things I made for Christmas gifts for 2007. Handy dandy purse calendars for 2008. And I made sihlouettes of my nephews and my girlfriends' kids also. They were ALOT of fun and the results were amazing. There's no mistaking what child each one is. I'm toying with adding this as an offering in my Bella Carte designs. I plan on doing a new one each year for my children..they grow and change so quickly- the sihlouettes will be such a precious recollection! I'll share a pic of my kidlets soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!



It's going pretty well...we've had a bumpy road to travel but we're toughing it out.
The first year is the hardest...or so I've been told. Others have stated this and then continued on with "AND the next year. AND sometimes the NEXT year too..."
Hearing this doesn't exactly instill a feeling of confidence that I'm going to make it, but I appreciate the honesty of it. It's a literal LEARNING PROCESS.
Right now, one of my favorite bloggers, scrappers and kindred-spirits..Ms.Kelli Crowe is doing a series of posts on being a homeschool family and how they roll. I'm always excited to get a new perspective, but admittedly- you always relish input from people you find a kinship to. Granted, we've never met-- but everything I've read and seen leads me to believe, if we met, we'd get along swimmingly. I'm thankful she's taken on the persistent pleas of other homeschool moms (along with myself) and decided to grace us with her take on it all.

Tonite is AWANA's and the start of our next session of Wednesday night classes (in lieu of a service). We're beginning WAY OF THE MASTER tonight and I'm looking forward to it! Robert and I worked with our College age group on the series this past Summer and it's one I think every person in church should check out. SUCH an amazing tool to get out there and evangelize-- which, let's face it, is our reason for walking on this Earth! Sharing Jesus with everyone we encounter is imperative but as Christians, we fall short EVERYDAY. Me? Guilty as charged!!!!!

Last thing for today.... I saw this poster in an issue of DOMINO a long time ago and wanted it. I still want it. BADLY. I'd love to have this hanging in my house. Groovy daily reminder, dontcha think??




Pictures from last Summer...I can always count on Josie to have an impromptu posing session with me! Matthew?? Not so much. I'm working on him. Am I the only one ready for Summer already?? I'm craving the sound of lawnmowers and smell of fresh-cut grass. Blue skies with fluffy clouds. Tanks tops and Flip-Flops. The kids running around in the backyard. Fresh fruits and veggies with an ice cream cone chaser!
What says SUMMER to you??



Don't forget to tune in to PBS tonite for the beginning of The Complete JANE AUSTEN

Tonite is the first of six Sunday nights showcasing Jane Austen novel adaptations. My DVR is ready to roll, is yours??

Church today was a little morsel of EXACTLY what I needed. A day outside Sunday School-- getting some spiritual food for myself (yay!). After church-having the hubster sweetly hand me a coffee in the courtyard (there's a coffee bistro in our church foyer/courtyard now) right before I had to walk into a Sunday School meeting. My parents being sweet-talked by my niece and my daughter to home with them for the afternoon..Discussing plans for VBS this Summer--I've been asked to take part in deciding on the theme/curriculum, which I'm completely PSYCHED about! So...yep. I left church feeling energized yet peaceful- something I *really* needed.


I can't believe I haven't posted since Thanksgiving!!
Just staying busy with life. Our holidays were pretty relaxed this year, a leisurely pace for the most part. Very nice.
The children really enjoyed Christmas this year- not just the special presents (a Nintendo DS and an American Girl Doll) but embracing the traditions, stories, food. The act of giving. Truly joyous.
As usual, the day after Christmas ALL decorations came down. I don't wait for New Years- my "fresh start" for the house is December 26th and has been for the last couple years. It just feels GOOD!
Things have been so busy in general. Lots to keep me occuppied but I've felt like I'm on Auto-Pilot all the while. Doing everything, but a tad "removed".
I'm not a New Years resolution maker. When I've done this I always disappoint myself. So now I just don't go there. But I'd like 2008 to be a year of renewal. Spiritual, mental, physical... and so many other aspects of my life.
everything just needs a good airing-out and gust of fresh air.
So...here's to RENEWAL.