The 411

So...a few days ago I posted about how in awe of God I am. Especially lately.
But I didn't really go into detail about WHY.
Well, dear friends- here's the dish:

About 4 months ago or so (maybe longer)... I had a funny dream. I'll spare you the details but it was incredibley vivid and "real" and I was left in a daze over it for days afterward for two reasons.

  • I just don't dream colorful/memorable/detailed dreams much anymore. I used to but the last few years they're few and far between. SO this one- in all it's unique glory- fascinated me and left me daydreaming ABOUT the dream often. Replaying the details... loved it.
  • In a good portion of the dream- I was teaching my children at home. In a room that was obviously designated for learning. The kids each had a work space, there was a chalkboard and bulletin board with all sorts of "in progress" things on them, bookshelves filled with curriculum, fiction and cubbies of puzzles, legos, etc. It wasn't elaborate in school decor- but it was colorful and engaging...and we all seemed happy and busy.

Now, I found it intriguing but I kept it to myself. For quite a while. I didn't even share it with Robert for some time- because, quite frankly, I was scared that the very mention of the DREAM scenario of homeschooling would strike his fancy and he'd want to do it for REAL. And I wasn't sure I could handle that. It was a fanciful DREAM but I didn't think I was capable to even THINK about teaching my children. And the more I considered the idea, the more I felt I should dismiss it and NEVER tell Robert about it. It seemed silly to even contemplate the notion because I was perfectly happy with their current school and teachers. VERY content with it- I loved going and being a part of it and felt secure in WHO was teaching them and WHAT they were being taught. It's a closely knit group, the majority of whom also attend our church. So I became puzzled and exasperated as to WHY this homeschooling idea kept coming up over the next few months. I'd be reading something and it would mention it. I'd watch a television show and it would show a family that homeschooled. Stories of local people that homeschool would come up in conversation with friends and family, reading my favorite craft blogs it would be talked of... it just suddenly seemed to be hovering over me EVERYwhere!

The "breaking point" was when one night, Robert and I were both in the rec room working on our respective computers, when he said "You know what's weird? I've been thinking about homeschooling our kids lately. ALOT."

You could've pushed me over with a FEATHER. And the goosebumps didn't die down for a while either!! lol. So then I told him about my months of quiet questioning and prayer over why *I* had it on the brain and the dream that seemed to start it all- preceeded by the "ok. You're NEVER going to believe this but..." We were both in agreement that obviously we should be praying about this TOGETHER and just quietly educate ourselves on the various aspects of homeschooling- but that we wouldn't share it with anyone else until we'd make a firm decision and that no immediate decision needed to be made. Afterall, he was just as confident and secure in the kids' current school arrangements as I.

Then, almost a month ago we made the concrete decision to begin homeschooling the kids next year. We felt good about the decision. We'd been faithful in our prayer about direction, and it just felt RIGHT. At least for now. So this past week there was a meeting for the parents and teachers/administrators regarding next years school registration. We felt we should attend just to know where things would be headed since our children are still attending THIS year and who knows- our new venture may not work out for one reason or another (although I truly hope and feel that it will be successful!).

It turns out that there are many changes occurring within the school- a new location, new curriculum and the older children will be using a distance learning program from their homes. The younger children will continue to be taught by a teacher on-site at the new campus until 4th grade. The changes were made wisely for the school's current situation (fluctuation of teachers, administration,etc) and I respect the school and the leadership behind it immensely. But I have to tell you- I sat there feeling very at PEACE and SECURE because I KNEW that my direction had been from God. He had just been preparing us for the change ahead!

SO now I'm preparing things for next year! And I am just chomping at the bit- there is SO much to learn, figure out, and DO around here to get ready. But I feel good about it all. I don't have the curriculum entirely figured out yet but I have a good idea of how we'll be starting. Plus I've already talked to a few local homeschool moms that go to our church and they've invited me into their homes to see how THEY do it. To gain some insight into how they handle things, what curriculum they use, activities,etc. And I've already read so many books on the subject-- I can't even tell you how many! And the notes I've taken...pages and pages of notes, ideas, prayers...

Whether this adventure lasts through grade 12 or only for a few years, I do not know. What I *DO* know is that for now- it's what we're supposed to do. And we'll lean on God when we're unsure or faltering and He'll lead us- just as He always has.



Just a little funny for ya... Happy Friday!!

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My God's Not Dead

I just gotta say that He is SO amazing.
Gotta say it!!!
He put something on my heart MONTHS ago and it was SO random, OUT THERE to me... just left me baffled and wondering ....WHAAA?! WHY does this keep coming up? WHY do I keep thinking about this?? And tonite it all made sense. Completely. He was preparing me. Months ago He began preparing me for events taking place now.
It just leaves me feeling a wee bit giggly and in awe, I must say.
And I know that's all a smidge cryptic without full-on details but I'll get around to that soon...

Been listening to a great worship CD by Generation Unleashed..from the youth conference this last February. Robert and I missed out on that one but hope to go next year. Nothing like seeing a bunch of young people on fire for God at your church. The best is seeing the kids go, get fed by these conferences and then come home and KEEP THE PASSION.
THAT is the absolute best.
So here's a clip of the conference in Portland we missed. Our "kids" went though and I know they had a blast. The sound quality kinda stinks but you get the general idea!


i dig it the mostest...

Just some delish, dee-vine delights for your eyes today...

That Amy Butler just has a way, doesn't she?! Her fabrics and marketing photos are SO inspiring to me... LOVE them.

Yes, there I am, perched on my ADORABLE mod couch. The sun is pouring in, warming my tanned, bare toes. I tuck a whisp of hair behind my ear and close my eyes, breathing in the fruity aroma wafting from the steamy cup held up close to my face. Mmmmm...

Now I've ventured onto the front porch, my quilt tucked around my shoulders. Thoughts of a new day and the adventure to be had. Birds chirp, a warm morning breeze strokes my cheek. I toy with staying on the porch ALL day, but decide it's the perfect weather to go junking instead!

Loading up a few gorgeous EMPTY bags to fill with treasures to be found throughout the day- old linens, china and dance gowns from days long ago. Don't you LOVE my sporty little ride?!

Couldn't resist this photo op against this wall-- LOVE that color!

Just ONE of the crazy cool finds I stumbled across! Came home and recovered it in just one afternoon. Perfection.

~... oh. yeah- that was an ENTIRE fabrication using Amy Butler photos by the way. {wasn't that the BEST pun EVER?!}In case you're a wee bit lost *or* not familiar with her site, crazy mad photos & fabrics, nor are you familiar with ME to know that bod, hair, boney legs, and sporty vehicle are not mine whatsoever! ;) Just a bit of silly fun.
And...to ruin my silly bit of fun, Blogger is showing all photos as red "x"'s.
I am NOT amused, blogger.
Not one bit.


Take Heart.

Seeing the breaking news on MSN about the massacre in Virginia brought tears to my eyes. I feel anger and confusion as to WHY someone would do something like this. Did he have something against the school, a specific group of people in a class, or was it more along the lines of gaining fame through a horrific crime?? What I *DO* know is that he was obviously disturbed. Irrational. And more than anything- that guy was LOST. So,so very LOST. If only he had known the peace and healing that Jesus could bring him...that it would've gotten him through ANYthing he was going through. Saying this is sad is SUCH an understatement.

Here's something I came across blog-hopping. I can't recall who had this posted, although it's shared through YouTube. But regardless, it's really cool and moving.


I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

I'm SUCH a sucker for these... this one was fun! WEll... I've done some house cleaning today and then shopped this morning for the two shindigs we're attending later this afternoon/evening. It was fun to put these two gifts together- one for a 6 year old boy and one for a soon-to-be married couple (obviously!).

The boys party is being held at the local swimming pool...so I did an outdoor/warm weather theme for his gift... pool toys, a football, Spiderman bubble set (shaped bubble blowers), and a Supersoaker..and the token candy I always include in kids gifts- in this case a giant sucker with the Taz character on the front- this is fitting for who we're giving it to! He's good natured and sweet but ON THE GO- ALLLL the time! He's in Josie's class and she's completely enamored. This is who gave her a glass heart for Valentine's day which is among her most treasured possessions! ;)

The wedding gift was something different as well. I knew many practical items the couple had registered for were purchased- so I opted for a fun gift instead. I created a "romantic game night" instead. A board game (which they both enjoy playing- YAY! So nice already knowing that!), a container of popcorn, a few packages of Hershey "Kissables" and a set of bowls to put it all in. Then I also bought fun patterned playing card, dice and candles. I hope they like it- I know it's something I'd love to receive!

I've stayed up until 2:30 am two nights in a row now, then up at 8-ish but feeling good still. LOVING the quiet hours to myself- catching up on DVR'd shows, stacks of magazines I haven't had time to read and some of my favorite crafty blogs as well. I teach Sunday school tomorrow so probably shouldn't be up too late tonite I suppose. But I probably will anyway! ;)

Hope YOU are having a wonderful weekend!




Peanut Butter, Dog Food...now MOUTH WASH?!?

Passing this on, and find it VERY curious how many recalls there have been as of late. It's causing to me to have fleeting thoughts of picking up and moving to the sticks and raising my own food,etc. Becoming a hippie- with a Kathy Van Zeeland bag, Starbucks and oversized aviators! HA!

Here's a link about the most recent recall, for the new kids blue Listerine. If you have it (as WE do. of course.) follow the link to print a refund to send in and trash the stuff. I just completed the form and then my mother-in-law sent me a link to the news story as well. She's always good about sending me this type of info- which is nice since I typically avoid the news like the plague and don't subscribe to a newspaper either. I got the info from MSN this morning...

Ok- on a more POSITIVE, HAPPY note... gotta give a shout out to my bestest girlfriend in SoCal that's having a birthday today!!!

Miss. Christy is having a birthday!!!
C- Love you, miss you TONS and pray that you're doing alright and being treated to a wonderfully, spoiled sort of day today/this weekend! I have something going out to you very soon!

Well all, it's a gorgeous day. Even more so knowing I get to go pick up a paycheck later today! Then off to enter the bowels of bulkdom...COSTCO. Seriously- I love the place. We let our membership lapse just before Christmas and I've been wanting to renew for the photo center alone! So we're doing that today... YAY! Gotta get a CD of pics to take with me= new scrappin' material! WOOT!

I was SO bummed last night! I thought a new episode of GREY'S was on...and technically it was a new RECAP. grrr. I'm SERIOUSLY ready for a new episode. But I *DID* watch the recap show. Good ol' Denny hosted it and the clips they put together were pretty great. Like. Seriously great. And I cried. Again. How ridiculous is that?! It showed Izzy with her pink "formal" on in the elevator as I was griping to Robert, who was walking through the living room at the time,

Hubster: "Oh- Grey's is on? Are they starting it all over again??" (he's only seen the first couple episodes on DVD and recognized a blip from the first episode. MUST get him caught up.)

ME: "Aw-it's just a stupid recap show! I want a NEW episode! It's ok tho'...ohmigosh! It's iz in the elevator, I'm TOTALLY gonna cry! This part TOTALLY makes me cry!" (insert teensy wail/half sob here, I'm afraid)

...and I like. TOTALLY did.(yes. heavy emphasis on the valley girl here) Cry. Am I a big ol' emotional dork? Yeah. I guess I am. I cried at all the sad, emotionally charged recapped scenes that were each only -seconds- long. So I'd sniffle for a few seconds. An occasional huge crocodile tear (it's the MUSIC, people. They pick such good MUSIC for these scenes!!) and then a guffaw of laughter then a gasp and gulp and another 10second cry. Seriously. Please tell me I am NOT alone. Here's an experiment...watch this and see. You'll have to watch it on the ABC Grey's Site- The Story~GREY'S ANATOMY latest music video but it's GOOOOOD.

Have a GREAT Friday!!!


Remember Them??

Did you have The Sunshine Family too?? I *totally* forgot about them until today! Cruising Ebay I stumbled across them... The dolls had those sort of creepy "jewel" eyes, remember? The baby doll was the cutest and the Paper dolls...those were cool.

Today has been good...worked from home. Volunteered at school.
Surprised the kidlets with HAPPY MEALS for lunch at school... they LOVED that!
Listened to a GREAT message on Brand New Radio that seemed meant for ME. So love when that happens.

Surfed blog land today, got some Ebay things accomplished, played with the Pugster and went a little crazy at the Dollar Tree. All in all- it's been a nice, relaxed day so far. Still have my evening to go!
Tomorrow, if it's dry- this will be me. Well..I'm a little taller maybe but I *TOTALLY* ROCK
these pants! ;)



Gotta Share!

My girl, Joc sent this to me and I just had to share with you all!
It's SO true...

Malachi 3:3 says: "He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver."
This verse puzzled some women in a Bible study and they wondered what thisstatement meant about the character and nature of God. One of the women offered to find out the process of refining silver and getback to the group at their next Bible Study. That week, the woman called a silversmith and made an appointment to watchhim at work. She didn't mention anything abou t the reason for her interestbeyond her curiosity about the process of refining Silver. As she watched the silversmith, he held a piece ofsilver over the fire and let it heat up. He explained that in refiningsilver, one needed to hold the silver in the middle of the fire wherethe flames were hottest as to burn away all the impurities. The woman thoug! ht abou t God holding us in such a hotspot; then she thought again about the verse that says: "He sits as arefiner and purifier of silver." She asked the silversmith if it wastrue that he had to sit there The man answered that yes, he not only had to sit thereholding the silver, but he had to keep his eyes on the silver the entiretime it was in the fire. If the silver was left a moment too long in theflames, it would be destroyed. The woman was silent for a moment. Then she asked thesilversmith, "How do you know when the silver is fully refined?" He smiled at her and answered, "Oh, that's easy -- when I see my image init." If today you are feeling the heat of the fire, remember that God has his eyeon you and will keep watching you until He sees His image in you. Pass this on right now. This very moment, someone needs to know that God iswatching over them. And, whatever they're going through, they! 'll be a better person in the end.


LOVE this song...

StaRting fResH

FINALLY sat down and MADE something last night. I've been wanting to participate in a great group challenge called SCRAPJACKED . Love that they select someone and encourage any and everyone to lift and share... It felt good to sortof disconnect from what's been going on and just let that stuff go for a while and focus on creating. I really, really needed that. Plus it stirred up ideas and thoughts for more pages and projects- which hasn't happened much for me lately. I've pushed all things creative aside to maintain focus on my day at hand- work, mom stuff, house cleaning, Robert's health, blah, blah, blah. Last night I realized that the 30 minutes or so I spent making this page (above) were just what I needed. I felt rejuvinated, peaceful and relaxed. SO nice!

Took the kidlets to school this morning and chatted with my girlfriend who's the school secretary. We shared our thoughts, life "issues" going on right now, etc. and then prayed for each other. So nice to know that God has put people like her in my life (and Robert's) to keep me afloat and give me Godly advice and truly, actively pray for me..not just the token " I'll be praying for you" that so many offer up but rarely do. We're all guilty of that, aren't we?

So I'm starting fresh today. Renewed spirit. Peace in the fact that God brings us through every bump in the road of life and through those bumps we learn and grow and marvel at His grace and power. Truly amazing...

Well- I'm working from home today. Maybe I'll be able to sit at my craft table again tonite... nice to think about at least! ;)

Thanks for YOUR sentiments and prayers- it means the world to me!



Here's my kidlets- Easter yesterday. Aren't they beautiful?!


Dude. SERIOUSLY....(sigh)

My poor, poor hubster is just getting hammered.
Not like, out getting drunk... no.
He's been blasted (hammered) with medical situations for the last two years.
Now something new.
I kid you NOT.
I just cannot believe what he's endured, and continues to have to endure.
Some issues life threatening, some not-so-much, but all difficult and burdensome.
I know he's just being tested. His faith is being tested.
But spiritually, he's SO strong- and THAT is amazing, awesome and real.
Even so, he IS human and these last two years have been sobering in regards to his health.

If you would, just say a little prayer for him.
He could use some lifting up...




...remember it's NOT about the bunny, the eggs or the candy...
HE died for our sins. HE has Risen. HE Lives.

Have A Blessed Easter !



My computer died.
Dead. Kaput. Nada Nit Nuthin'.
I'm BEYOND sad.
OF COURSE I had things I had uploaded, downloaded and not saved to disk.
Now using my sons computer and am thankful for IT, but still...

More later.