Peanut Butter, Dog Food...now MOUTH WASH?!?

Passing this on, and find it VERY curious how many recalls there have been as of late. It's causing to me to have fleeting thoughts of picking up and moving to the sticks and raising my own food,etc. Becoming a hippie- with a Kathy Van Zeeland bag, Starbucks and oversized aviators! HA!

Here's a link about the most recent recall, for the new kids blue Listerine. If you have it (as WE do. of course.) follow the link to print a refund to send in and trash the stuff. I just completed the form and then my mother-in-law sent me a link to the news story as well. She's always good about sending me this type of info- which is nice since I typically avoid the news like the plague and don't subscribe to a newspaper either. I got the info from MSN this morning...

Ok- on a more POSITIVE, HAPPY note... gotta give a shout out to my bestest girlfriend in SoCal that's having a birthday today!!!

Miss. Christy is having a birthday!!!
C- Love you, miss you TONS and pray that you're doing alright and being treated to a wonderfully, spoiled sort of day today/this weekend! I have something going out to you very soon!

Well all, it's a gorgeous day. Even more so knowing I get to go pick up a paycheck later today! Then off to enter the bowels of bulkdom...COSTCO. Seriously- I love the place. We let our membership lapse just before Christmas and I've been wanting to renew for the photo center alone! So we're doing that today... YAY! Gotta get a CD of pics to take with me= new scrappin' material! WOOT!

I was SO bummed last night! I thought a new episode of GREY'S was on...and technically it was a new RECAP. grrr. I'm SERIOUSLY ready for a new episode. But I *DID* watch the recap show. Good ol' Denny hosted it and the clips they put together were pretty great. Like. Seriously great. And I cried. Again. How ridiculous is that?! It showed Izzy with her pink "formal" on in the elevator as I was griping to Robert, who was walking through the living room at the time,

Hubster: "Oh- Grey's is on? Are they starting it all over again??" (he's only seen the first couple episodes on DVD and recognized a blip from the first episode. MUST get him caught up.)

ME: "Aw-it's just a stupid recap show! I want a NEW episode! It's ok tho'...ohmigosh! It's iz in the elevator, I'm TOTALLY gonna cry! This part TOTALLY makes me cry!" (insert teensy wail/half sob here, I'm afraid)

...and I like. TOTALLY did.(yes. heavy emphasis on the valley girl here) Cry. Am I a big ol' emotional dork? Yeah. I guess I am. I cried at all the sad, emotionally charged recapped scenes that were each only -seconds- long. So I'd sniffle for a few seconds. An occasional huge crocodile tear (it's the MUSIC, people. They pick such good MUSIC for these scenes!!) and then a guffaw of laughter then a gasp and gulp and another 10second cry. Seriously. Please tell me I am NOT alone. Here's an experiment...watch this and see. You'll have to watch it on the ABC Grey's Site- The Story~GREY'S ANATOMY latest music video but it's GOOOOOD.

Have a GREAT Friday!!!

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Christy said...

Aaaaacckkk!!! I'm sorry as I'm just NOW seeing this for the first time! It's been busy, busy, busy 'round here (that's a good thing). Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes girlie AND for the party over at 'Ologie! SOOOO sweet! Thanks for making my birthday extra special... mmwwaaaahh!!! :)