Stay The Course

There are so many people that need this word...People I know. People I love. Including ME...a good reminder to stay the course. I signed up to receive this daily devotional, but I must admit that I get SO many emails, that it's often skipped over, deleted, forgotten. But I felt the need to open this one. And I'm thankful that I did.

In Touch Daily Devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley
Monday July 31, 2006
The Grace to Overcome
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

The Lord declares that His grace is sufficient for every painful situation we will ever encounter. Because of His abundant goodness, kindness, and love for us, we do not have to succumb to discouragement, give up hope, or walk away from His plan. We will know God’s grace is working in us when...

We have the strength to persevere. Through the indwelling Holy Spirit, Godreleases into us His supernatural power so wemight endure (Acts 1:8).

A spirit of confidence in Him is ignited within us. Grace awakens our hearts and
minds to believe God will turn our troubles into something beneficial (Romans 8:28).

We have a sense of His presence with us. When grace is at work, we will be conscious ofthe Spirit’s abiding support.

Our focus shifts from our trials to God. Grace helps us shift our attention from oursituation and emotions to God’s sufficiency.

We trust that God will bring us through this — and not just barely through, but withdeeper intimacy and greater faith at the end.

We are assured of God’s sovereignty. He knows our frailties and has promised to limit trials to what our weaknesses, strengthened by His power, can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13).

The apostle Paul had been through shipwrecks, imprisonments, and beatings - difficulties far worse than most of ours. He didn’t quit because he drew on God’s grace and found it sufficient for every circumstance. Where do you need an infusion of grace in order not to give up and walk away?


Time to get my fash ON...

Just thought I'd post some fun little tidbits for Monday!

First, some TARGET love... who DOESN'T share the love?!
Here's one reason you SHOULD..their "Go International" clothing collections! First, Luella. Oh the cuteness. Then Tara Jarmon. Fun! Now PAUL & JOE. Holy Moly, Paul & Joe...I'm *so* diggin these goodies...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Darling, no?! There's more! Go to TARGET online or better yet- go savor it all in person, as I plan to do quite soon (rubbing hands together excitedly. well. not really- how could I do that AND type, but you know, I'm rubbing my hands excitedly in my HEAD.)

And howzabout some dealios for my scrappin' affecianados?! You can find EVERYTHING on Ebay. Including rockin' deals on scrap mags! Here's a few links for you to check out...you can even use the purchase as a renewal on a current subscription!

Scrapbook Answeres&Simple Scrapbooks,1yr each!
3yr sub to Scrapbook Answers!
1yr Memory Makers
1yr CK+2 other mag subs free!

There's a taste for you! As for the first few, sold by subscriptionsforless, I can vouch for reliability. I've ordered several subscriptions through this seller, new and renewals and both types of transactions went smoothly! Hope some of you can take advantage of these fantastic deals! Use that savings on NEW PRODUCT!

Well, I'm off...
Greys Anatomyis on! Off to watch, laugh and CREATE!!!

PS- Yes. I cheated and posted a Monday entry on Sunday night. so?!?!


50cent ROCKS

Actually- I just forgot the "-s" on that cents part! But I thought it might make some of you say "huh? I didn't know she's a rap lover?!" Yeah.....
...I'm a dork. Whatevs, yo! lol.

So WHAT does my title mean exactly? It means that we went garage saling this morning and 50 cents brings ALOT of happiness! We found this little Polly Pocket Fashion convertible purse toy for Josie and she's just been in heaven playing with all the pieces. 50 cents got me several American Eagle tees and shorts for ME! 50 cents for a brand new GAP dress for Josie. 50 cents for several pair of Children's Place jeans for Josie for school. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck finding Matthew much for 50 cents. We spent a whopping dollar on a convertible "snake" (heaven help me, I *bought* a snake thing) that is Power Ranger related for him.

We had dropped the kidlets at Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue's house last night for a sleepover and ended up with a peaceful night of relaxation here at home! SO nice! THAI for dinner, watched a movie (AMC's Broken Trail, a western=very well done! LOVE me some Robert Duvall! SUCH a good actor!)and then let the dog run amuck in the yard while we drank iced coffees and talked until the sun went down. Very,very nice time with the hubster. VERY nice. Since we haven't been drinking alot of coffee lately, those iced coffees hit us HARD and we were up until around 3am! Robert played some games online and I scrapped! YEAH! FINALLY! It felt SO nice to just sit and play with my stuff, listen to some tunes and RELAX.

We woke up this morning- went to some garage sales and then picked up the kids. They were SO excited to go home and see what treasure we'd found for them! It's a nice feeling to get a huge hug and see them get excited over a cheap little trinket. Josie has continued to thank us off and on all evening "thank you for got me the Polly Pocket toy at the gahge sale, mama!" with kisses and hugs.

Took them to see a matinee of ANT BULLY with Chris & Jocelyn and their kids. I'm not sure how much Josie liked the movie but Matthew belly laughed his way through it! Afterward we let the kids run around the McD's play area to tire 'em out and then we headed home!

And here we are...Josie playing with her "new" Polly Pocket (we're getting a little collection going here now..), Matthew playing the arcade, pugster laying at my feet and me? I'm wrapping this up so I can grab a bite to eat, make a pasta salad for our church picnic tomorrow and then hopefully scrapbook some MORE!

It's been a very nice weekend...loved every minute!



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SCENIC ROUTE= PURE happiness in my book! Love, love, LOVE their papers! I've seen other product of theirs online but our lss doesn't carry anything other than papers. BOO! But I love what I DO have... SO wonderful to work with. I started a page tonite using some... hopefully it'll get finished and I'll post it later!

And how about these gorgeous bits from Basic Grey?! Oh. My. Heavens. CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on all of these-- hello?! Beautiful, lovely, sweetness... BG just does it right...(happy sigh)
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Am I right or am I right?!

Ok...for the nonscrappy viewers out there...I'm done for now! I have a serious addiction to beautiful papers. What more can I say ("NOTHING!" they beg!)?!
Any Grey's Fans here?? Check this Cool Video out! LOVED watching this...and cannot WAIT for next season.

SO! dumdada Duuuuuummmmmm!
The hubster and I are celebrating our 13 year Anniversary this weekend!! Amazing. I can't believe it's been that long- in yet- looking back- we've gone through so much together and that takes TIME! lol. Can't wait for our 15th, babe!!!!! SO cool...
He's my best friend and confidante. He takes more crap than he should and still loves me. He's the BEST daddy EVER. SO lucky and blessed that God brought us together. That "Guy up there" really DOES know what He's doing- the ultimate matchmaker!...Seriously!

TGIF Everybody!!

TILT 7/27/06

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Things I Love Thursday! I love that I haven't killed any of the plants I have indoors or out this year! WOOT! Check out my cherry tomatoes! They're LOADED. Cannot WAIT. My Aloe almost fried but I saved it. My spider plant starts croaked but after some nursing and tending, new shoots appeared and it's now thriving. All my annuals (with the exception of the three miniature dahlias the slugs chomped) are doing really well too--filling out, lots of flowers and lush foliage. Of course, I've let some weeds flourish too...need to get those under control! But...I'm thinking perhaps my thumb isn't so black afterall!

ANOTHER thing I love...my online friends. LOVE them. Christy surprised me by getting a group of scrappin' girlies to create birthday tags for me! They posted them online on my birthday with little messages and it TOTALLY made my day! Made me feel so special!

Well- it's another busy day! Taking the kids to VBS (if I can get out- the construction going on here is becoming an annoyance) and then back home to get some Ebay listings done and maybe. JUST maybe finish cleaning up my studio space. I know...I keep saying that. And I keep thinking about it. And keep wishing it were done... so I'll have to get going on it so I'll shut up about it already!


Birthday WrapUp...

Had a busy but fun birthday celebration this year!! Started early- on July 21st, when the hubster brought home flowers, a card and chocolate truffle cake for dessert...and pizza for dinner. Mmmmm! On my actual birthday- we got up, went garage saling a bit and then headed to my cousins wedding. It was an outdoor wedding and thankfully the weather held for them (it had sprinkled earlier!)- and I don't know if it reached 104, but it was DANG HOT, ya'll. Here's a cute pic of Josie, Tori and Jasmine (flower girl)...Josie and Tori thought she was SO cool because she was wearing a white dress and veil like the bride- so thus, THEY were cool since they were hangin' with her! They sure start early, don't they?! Sheesh!
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After the wedding we came home and just tried to lay still. Perfectly still. It was SO hot- and we only have AC in one bedroom. So we lazed about, then Josie went for a swim and Matthew and Robert played catch for a little while. Took some pics- it was perfect for it. Overcast but bright! And ummm, HELLO?! Do I have the makings of a future Abercrombie model on my hands or WHAT?! Isn't he handsome??
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Check that collar out...funkin' it up all on his own! lol. And let's not forget the mermaid! She is SOOOO tan this summer-can't tell much in this pic- but she's BROWN with white hair--totally cute surf baby..er. minus the surf, I guess!
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aren't they gorgeous?!! Just gotta gush...love them so much!Anywho...Sunday, we went to church and I did my portion of VBS (oh.my.it was cuhraaazzy.)with 40 hyped preschoolers. That'll get your blood pumpin' in the morning folks! lol. Afterward, went and got an iced coffee and headed home. Picked up Robert and Pepper and we headed out to my parents for a birthday BBQ with them and my sisters families... nice and relaxed. We all visited and ate- tried to stay cool. It was another scorcher today! Around 5:30pm it had cooled off some and it was 100degrees. And this is in the cooler, country area now! EEEK! I'm all for hot summer weather but when you get little dark polka dot spots on your orange tank from beads of sweat--that's just out 'n out GROSS. Of course- that was purely a hypothetical situation. That would never happen to ME, of course. Pshaw.I got perfectly spoiled with good bbq food, good company and lovely presents. Check out my haul!!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All of it wonderful--can't wait to put it all to good use! And my gnome is already guarding the cherry tomatoes... playing a little tune on his..leaf.
Isn't he the cutest?!
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It's been a wonderful birthday celebration this year... thanks to all my sweet friends and family who spoiled and blessed me with your gifts and cards and emails and surprises!!! I loved it ALL! XOXOXO

PS- Tomorrow I'll share the tags from 2Peas that some girlies surprised me with! Christy (maddiesmama)set up a surprise online for me-- TOTALLY loved that! :)


Some Like it HOT...

~The weather that is! We're having a nice little heat wave here in the Northwest...it's supposed to be around 104degrees tomorrow..don't know where we're at right now. At 8:30am this morning it was already 87degrees and it's most DEFINITELY gone up since then! So yeah..we're cookin'. You know it's hot when sweat trickles down the backside of your knees! ewww, I know.

I took the kidlets to VBS and then hit a few garage sales with a couple bucks in my pocket. Found a couple things, had a nice chat with some ladies and walked around feeling like a slow cooked chicken- just basting away in the sun!

I think we're going to spend the rest of today keeping plants watered, kids watered, dogs watered... and get ready for my cousins wedding tomorrow! It's going to be at 2pm. Did I already mention it's supposed to be 104 tomorrow?? uh huh. I feel for her- wearing a wedding dress, veil, etc. in the sun...oy. Kinda fun going to a wedding on my birthday though! At least I'll never forget their anniversary!! I've gotten bad about keeping track of all birthdays,anniversarys,etc. Need to remedy that...

Off in search of a popsicle!


RAK Winnings

RAK Winnings
Originally uploaded by monteen.

I like to blog surf…especially blogs of scrapbook afficianados like myself! Fun to see current pages, ideas, their inspiration and just get a little view of their personality and daily life… it’s fun! One of my faves (HANNI) posted a little RAK a week or so ago on her blog… I posted but never expected to win. I just don’t have much luck winning things! But it’s still fun to participate- so I posted. Her cute sidekick, Miyagi (adorable dog!) pulled the winning number and it was MINE!

A few days ago- this box of lovliness arrived and I just couldn’t believe her generousity! AMAZING! LOVE my Alex Tee…can’t wait to wear that! And just TONS of fun product to use. I feel so blessed!

Thanks again Hanni-girl! I dig ya the mostest! AND Miyagi OF COURSE!!!!


Good Times For A Change...

...So please,please, please- let me, let me,let me
get what I want this time...
~"Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want", The Smiths, Louder Than Bombs album

Yep...it was a good day for me today! A rough start- as expected, the kidlets did NOT want to get up this morning. But I got them up,fed,bathed,dressed and out the door in record time! They had a great time at Vacation Bible School!

While they were there I treated myself to an iced coffee, then went to a few thrift stores in search of wide mouth canning jars for my ribbon collection. Scored 5 of them at the first store for a dollar! LOVE when I find exactly WHAT I want, WHEN I want it!! Took them home, threw them in the dishwasher and wrapped up some Ebay stuff for shipping. Cleaned bathroom sinks and toilets/behind toilets (blech. This was the FlyLady Mission today. HATE this one). Did some laundry. Pulled some weeds. FOLDED/put away some laundry (STOP the presses! This is ME we're talkin' about here!). Picked up the kids after lunch and we headed to Walmart to pick up a new swimsuit for Josie--that girl is growing like crazy! Stopped at the Post Office to ship some packages, then headed home.

While the kidlets played I vaccuumed, folded some more clothes while watching some Dr.Phil and made some White Pear Iced Tea (very good by the way!). Then my mom and dad stopped by with some goodies for me! They had picked up some chocolate at a German bakery (?-sorry mom. can't remember what store you said it was) in Portland last week and now I can savor a little piece each day for 8 days! And- if you're a fan of NUTELLA..you'll LOVE these!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm too scared to look at the calorie content...but hey, it's my birthday week. One a day keeps old age away~ ..well, I wish! lol. In addition to these wonderful treats, they brought me some things I've been wanting to add around the house! Shutters, big and small and a great old window frame. Can't wait to clean 'em up, paint 'em out and see them on display!
Here they are waiting for me...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
See my Tom kitty lazing next to them...love that little guy. So loyal and sweet. He's yet ANOTHER treasure my parents have given us!! I took a quick shot while standing in the dining area, looking out from behind my sliding door screen and it turned out kinda cool...a "screenshot"
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm going to put the window frame in my living room- some architectural interest. The living room needs something...different. It doesnt' feel "me" right now. Hasn't for quite a while. I set the frame up on the mantle to get a feel for having it in the room. It's going to be fun! You'll have to excuse the ugly couch..the slipcover is in the wash!
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Tomorrow's Agenda:
  • Drop kidlets at VBS
  • Pick up a couple more canning jars for ribbon
  • Work on studio space some more
  • Work on my Bella Carte Designs web page
  • More Laundry
  • Take pix of Ebay inventory
  • Pull more Weeds
  • Mow Grass
  • Babysit B&K
  • FlyLady Mission
  • etc.etc.etc.

Another busy day! Only 5 more days until my birthday! I don't feel 32... my metabolism begs to differ, but otherwise.. I'm feeling spiivvy!


Workin' It...

I finally got my rear in gear and started in on my "studio" space again! Taking a break just to write it here so I can feel more accountable! lol. I'll post some pics when I'm done in a few...months. Nah- it should be a day or two (fingers crossed).

I went and got a large basket (ala Ali E)to hold my 12x12 paper but after putting my papers in it--it just didn't seem sturdy enough to me. So I returned it and bought a metal file basket instead. I *love* it! Now I just have to find a Cropper Hopper Paper Holder for my cardstock and I'll be satisfied on paper storage FINALLY. I've had it seperated in craft keeper folders with one or two manufacturers per folder, labelled on the side. That has made it easier but still- they're floppy and get kicked around. NOT ANYMORE! woot!

Next mission: organizing/storing magazines. I have a TON of magazines. And that's AFTER purging a bazillion. I don't want to get rid of any of my DOMINO, Cottage Livings or Real Simples... those add up after a couple years, ya know?! But I love going back over past issues for inspiration. If I didn't do that, I'd consider giving them away. But I DO use them.

The kids are going to Vacation Bible School in the morning. If I can peel them out of bed...it's 11:34pm and they're still in there giggling. oy. I foresee grumbling and whining over cereal in my near future. good times.

Tomorrow's agenda: continue cleaning my studio, dishes, laundry and the Flylady mission..don't know what that is yet. If all goes well, I'll be lounging in a clean house tomorrow evening, sipping ice tea and watching The Closer with freshly painted toenails...

Well- I know this post has been MOST interesting and you want it to go on and on forever...but I simply MUST get back to cleaning.


What The...?!

My links on the right (Where to Find Me) aren't working all of the sudden. What gives?! They worked when I tested them getting this baby set up...(sigh). If you have input, feel free to hit me with it 'k?
ETA: Fixed 'er up! They work now!
It's been a pretty relaxed weekend here. NICE! Haven't done much of anything- Matthew went to spend the night with his cousins on Friday night. We took Josie out for chinese (didn't get Thai afterall.But dinner was GOOD) and she had a wonderful time with just Mommy and Daddy. Came home and watched the end of Napoleon Dynamite with Josie..JUST in time for Pedro's speech and Napoleon's dance scene. Niiicccce! Josie and I danced around the room being silly- then we watched the first half of Racing Stripes. She crashed. I crashed. We crashed and didn't get up until 10 this morning!!!

Spent the day being lazy. Stared at my messy studio space and thought "yeaahhh. I should work on this today." and just kindasorta still stayed in a sitting position for a looonnng time! lol. Watered my plants, went to Walmart for a basket and lipgloss. We had Taco Bell for dinner. Watched The Village again on tv while I surfed the 'net... I forgot how interesting that movie was!

I rejoined an ebay support site that I used to participate in (it's been about a year since I've been there) and I think it'll be a good prodding to get moving again on SERIOUS sales. Excellent advice, research is shared- it's a bunch of work-at-home moms that support each other in this crazy Ebay endeavor! I've already been warmly welcomed back--and that's always nice!

Tomorrow we have church, then home again for another quiet day. I hope to be a little more productive though! We'll see!



Even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, I still LOVE Fridays! Why?
*My hubster is off for the weekend and we all hang out as a family
*What Not To Wear comes on!
*Garage Sales
*Usually Fridays entail take out for dinner...tonite it's THAI!!
*After the kids go to bed usually hubster and I hang out in our rec room-
he plays computer games and I scrapbook. Good times!
*We all sleep in the next morning!

Ahhh, yes. It's a good day to be had by all in this clan! Took the kidlets out garage saling first thing this morning. They found some treasures (just HOW many light sabers does one boy NEED anywho?! Apparently one more!) and I found some things to put on Ebay...and a jar for some of my alpha stamps for my scrapbook area. Got home, fed them lunch, and now I'm trying to muster up energy to do some serious revamp/cleaning in my "studio" space....ugh. My goal is to get it somewhat cleaned up so that I can enjoy sitting in there tonite. Right now- it's a state of overwhelm.

On a happy note- I was able to put on a pair of jeans I haven't worn for a few months. Now, these aren't any of my "skinny/happy weight" jeans, but they're not the biggest size I have either! Hey- you gotta celebrate the little achievements, yes?!

Next week is going to be busy. I start babysitting again, my cousin is getting married, my aunt will be in town visiting (can't wait to see you, Aunt Peg!) and I have several dentist/doctor appointments. That on top of just day to day stuff. PLUS job hunting. Oodles of fun. Guess I'd better live it up this weekend!


TILT: Passion for Fashion

I was going to post last night after watching the premiere of Project Runway but I was TOO stinkin' tired! But it all worked out because it's THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY! And if there's one thing I'm lovin' right now it's a new season of PROJECT RUNWAY! I'm such a glutton for this show... Above is my favorite right now: Alison Kelly. Not only is she a fashion designer, but she sews, she models, she's a photographer... the girl seems mad talented. Plus...look how dang cute she is!! Hope she makes it through the season!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On the other hand- there's this freak, Malan on there... this dude SCARES me. He reminds me of a scary Tim Burton/Tim Curry combo somehow. Slimey, fake accented, snake eyed dude, that one...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I savored the first episode- great ensemble of designers, can't WAIT for the drama to unfold!

~*So today was day one of my Project Renewal! Off to a nice start- ate well, spent lots of time with the kids, got a few things at the scrapbook store to make some custom mini albums, worked in the yard, read a devotion and just talked to God alot throughout the day. I'm tired- but it all felt really,really GOOD.*~

WHile at the scrapbook store I stole a peek at the new books by Elsie and Ali... Man,oh Man! I can't afford them right now but they're both SO delicious! Vibrant pages, wonderful insight...just loved what I saw! They're on my "wish list" now!
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well- I'm off! Going to work on cleaning up my messy studio space so I'm not left in Christy's dust! lol. Then, if I'm still chugging away- perhaps pull some stuff out and play! (fingers crossed!)


What About Andrae?!

Project Runway, Season 3 Premieres TONITE!! Cannot wait. I've been waiting to fold a mountain of laundry because I knew I'd be sitting in front of the tv tonite! Well- ok- the mountain has just been sitting because if you know me- you know I talk often about the hatred of folding clothes. The mundane task ranks quite high on my Top Ten Hated Household Tasks...
Anyway- can't wait to see what characters/talent we have this season and I'm hoping Michael Kors is on the panel again. LOVE me some MK. Yes, he's rather flamboyant. I can't say I'm keen on THAT but he's a rockin' designer and a great judge of taste. Last season was SUPER enjoyable...loved it! Only a few hours until I take the remote captive! Hubster will sometimes watch this with me, but usually not! lol

Another "can't wait" is this!!! Watch the Teaser Preview!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
From what I can tell from soundtrack info, it looks like that fabulous New Wave music is throughout the movie- not just the previews! WAHOO!!! Very interested to see what Sophia Coppola did with this character and how it all jives...

Today is a slow day around here...we're lazing about, not getting much accomplished. I'm embarassed to tell you how late we all slept in! Usually they wake early and their stirring wakes me up- but they were down for the count this morning, thus, so was I! I did work with Matthew on his reading and Josie on writing her name more clearly. She pulled out all of her play musical instruments and sang and played for a long time. THen she begged me to dig out my flute and wanted to try that. She is one very determined child! She hasn't figured it out yest, but she sat concentrating and blowing for a very long time before *I* said it was enough for the day. Who knows...maybe she'll take after her mama!

I need to get moving- still have half the day left to get SOMETHING done! A girlfriend of mine and I initiated a challenge of sorts. First, we emailed pictures of our messy scrapbook areas to see who's was the worst. Then we began daily emails on progress of cleaning up said rooms (or should I say, at times, reported LACK of progress!) and we're posting pics again when our rooms are all tidy. I think she's beating me..and badly! So Christy- I'm waiting to be wow'd, girl. Better be getting "after" pics to inspire me soon!! Perhaps that will jumpstart me.

Tomorrow is my official "get back in the groove" day. What does this mean? It means- becoming a bit more structured with my time again. Making the time to work out and take care of myself. Making the time and effort to create and eat healthy meals. Making time to work with my kids on reading, drawing and creating. Making time for getting in the Word consistently. And last but not least, making time for myself to be creative. Doodle, paint, scrapbook...whatever. I need all these things to feel more balanced and to feel like I'm encouraging growth and good habits in my family as well. It may not all begin tomorrow, but tomorrow is a day of determined renewal and prioritizing in my life!


Happy Belated B-day, Baby!!

Yesterday was my hubsters b-day but I couldn't log on to my original blog to post anything! DRAT! What to do? What to do?? Oh yes! Start a NEW blog! So there's still 10minutes left to this day-- so right NOW is my hubsters b-day (uh- for 10 more minutes, mind you, then it's back to the ball and chain,mister!)!! Hope your day was a good one, sweety!

This man does SO much for us! The BEST father- always hugging, always there, always encouraging our children to be kind and sensitive. He's the BEST hubster- he has put up with SO much from me, and he still loves me. Still does romantic things for me to show he cares. Still reaches for my hand, still brings me flowers, still laughs off my grumbling-so-not-a-morning-person antics as he hands me a coffee. Cleans the house, cooks, does dishes....He's truly amazing and I'm blessed he's MINE!

He's been physically pummeled by health issues since last Summer- from his surf accident, where we could've easily almost lost him- to his current battle with Cancer. He's strong, he's determined and God has some AMAZING things in store for him! I don't think he knows how much he is loved. And that's my fault- for not saying it enough. Taking for granted that he knows I love him. We've been through so very much together- and overcome, drawn closer, become truly best of friends. On July 31st, we will have been married 13 years! Can't believe it!!! But it's exciting! Still pluggin' along, beating all those nasty statistics- and growing and learning about this crazy thing called life, together.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

I've Moved!

Got tired of Wordpress and having it make me feel completely inept- so I opted for a more user-friendly (and free!) blog service. Hopefully BLOGGER will be nice to me. We'll see!

So for those of you that have my blog saved under your favorites- please make sure to change the address to this one!