"No self respecting super hero would wear open toed shoes."--A guy on AC Transit

In sorting through my 4 mile long FAVORITES web folder- I found some gems...it was like Christmas on the web. Crafty sites, blogs, photography inspiration, etc.etc. Then there's this site called In Passing. They're bits and pieces of conversation picked up all over, I *believe* New York City..or San Franciso or both..or...anyway- some of them are OUT there. Some leave you with a huge "?!?" over your head. Some make you "ooohhh" over their wise words. More than some make you laugh.

Here's a couple that made me smile...

"Tartare was kind of the sushi of France. Until the madness."--A guy to a girl at Whole Foods

"How do they even live with themselves? Sitting there all day, next to the corn cherry scones, knowing they're clearly inferior. Pity the plight of a mere strawberrry scone."--A guy at Arizmendi bakery

"I always feel thinner when I'm tan. You know how black pants are slimming? Dark colors? It's like black pants for your whole body.""Except black pants don't kill you."--Two women talking in the produce section at Whole Foods

"I started at the end of the street, and I wasn´t shouting -- I wasn´t hysterical. I was just talking very loudly LIKE THIS. And I walked down the row of houses, and I said,`Shame on all of you. All of you! We have lived in this neighborhood for 5 years. We have kept to ourselves! We have bothered no one! And not one of you has ever, ever, shown us welcome, love, or chartiable actions. Shame on all of you.`""Oh goodness, she must have known you meant her.""No, but Janey, she was almost as bad originally, and sure enough she shows up on my doorstep the next day with 50 yellow roses and an invitation to their barbeque. They´re just lucky I didn´t get hysterical."--Two women talking over brunch

"Wait, are there two Starbucks in the mall? I just yelled at my friend for being late, and there are two Starbucks in this mall?""Maybe she knew she was late, so she went to the other one. To trick you.""What kind of friends do you have? And where is the other Starbucks?"--A girl and a barista at (surprisingly) Starbucks

"I'm not the one taking pictures of mannequins all day.""Mamma, they won't even look at your auction unless you've got a picture, and if I'm the one wearing them in the demo, how can I say they're unworn?""But somehow the mannequin wearing it doesn't count as wearing it? I just don't like the thing, it was too expensive.""The only thing cheaper was inflatable."--A girl and her mother wandering around a clothing shop.

"He disappeared from Google after college. A very annoying quality in a man."--A girl with a laptop at A Cuppa Tea

"What's something horrible that's happened to you lately? Please, let me mine your life for my personal gain."--One guy to another at Berkeley Bowl

"I don't know. Do you want to just go home and watch season 1 and cry?""No."--A girl and a guy walking aimlessly around Reel video.

"Remember Kenny?""New guy, Josh's old co-worker?""Yeah. Tonight he was leaving the office and said, 'I'm going to go home and cook these steaks.' I didn't really care, but I said, 'What steaks?' And then he says, "Didn't you see them defrosting on my desk? I bought them from this guy. He was selling them out of the back of his car in the parking lot at McDonald's.'""Ew. Ew. I don't even eat cow but ew.""So in case the next story I tell you about Kenny starts with 'So we haven't seen Kenny in a few days...' Now you know why."--A guy and a girl waiting in line for breakfast at La Note

"...it was great. We went to a different steak house every Friday. But I figured it out when he asked the waiter to leave the lemon out of his water.""Huh?""He wasn't trying to take me out to nice places. He was on Atkins.""Maybe he doesn't like lemon. Some guys don't, you know."--Two women talking at a restaurant

"'Appropriatude.' It should be a word.""But it is not. 'Appropriateness' is the one you want.""Appropriatude!""No.""Listen! 'Let us act with appropriatude.'""No. It's -ness or nothing."--A girl and a guy at Jupiter

"Wait a sec, these are heavy.""Come on, we're going to be late.""The girls are going to be late, so we can be late. Besides, they owe us a rib from way back."--A teenage guy carrying several pizzas, and another teenage guy, outside Round Table

"I don't know, it's hard to put it in words.""Too much Chex, not enough mix. That's your problem.""Ok, I guess it isn't hard to put into metaphor. Just words."--Two girls talking outside Ross

Ok...that's enough for now! Hope you enjoyed a few!



Why I Oughtta....

..and so I did!

Last year I made some custom flip flops for Josie and we were swamped with inquiries as to where we got them. A few people said I should make and sell them. SO- I decided I'd make some and throw them onto Ebay and see how they did. I've already sold two pair! Wahoo! I said flip.flip. flop. flippy to the flipflipflop...

They're cute, fun and go with just about any casual warm weather wear with all the colors goin' on. $12/pair for kids $15/pair Adult sizes. Shoot me an Email if you're interested!

We're being homebodies this cold, wet, dreary day. Made pancakes and eggs for breakfast, we did our taxes (blech), now I'm taking a break from Ebay stuff. Trying to list,list,list like crazy to make some extra dough for a couple trips I have coming up! Going to the CKC (scrapbooking convention- I know you NON-scrappers are like "CONVENTION?! They have an actual CONVENTION for paper and pictures?! why yes, yes indeedy they do, my friends!) in Portland in March. Spending all day Friday and Saturday there. Meeting up with COURTNEY there and I just know I'm going to be..weird. Like emotional, goofy, talkwayyytoofast kinda weird. But- I already know she GETS me so she'll be forgiving and understanding of all dorkness. No worries then! lol. The second trip is the middle-endish of March. The hubster and I are going down to Sacramento with friends from our church for a conference. We're driving down and back- just us 4 adults. It should be ALOT of fun! Plus while we're down there we'll get to visit with some old friends as well. I'm REALLY looking forward to it! Like a little mini-vacation!

I'm feeling scrappy. If I could just get out from under all these towering mounds of clothes I'd be golden... I'm getting there! And speaking of scrappy- one of my best, best friends just got a Design Team gig!

Congrats, C! I'm so proud of ya!!!! SCRAPOLOGIE is lucky to have you!
Can't wait to see all the great stuff she makes with their fabulous kits! Ummm... SOMEbody's grindin' down on those New Years Intentions! ;)



See Ya Later, Dec-o-rator!

Ok.... anyone watching Bravo's TOP DESIGN show? You know, first there was Project Runway, then Top Chef, now Top Design.
There's a designer on there- Jonathan Adler. Talented, yes. But...saying this as kindly as I can...everytime I see him/hear him I can't help but think he's somehow related to Gomer Pile. Did I spell Gomer Pile right?? Golllllleeeee, Sarge! Ok- I only vaguely remember Gomer but evidently he's left a lifelong impression because he IMMEDIATELY came to mind the first time I saw Top Design's Adler. I just giggle everytime the camera pans to him because his mannerisms, his accent... he's like the city mouse to Gomer's country mouse...refined by city-life by just a smidge. And- everytime Adler and his judging panel dismiss another designer- he sends them off saying with a twang..."see you later..dec-o-rator!" all sing-songy like, despite the fact he's shattered that poor persons hopes and aspirations!

Anyway... just a fleeting thing, as I've just been watching all my TIVO'd goodies and Top Design was one of them...Isn't your life a little richer now?? lol.
Something of more substance/interest soon...maybe!



Isn't that how it goes??
Anywho. But seriously...does anyone remember Becca and Corky??

Again- as I said...ANYwho...
SO! Here's the tidbits!

I spent the last two weeks at home because my kids (and myself,briefly) were sick with SALMONELLA poisoning. From the infamous Peanut Butter. Dude- you heard it right. Tainted peanut butter from Wallyworld. My kids ingest so much pb it's CRAZY. Daily pb&j and sometimes breakfast too. Pb toast, pb crackers, pb celery... yep. And I'm one to get hungry and decide to just take a teaspoon to the jar for a quick protein boost. Did that a few times that I can recall. Luckily, I didn't get the fever, aches, nausea, vomitting,etc. that my kids did. I just lost my appetite for a good week or so. QUICK! Someone get me MORE tainted pb! I could stand to lose my appetite a little more frequently! KIDDING of course.

So yeah- NOT FUN. But we're done. We're cozying up to tuna fish now... keep you posted on mercury counts at a later date.

Here's some layouts I did when I went....brace yourselves...SCRAPPING! Last weekend I was able to go hang out with some of my local girls for the afternoon/evening and scrap away. I decided to try using the sketches in the Top 10 issue of CK. I've never really put any thought into actually utilizing all of those sketches they provide...until now. So i did it for kicks. Kinda fun- but I felt this inner-rebellion to NOT follow them the whole time. lol.

The last one is missing some "oomph" but I didn't take my sequins, ribbons, paint,etc. Just the basics. So I'll jazz this one up before it gets in the book. Nothing fancy-schmancy, but that's three pages done. I did ALOT of talking, eating (mmmm. the SPREAD there was the best! 3 different kinds of homemade quiche, 2 soups, a fancy chicken almond salad, coffee, soda, tea, cookies and fudge, snack mix, fresh veggies and dip...it was amazingly delish) and just an overall nice time that was VERY much needed after many days of holding hair back, stooped over child & toilet. Yep. Very nice indeedy.

Here's my other baby-- he's cute. And he cleans up his OWN regurgitation...what's not to like?? sorry. that was bad.

More Soon!




Keep A Look Out!

nope. I'm NOT in the south of France...
don't I wish!
I've been housebound for almost 2 weeks!
EEK! Kill me NOW already!
Nah- it wasn't so bad- but...well, it kinda was.
I'll dish more later.

yep. been a major blog-slacker.

lots of tid bits to share.

stay tuned.

I'll post Tuesday or Wednesday!




How's THAT for a eye grabbing post title?!
Sorry I've been MIA lately-- keeping very busy! Nothing new in the mix really- just spreading my time a little more evenly in things of life. Plus most of my quiet time has been spent reading the last few weeks. Which I've been relishing... here's what I've had on my nightstand/coffeetable lately...

And we're still working through Charlotte's Web with the kidlets each night too...

STILL no scrappin' getting done lately. grrrr. I want to. Need to. Must set aside some time, I think. I *did* make a custome baby album for someone, so it left me wanting MORE! lol. Perhaps Sunday night...we'll see. But until then, I'll keep the fire burning with these two lovelies I picked up today at Borders...

Just briefly looking through them both- they look AMAZING! Can't wait to sip on some coffee or tea and just savor each and every page...
Robert has drill at the Firestation tonite, so I'm going to feed the kidlets, play a game and read with them and then tuck 'em in for the night! After that the world is my oyster!!! Well. ok. Maybe not the WORLD- but I can read, or clean (wahoo.), or fold clothes (wawahoo.) or just be a vegetable in front of the ol' tv. OR I could actually scrapbook! Novel concept. But that would mean cleaning up my desk from the slew of clothes I'm prepping listings for and finding a place for all the carefully sorted, pressed items. ugh. Whatever I do- I don't think I'll last long- my eyes are already burning! SOOO pathetic!
We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow the hubster has a job interview (please pray- this would be an INCREDIBLE blessing to us!) and then later in the day we're driving up to Portland to stay with my sister and her brood. Spending the night then going to a Creation conference all day Saturday. That should be really interesting and fun! Looking forward to it... Then home Saturday night- on Sunday, church- then going out to my mom and dads for a birthday celebration for my OTHER sister and then after that, heading over to a Superbowl party with our church College crew. WHEW! I'm tired already!!! Nah- it'll be fun--I'm excited about all of it!
Well- I'll try and be better about posting little tidbits throughout the week again..but don't hold your breath either! lol.