"No self respecting super hero would wear open toed shoes."--A guy on AC Transit

In sorting through my 4 mile long FAVORITES web folder- I found some gems...it was like Christmas on the web. Crafty sites, blogs, photography inspiration, etc.etc. Then there's this site called In Passing. They're bits and pieces of conversation picked up all over, I *believe* New York City..or San Franciso or both..or...anyway- some of them are OUT there. Some leave you with a huge "?!?" over your head. Some make you "ooohhh" over their wise words. More than some make you laugh.

Here's a couple that made me smile...

"Tartare was kind of the sushi of France. Until the madness."--A guy to a girl at Whole Foods

"How do they even live with themselves? Sitting there all day, next to the corn cherry scones, knowing they're clearly inferior. Pity the plight of a mere strawberrry scone."--A guy at Arizmendi bakery

"I always feel thinner when I'm tan. You know how black pants are slimming? Dark colors? It's like black pants for your whole body.""Except black pants don't kill you."--Two women talking in the produce section at Whole Foods

"I started at the end of the street, and I wasn´t shouting -- I wasn´t hysterical. I was just talking very loudly LIKE THIS. And I walked down the row of houses, and I said,`Shame on all of you. All of you! We have lived in this neighborhood for 5 years. We have kept to ourselves! We have bothered no one! And not one of you has ever, ever, shown us welcome, love, or chartiable actions. Shame on all of you.`""Oh goodness, she must have known you meant her.""No, but Janey, she was almost as bad originally, and sure enough she shows up on my doorstep the next day with 50 yellow roses and an invitation to their barbeque. They´re just lucky I didn´t get hysterical."--Two women talking over brunch

"Wait, are there two Starbucks in the mall? I just yelled at my friend for being late, and there are two Starbucks in this mall?""Maybe she knew she was late, so she went to the other one. To trick you.""What kind of friends do you have? And where is the other Starbucks?"--A girl and a barista at (surprisingly) Starbucks

"I'm not the one taking pictures of mannequins all day.""Mamma, they won't even look at your auction unless you've got a picture, and if I'm the one wearing them in the demo, how can I say they're unworn?""But somehow the mannequin wearing it doesn't count as wearing it? I just don't like the thing, it was too expensive.""The only thing cheaper was inflatable."--A girl and her mother wandering around a clothing shop.

"He disappeared from Google after college. A very annoying quality in a man."--A girl with a laptop at A Cuppa Tea

"What's something horrible that's happened to you lately? Please, let me mine your life for my personal gain."--One guy to another at Berkeley Bowl

"I don't know. Do you want to just go home and watch season 1 and cry?""No."--A girl and a guy walking aimlessly around Reel video.

"Remember Kenny?""New guy, Josh's old co-worker?""Yeah. Tonight he was leaving the office and said, 'I'm going to go home and cook these steaks.' I didn't really care, but I said, 'What steaks?' And then he says, "Didn't you see them defrosting on my desk? I bought them from this guy. He was selling them out of the back of his car in the parking lot at McDonald's.'""Ew. Ew. I don't even eat cow but ew.""So in case the next story I tell you about Kenny starts with 'So we haven't seen Kenny in a few days...' Now you know why."--A guy and a girl waiting in line for breakfast at La Note

"...it was great. We went to a different steak house every Friday. But I figured it out when he asked the waiter to leave the lemon out of his water.""Huh?""He wasn't trying to take me out to nice places. He was on Atkins.""Maybe he doesn't like lemon. Some guys don't, you know."--Two women talking at a restaurant

"'Appropriatude.' It should be a word.""But it is not. 'Appropriateness' is the one you want.""Appropriatude!""No.""Listen! 'Let us act with appropriatude.'""No. It's -ness or nothing."--A girl and a guy at Jupiter

"Wait a sec, these are heavy.""Come on, we're going to be late.""The girls are going to be late, so we can be late. Besides, they owe us a rib from way back."--A teenage guy carrying several pizzas, and another teenage guy, outside Round Table

"I don't know, it's hard to put it in words.""Too much Chex, not enough mix. That's your problem.""Ok, I guess it isn't hard to put into metaphor. Just words."--Two girls talking outside Ross

Ok...that's enough for now! Hope you enjoyed a few!


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Christy said...

Ha! These are GREAT girl! Especially love the one about the tan/looking slimmer... this is SO true, lol! I always feels somewhat slimmer in the summer. I think it's because the darker color seems to hide my unsightly dimples... somewhat. LOL! Thanks for sharing these! :)