Why I Oughtta....

..and so I did!

Last year I made some custom flip flops for Josie and we were swamped with inquiries as to where we got them. A few people said I should make and sell them. SO- I decided I'd make some and throw them onto Ebay and see how they did. I've already sold two pair! Wahoo! I said flip.flip. flop. flippy to the flipflipflop...

They're cute, fun and go with just about any casual warm weather wear with all the colors goin' on. $12/pair for kids $15/pair Adult sizes. Shoot me an Email if you're interested!

We're being homebodies this cold, wet, dreary day. Made pancakes and eggs for breakfast, we did our taxes (blech), now I'm taking a break from Ebay stuff. Trying to list,list,list like crazy to make some extra dough for a couple trips I have coming up! Going to the CKC (scrapbooking convention- I know you NON-scrappers are like "CONVENTION?! They have an actual CONVENTION for paper and pictures?! why yes, yes indeedy they do, my friends!) in Portland in March. Spending all day Friday and Saturday there. Meeting up with COURTNEY there and I just know I'm going to be..weird. Like emotional, goofy, talkwayyytoofast kinda weird. But- I already know she GETS me so she'll be forgiving and understanding of all dorkness. No worries then! lol. The second trip is the middle-endish of March. The hubster and I are going down to Sacramento with friends from our church for a conference. We're driving down and back- just us 4 adults. It should be ALOT of fun! Plus while we're down there we'll get to visit with some old friends as well. I'm REALLY looking forward to it! Like a little mini-vacation!

I'm feeling scrappy. If I could just get out from under all these towering mounds of clothes I'd be golden... I'm getting there! And speaking of scrappy- one of my best, best friends just got a Design Team gig!

Congrats, C! I'm so proud of ya!!!! SCRAPOLOGIE is lucky to have you!
Can't wait to see all the great stuff she makes with their fabulous kits! Ummm... SOMEbody's grindin' down on those New Years Intentions! ;)


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Christy said...

Dude. You are THE sweetest. Thanks much for the supah sweet shout-out... I'm so honored and blessed and I lub ya SO much! Now if I could just grind down #1 (losing weight) on my resolution list I'd be doing good, lol! I'm DYING to scrap that pic of us. Still thinking how I wanna do it. You know me being the perfectionist that I am. :) Omg - those flippie flops are the cutest, S! Seriously, WOW! You are a creative little devil you are! Balloons and thongs - who wouldda thunk? Just watch... those sandals are going to be all the rage this summer and you'll be a millionaire yet, hee! I'm so excited for you for the scrapbook convention! How fun is THAT going to be?? Hope yours is better than ours was here last year... yeah, it pretty much sucked. Still managed to spend plenty of money though. Go figure. SOOOOOO, you and the hubby are gonna be in Sacramento next month, heh? Ya know, that's ONLY a short 8-9 hour drive TOPS from me. Ha! You could just head south after the conference. No sweat, right? lol! Hmmm, how could we work in a mini-visit. The wheels are turning... hmmmmm... Okay, ending this now before this thing turns into to TWO novels, lol! LOVE YOU!