3 days and counting...

We're in the final countdown.
The house has boxes in every room.
The garage is filling with boxes.
Cardboard, cardboard everywhere...

I cannot even TELL you how ready I am for this to be done.
Tired, hurting/sore (carpal tunnel issues flaring up badly) & I'm just over. it.
Today several people are walking through the house to view it.
And One property management person.

Hope they can see the beauty of the bones of the place
because I haven't had ANY time to seriously clean yet... eek!
They knew that ahead of time though.

Sheesh- are you completely bored yet??? Who cares to read any of the above??? Not me! bleh.
Are you still there??? ;)

Staying mentally "afloat" with late night check ins on friends blogs..or should I say early morning check ins as it typically happens well after midnight. Then after a little sleep (bah. sleep is overrated, ya'll) I get up early and have coffee and listen to some messages online. It's standing in for Bible study right now.

I hope to have interesting entries in the next week or so...
hang in there, loyal friends!?!



Back To School

I've always loved August and September...the stores are full of fresh school supplies and Fall fashions. And every magazine features funky twists on the classic prep style. I'm SUCH a sucker for this. Am I way too old to wear it? Yep. Does it bring back a flood of early high school years? Yep. But I've got ideas swirling on how I can utilize the vibe into paper creations. Better jot the ideas now because I won't be scrapping anytime soon. bleh.