I Look Like WHO?!


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Orla Kiely paper goodness....


What is it about a Friday that's soooo goooood???
Tonite the kidlets are going to spend the night with Grandpa.
WE are going to hang at home--watch movies and eat THAI!
Oh yeah.

I've been doing some deep, SPRING cleaning around the house this week. Here's what I've accomplished so far:

Cleaned out the fridge/tossed old condiments,etc/cleaned shelves,drawers
Cleaned inside of cupboards in kitchen
Washed windows inside/outside throughout house
Wiped down doorframes inside/outside
Trimmed some shrubbery outdoors
Tossed a bunch of junk from the garage (there's LOTS more to go!)
Re-orgazined (well.started to.)paper crafting area.
Wiped down walls/ceilings of both bathrooms
Scoured toilets,sinks,tub
Washed light fixtures in bathrooms
Vaccuumed living room furniture, laundered pillows

Still to do:
Clean the carpets in the living room/dining room
Organize Ebay closet
Toss/Organize garage items
Clean laundry area-organize/ wipe down washer&dryer,etc

Yesterday I gave a short list of some of our recently read library books.
Here are some books that I'm anxious to get my hands on!

Have a WONDERFUL, blessed weekend!




I love to read.
Always have.
It's often difficult to carve out time to enjoy a book (of my own)nowadays, but I usually go on "binges"!
Go to the library and get an armful and read them in the first few days (or the last few days before they're due back-often the case!).
There have been many times where I've borrowed a book and will realize that it's suddenly due the next day. Goof that I am- instead of just renewing it- I'll read it start to finish right then- and since I usually go to bed around 11pm and that's usually when I read...I will be up into the wee hours.
But it's WORTH IT!!! ...well. typically.
Here's what I've read lately...or read with the kidlets...

I find this woman and her lifestyle to be so endearing. An early appreciation was instilled by my Mom...she loves Tasha Tudor & her books!

Josie is gobbling up Biscuit stories...hearing her read is such a joy!

This book was an interesting and enjoyable read.

The kids loved the illustrations of this book.
AND this book.

THIS just spoke volumes to me. I suppose it wouldn't be of interest at all to a "seasoned" homeschooling parent- but to me- I scribbled notes and thoughts like CRAZY. It renewed my zeal and refreshed my spirit about homeschooling. I immediately shared it with my homeschool mom's group, as most of them are new to the adventure too! The book explores various methods of homeschooling and then has two homeschool parents who USE the method give some personal insight to its virtues. Overall, I think this has given me a better understanding of what style (or combination of) would work best for us.

A easy-chicklit read that took a couple hours. It was exactly what I needed the evening I picked it up. Just a "fluffy" story to get my mind off of things, to chuckle over. No profound insight here, but a clean enjoyable one-timer.
Tomorrow- books I want to dig into ASAP!!!!!



I used to be pretty good at tag in the elementary days.
I think it would be good for a laugh or a very,very pitifully sad sight.
Nonetheless...I've been tagged by CHRISTY and need to be a good sport. Afterall- she didn't even make me RUN or anything.
What a good friend!

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven Random Facts About Me.

1. I am a compulsive list maker. I could make a list about what I need to make a list. I could make a list of what to do to get the things to make the list. i could make a list to...well, you get the idea.

2. I feel the urge to snack while watching THE BIGGEST LOSER on tv. You'd think I'd feel the need to jump up and do jumping jacks or situps...but NO!

3. I am NOT a morning person. *I* know it. The hubster knows it. The KIDS know it. Don't even dare cross the Mama 'til she's had a least one cuppa joe. THen I'm magically reasonable. Or at least able to fake it.

4. I have a tremendous fear of snakes. TREMENDOUS. I used to freak out at cartoon ones on tv but I've come a long way baby...now I just scream like a girl (which you know. I AM.) when I see REAL ones on Tv. And I'm most certainly going to have a nightmare about snakes that night. Guarenteed. And in real life-- I'm a sight to behold. We'll leave it at that.

5. I'm a bit of a packrat, but I must be good at storing it because none of my friends or family think I am in looking/talking about my home/decluttering/etc.

6. My favorite flowers are Dahlias and Peonies.

7. I'm a cheapskate. I love seeing something expensive and then replicating it in thrifting/sales items. Esp. fashion & home decor. Love,love.LOVE.

Ok. Now I'm going to tag.... Court, Kelli, Bella Art Girl,Sherelle, Heidi,Donna, & Joy



Biggest Loser Love!

So did you catch it last night???

The two ladies KICKED IT! Wooooohooo!

It's about time the boys got a smackdown.

And the cake. LOVED Dan and the cake...the cake-napping.

Jillian has a new DVD. I love to hate Jillian.

And now she can be hated any ol' time when *I* am huffing and puffing working out with this! In the words of Dan ".....thank you..??"

mother may i ?!





Garden Girl.

I got up early this a.m. and did my Bible Study.
I then checked out a few homeschool blogs and somehow I found this website.
You know how you follow link after link and suddenly don't remember how you got there???
I've been sitting here..through several cups of coffee..with a sleepy cat on my lap- watching little clips of this lady. The Urban Gardener.
There are many things she does/has that aren't do-able for me in my current home, but it's still interesting to watch how much she utilizes her small space. Very inspiring.
Check her out yourself!
Garden Girl TV/



Spring Break of sorts.

Hope you all had a nice Easter!
Ours was nice.
Church service was wonderful!
Then we headed out to my parents for dinner and an egg hunt.
The food was yummy (as usual!) and visiting and watching the kids interact is always a joy.
I didn't capture any great pics this year--not even one of my kids together, as I did last year (sigh). Heavily disappointed in that. argg.

Our Monday has been a relaxed one thus far.
I'm letting the kids off the hook for lessons today, though we plan on continuing school through "Spring Break".
I've been making lists of SPRING CLEANING tasks indoors and out.

Today's #1 Task: Clean out the fridge (including thorough wipedown)

Haven't tackled it quite yet- but I have a nice chunk of today's TO DO's
crossed off including:

Bible Study/Coffee Time
Kids Breakfast/story
Kids dressed/teeth/hair
Start Laundry
Unload/reload dishwasher
Kids straighten bedrooms
Supervise Kids observation of Chive plant project
All beds stripped and linens in wash
Flylady Mission: Master Bedroom 15 min. declutter
Water houseplants/add food

Accomplished and NOT on the TO DO list... perusing a few blogs, looking up a few homeschool curriculum items, changing my blog pic (the previous one was meant to be replaced quite a while ago- I never cared for it).

I think that's about it for now.

The kids planted Chive seeds the other day- a science project of sorts. We began a notebook for each one of them- they decorated a spiral notebook with magazine cutouts of nature-related objects/scenes to log various upcoming experiments and observations. Once the notebook covers were created, I had the kids log their first day of the Chive project..detailing the steps they took in planting. Matthew decided we should keep one pot outside and one inside and compare their growth. So they rush to their respective pot every couple of hours each day hoping to see change! lol.

I have this book that I found at Goodwill long ago- and I've begun reading up on easy garden projects to do with the kids. Since I'm new to gardening myself- it should be fun! I've shown the kids a few ideas and they're excited to get started.

Isn't that a cute dustjacket?? I'm such a sucker for old books...and illustrations.
Speaking of books.... I've read a couple in the last few days that made me happy.
I'll post those soon.


Saturday was nice-- nasty weather but activity-wise, it was nice.
Went to
POET'S GARDEN & Home Depot with my mom. Matthew tagged along (not really by choice, but he was a great sport) & was rewarded later with a pkg. of Reeses pb cups. He's easy to please, that one.

The hubster and Josie had a father/daughter day activity planned through our church men's group. HORTON HEARS A WHO at the local theatre and then dinner at RED ROBIN. Needless to say, Josie was quite excited! She called me after the movie to check in and make sure WE were having fun too.

Once home, I asked Matthew what he'd like to do with the rest of the afternoon.
He was perfectly content to watch the downpour and hail from inside while playing Wii and wrestling with the dog. Easy to please, that one. I worked on Ebay and the never-ending laundry basket. QUITE exciting, I assure you.

And now. A little piece of advice.
DO NOT purchase Folger's Caramel Drizzle coffee beans/grounds.
I tried brewing it stronger. lighter. tried different creamers. tried NO creamer.
in essence- it tasted HORRIFIC and I knew instantly what it reminded me of. I gag now thinking of it.
Dirty socks.
Not that I've dined on dirty socks but. well- you all KNOW what dirty boy socks smell like. And if you DON'T.... I can't say you're missing out at all. Consider your life a little richer.
Seriously people.
Brewed dirty socks.


going kuku...

A couple years ago I discovered a new textiles company through a photoblogging friend and succombed to the cuteness. KUKUNEST delivers AMAZING quality bed linens with the most adorable prints... Josie has the Lantern Festival and we love it as much as the day we got it...it's held up amazingly well-- countless washings, several horrifying EXORCIST-like spewings during illnesses (TMI,sorry) and a full cup of grape koolaid spilled on the polka dot sheet... it still looks new!

There's a new line called "Little Friends" that is equally sweet. Dontcha think? I'd LOVE to have the pillow sham. We already have the polkadot & pink bedding portions...wish they sold the sham seperately, but alas..they don't. There are some fantastic lines for boys, and several could go girl *or* boy... Don't forget to check their BLOG to get an inside view on their success!


Happy Hump Day! Love, Sweet Cheeks

It's Wednesday.
Lots on the TO DO list today but I'm already on a roll. And posting a new entry on my blog wasn't even on the list! *2 points!*

Rolled outta bed at 5:38am. For no reason except a feeling that I'd overslept. Obviously NOT the case. Went back to bed, tangled in a certain 6 year old's sprawled limbs soon after.

Got up to dog yapping. NOW it's time! Yep. 5 'til 6am. Like clockwork, that dog & his bladder.

Start coffee pot first then take dog outside. As long as it takes the Pug sometimes....I'll most likely have a full carafe by the time I get back inside.

Yep... full carafe ready! Poured myself some coffee and went downstairs to do Bible Study.

Great message as usual. Very thought provoking: on how hard the church (in general) tries SO hard to be culturally relative that their faith falls out, so-to-speak. Attempting to draw in people with a hip appearance, good coffee and fluff for sermons. It reminded me of Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail" (a movie I LOVE btw), when he's talking to a friend/employee about their bookstore's draw....

Joe Fox: Do you know what, we are gonna seduce them. We're gonna seduce them with our square footage, and our discounts, and ourdeep armchairs, and...
Joe Fox & Friend together: Our cappuccino.
Joe Fox: That's right. They're gonna hate us at the beginning, but...
Joe Fox & Friend together: - but we'll get 'em in the end.

ANYwho... it's so very true. The church feels this need to get new members by being more worldly to seem attractive. Forget truth. Forget telling them what they'll have to give up when they accept Christ- to live a Godly life. THat's too hardcore, man! That would have them running for the Exit, offended and thinkin' Christians are too rigid and goody-two-shoes like....

Heaven Forbid we offend or carry on as if we have a strict moral code.

As you can see--- the study this morning struck a chord with me. It's already something the hubster and I have been talking about a lot lately and so hearing it from someone else fuels the thinking....

After Bible Study I did a quick scroll of my favorite blogs (you should see the mile long list of "favorites".really.) To say I did it quickly is a feat! I picked a few that I visit daily and savored them. There are some truly kindred spirits out there.... they bless my days and don't even know it.

Miz.Booshay! LOVE her. Her mad photography skills. GORGEOUS daughters. Holy cow- that lady and her hubby create some GORGEOUS kids. Her spirit. Her wit. Her humor. Common ground in life. She's cool.

Here's a ditty she posted today... a link to see what nickname Sawyer (LOST. tv show.) would give you. As I affectionately DESPISE Sawyer...I thought it would be fun. And ever since 7am-ish, when I discovered I am "Sweet Cheeks"-- I've been congratulating myself on each thing crossed off the TO DO list for today with a hearty "Right Onnnnn, Sweet Cheeks!". go ahead. groan. it's ok, 'cuz just the fact I'm honestly sharing that...I'm a little nauseated myself. *LAUGH* Here's the link so you can have your OWN nickname.
Come on. You know you want one.

Sawyer Gives You A Nickname

On that note....
Gotta jet a kidlet to the dentist this a.m.

~Sweet Cheeks


Been A While...

Sorry I dropped off the face of the Earth for a bit! Nothing shocking or Earth-rocking going on & keeping me away --just BUSY!

Par for the course, my dance-card of daily life has been full. Fortunately for me, most are blessings and a joy to be a part of. Church activities are increasing and I find that my heart grows with it. My walk has been gradually transformed and despite continued testing of my faith, I feel God is refining me. Teaching me. Revealing my true strength, courage and zeal. There are times where I feel His presence in my life SO much I think I'll burst from the "goosebump" feeling of it all. There are times where I feel pushed and pulled and I wonder exactly how much more He'll give me to handle- and then He gives me a breeze of peace- and then I'm back to the pushing and pulling!

A girlfriend and I were just talking about this the other day... she has (and is)had to work through so many personal battles. She's fallen as many times and ways as I, and we've become a comfort and encouragement to each other. God knew what He was doing in bringing our friendship about...almost 9 years ago. It's been a tremendous blessing to me! Today she is going to visit with a dying friend. It's something she's never had to experience before. I know she's a bit nervous and uncomfortable- unsure how to "behave". But I also know she's doing this out of an obedient heart- going out of her comfort zone for a friend she's only recently made. I've been praying for her- for peace and clarity when in that uncomfortable situation today. But I know some of the gifts God's placed in her and I know she's going to bring such joy and comfort today! It makes my heart swell to think of her selflessness and how far she's grown in Christ's forgiveness and love. And to imagine what the continued faith and determination to be obedient to His calling is going to bring her... good, GOOD things are in store.

I'm so very proud to call her my friend and sister in Christ.