Happy Hump Day! Love, Sweet Cheeks

It's Wednesday.
Lots on the TO DO list today but I'm already on a roll. And posting a new entry on my blog wasn't even on the list! *2 points!*

Rolled outta bed at 5:38am. For no reason except a feeling that I'd overslept. Obviously NOT the case. Went back to bed, tangled in a certain 6 year old's sprawled limbs soon after.

Got up to dog yapping. NOW it's time! Yep. 5 'til 6am. Like clockwork, that dog & his bladder.

Start coffee pot first then take dog outside. As long as it takes the Pug sometimes....I'll most likely have a full carafe by the time I get back inside.

Yep... full carafe ready! Poured myself some coffee and went downstairs to do Bible Study.

Great message as usual. Very thought provoking: on how hard the church (in general) tries SO hard to be culturally relative that their faith falls out, so-to-speak. Attempting to draw in people with a hip appearance, good coffee and fluff for sermons. It reminded me of Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail" (a movie I LOVE btw), when he's talking to a friend/employee about their bookstore's draw....

Joe Fox: Do you know what, we are gonna seduce them. We're gonna seduce them with our square footage, and our discounts, and ourdeep armchairs, and...
Joe Fox & Friend together: Our cappuccino.
Joe Fox: That's right. They're gonna hate us at the beginning, but...
Joe Fox & Friend together: - but we'll get 'em in the end.

ANYwho... it's so very true. The church feels this need to get new members by being more worldly to seem attractive. Forget truth. Forget telling them what they'll have to give up when they accept Christ- to live a Godly life. THat's too hardcore, man! That would have them running for the Exit, offended and thinkin' Christians are too rigid and goody-two-shoes like....

Heaven Forbid we offend or carry on as if we have a strict moral code.

As you can see--- the study this morning struck a chord with me. It's already something the hubster and I have been talking about a lot lately and so hearing it from someone else fuels the thinking....

After Bible Study I did a quick scroll of my favorite blogs (you should see the mile long list of "favorites".really.) To say I did it quickly is a feat! I picked a few that I visit daily and savored them. There are some truly kindred spirits out there.... they bless my days and don't even know it.

Miz.Booshay! LOVE her. Her mad photography skills. GORGEOUS daughters. Holy cow- that lady and her hubby create some GORGEOUS kids. Her spirit. Her wit. Her humor. Common ground in life. She's cool.

Here's a ditty she posted today... a link to see what nickname Sawyer (LOST. tv show.) would give you. As I affectionately DESPISE Sawyer...I thought it would be fun. And ever since 7am-ish, when I discovered I am "Sweet Cheeks"-- I've been congratulating myself on each thing crossed off the TO DO list for today with a hearty "Right Onnnnn, Sweet Cheeks!". go ahead. groan. it's ok, 'cuz just the fact I'm honestly sharing that...I'm a little nauseated myself. *LAUGH* Here's the link so you can have your OWN nickname.
Come on. You know you want one.

Sawyer Gives You A Nickname

On that note....
Gotta jet a kidlet to the dentist this a.m.

~Sweet Cheeks

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Donna Boucher said...

Dearest Sweet Cheeks,
I am so happy to meet you!
Thank you for the kindest words of praise.

It really is amazing that my husband and I could make such cute kids :o)

he he

I am bookmarking you right now!!!

You look like a cool person to get to know!

And my, you have such Sweet Cheeks ;o)

Thanks for letting me know you are out here :o)

Miz Booshay