Just Keep On Keepin' On...

So did you catch the OPRAH last week where Bill Cosby just BROUGHT IT?!
That was one of the BEST.

Come On People!
He talked about the decline of society and how todays parents aren't active participants in their childrens' lives. He focused mainly on African Americans but I personally feel it's an overall issue in our society in this day and age. It's not just in the "hood" that children are neglected, raised in dysfunctional homes, uncared for physically and mentally. He was right when he said "It's not what they're doing to US, it's what WE'RE not doing..." He also spoke of how everyone has this "victim" mentality. They use their poor childhood as an excuse to behave inexcusably.

It was just very powerful. Do I think things in our society will improve where this is concerned? Unfortunately I don't. But at least there are people like Bill Cosby out there airing the "dirty laundry".

I always did dig Dr. Huxtable.


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* A Crazy Storm with hail and sheets of rain!

* Kids being creative..and just a wee bit proud of the result

* A feathered friend who hangs around our yard, entertaining us daily- being a bit bashful in this pic

* The cutest little pugster we own!