One of the things on my "list" was a huge surprise party for my parents!
A celebration of THEM & what they mean to us and their extended family and close friends. We began by blindfolding them as soon as they entered the house and then walked them into the backyard and played "This Is Your Life"- having our guests share a clue about their identity and who they were to my parents. My parents were blown AWAY. We had guests from Texas and Kansas and others they hadn't seen in ages- so they were amazed and touched. Those bandannas over their eyes worked well to sop up the happy tears!!!
My sisters and I have been planning this for QUITE a while and the outcome was SO wonderful!
It went off without a hitch, really- which was AWESOME.
We were going for a tropical theme and held it in our backyard.
It looked pretty, almost everyone that was invited were in attendance, and Mom and Dad were completely SHOCKED & blessed. LOVED that. It's EXACTLY what we wanted.
I was running around, so I didn't get alot of pictures until it was VERY dark.
But what's most important is that it turned out amazing. My parents were thrilled and happy. We got to visit with some longtime friends we haven't seen in years. The food was delish and we had PLENTY ( a BIG concern as my sisters and I don't typically entertain parties of this size!).
* BBQ Pulled Pork & Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
* Corn Salad
* Chinese Chicken Salad
* Spinach Artichoke Wraps
* Fresh Veggies w/Dip
* Paradise Punch
* Bottled Water
* Dessert: Chocolate Fountain w/cubed Poundcake, pretzels, fresh fruit, marshmallows, etc.
* Coffee with coconut creamer
NOW- on my agenda. An ever-growing TO DO list for our trip to SoCal. I'm excited & exhausted. But it feels good. A NEW something on my list is to design a nook in the Sunday School branch of the church. An inviting "lounge" area for the littles of our church family. I'm excited!! That will begin as soon as I return from Cali. AND throwing a baby shower. AND starting homeschool with my kidlets. AND. AND. AND. It's ALLLLLL good and will turn out fabulous, I know. One step at a time!
Hope YOU are enjoying a beautiful day! The weather here is GORGEOUS!! I have TONS of leftover flowers from the party scattered all over the house and on the patio. The windows are open with a cool breeze flowing through the house. The kids are playing together nicely--nice quiet background "noise" for me. Really love hearing them interact- their imaginations collaberating vs. CLASHING on grand schemes of castles, characters, games.... SO neat.
Ok. Don't expect another entry until I'm BACK from SoCal. Then I'll drown you in vacation photos!!!!!!!!!! If you have BABY SHOWER ideas, throw me some ideas!! I'd love it!


Full Plate. Prepare Yourself.

Pics of our new digs...

...because it's better than finding this NOT updated AGAIN, right??

Ah- life is just insanely busy. Apparently the story of my life, really. Because I say it




My TO DO lists are miles long- or at least FEEL like they're that long, mentally.

Feeling a little bogged down. A little blue.

I'll snap out of it.

It's like this-- a nice little plate, overcrowded with all these AMAZING, TANTALIZING foods is thrust into your hands-and you're told to eat it. NOW.



Even though you just ate a full, filling meal BEFORE being handed this plate.

WHat do you eat first?? What looks the yummiest or the more healthful option?? The food the hostess made or the food your Mom made? The lightest, so you don't feel ill- since you're already full? The richest, most decadent- just because you never typically treat yourself to it??

That's me. That's my plate-o-life right now. Lots and lots of amazing, fun, interesting things going on. All are things with deadlines or obligations to be fulfilled- and all of them are jam packed onto this "plate" and aren't going anywhere. They must be done. These things are coming at me and have to be handled- I just have to keep moving and have a morsel of this and a morsel of that- tackling it ALL bit by bit- until I can look back on it all and let out a long, deep breath of relief.

And that *should* happen somewhere around the beginning of October.

I hope.


I'm Back...I think!

Hello dear friends~
I *think* I'm back to blogging. Perhaps sporadically but better than nothing! I'm trying to unpack things and jump back into some sort of normalcy. Our days are full- more than I'd like on occasion- but it makes for solid sleep at night!! I've slept SO hard the last week or so!

The kidlets are in swimming lessons in the late morning and they come home happy but tired. They have been voluntarily taking a nap right after lunch~ CRAZY but I'm not complaining! In the evenings they have another Vacation Bible School, which gives Robert and I a few hours of quiet to unpack and have dinner together. Last night we dropped the kids off, then picked up a few things from Walmart and went a few blocks from our new place to a little Japanese bento deli/market. The food was GREAT! There's a little ice cream parlor in there too- so we'll be making many walks there in the future with the kids, I think.

Our new home is in such a nice little neighborhood. Established. Friendly neighbors. A park on the next block. Downtown two blocks down. Our local Farmers Market a block down. Library is 3 blocks away. Church is only 5 minutes down the street. It's wonderful! I'm looking forward to the day when things are all put away, a sense of organization and feeling settled. I'm anxious to get out in the yard to clean it up a bit, although the "bones" of it are already enjoyable. Just need some pops of color!

Next on the list, getting my Ebay inventory unloaded, organized and ready to go. It's a typically busy time with back-to-school so I need to make the best of it! We have a trip to Cali in less than a month to save money for!! In addition, I have a couple custom items that I need to wrap up and get sent out as well.

Although things have been insanely busy the last few weeks- once we got into our new place, I craved curling up in bed with a good book and soft lamp light. So last Friday and Saturday I read a book- savoring the feeling of quiet and calm within these new walls, and the wonderful story I held in my hands. If you haven't already, you MUST read this. It's gripping. Emotional. Lovely. It stayed on my mind for a few days afterward. Add it to your reading list- you won't be disappointed.

Sarah's Key