One of the things on my "list" was a huge surprise party for my parents!
A celebration of THEM & what they mean to us and their extended family and close friends. We began by blindfolding them as soon as they entered the house and then walked them into the backyard and played "This Is Your Life"- having our guests share a clue about their identity and who they were to my parents. My parents were blown AWAY. We had guests from Texas and Kansas and others they hadn't seen in ages- so they were amazed and touched. Those bandannas over their eyes worked well to sop up the happy tears!!!
My sisters and I have been planning this for QUITE a while and the outcome was SO wonderful!
It went off without a hitch, really- which was AWESOME.
We were going for a tropical theme and held it in our backyard.
It looked pretty, almost everyone that was invited were in attendance, and Mom and Dad were completely SHOCKED & blessed. LOVED that. It's EXACTLY what we wanted.
I was running around, so I didn't get alot of pictures until it was VERY dark.
But what's most important is that it turned out amazing. My parents were thrilled and happy. We got to visit with some longtime friends we haven't seen in years. The food was delish and we had PLENTY ( a BIG concern as my sisters and I don't typically entertain parties of this size!).
* BBQ Pulled Pork & Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
* Corn Salad
* Chinese Chicken Salad
* Spinach Artichoke Wraps
* Fresh Veggies w/Dip
* Paradise Punch
* Bottled Water
* Dessert: Chocolate Fountain w/cubed Poundcake, pretzels, fresh fruit, marshmallows, etc.
* Coffee with coconut creamer
NOW- on my agenda. An ever-growing TO DO list for our trip to SoCal. I'm excited & exhausted. But it feels good. A NEW something on my list is to design a nook in the Sunday School branch of the church. An inviting "lounge" area for the littles of our church family. I'm excited!! That will begin as soon as I return from Cali. AND throwing a baby shower. AND starting homeschool with my kidlets. AND. AND. AND. It's ALLLLLL good and will turn out fabulous, I know. One step at a time!
Hope YOU are enjoying a beautiful day! The weather here is GORGEOUS!! I have TONS of leftover flowers from the party scattered all over the house and on the patio. The windows are open with a cool breeze flowing through the house. The kids are playing together nicely--nice quiet background "noise" for me. Really love hearing them interact- their imaginations collaberating vs. CLASHING on grand schemes of castles, characters, games.... SO neat.
Ok. Don't expect another entry until I'm BACK from SoCal. Then I'll drown you in vacation photos!!!!!!!!!! If you have BABY SHOWER ideas, throw me some ideas!! I'd love it!


Christy said...

Hey sweetie! <------- Guess I can say that here on the ol' blog as this is YOUR blog and I'm sure you check it before your hubby does, lol! Sounds like your parents had a fabulous time at the party. Your little set up was so cute!!! Way to go Sarah and sisters! Can't wait to see you in 2 FREAKIN' DAYS!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!! Drive safe... love you... see you soon... C!

Christy said...

Hey sweets! Me again. So I've been thinking about some baby shower ideas and came across Elsie's blog - did you see? She just threw one for a friend of hers and she had the cutest ideas. Go check it out... it's under her Flicker photos. Love ya! :)

Courtney DeLaura said...

OH MY GOSH! how beautiful
hope to see you in Sept. when I am in Oregon --- we have to figure that one out :)


m said...

It was such a beautiful SURPRISE and WONDERFUL time....I just wish it had been on video, because it feels like a blur!!! We can never thank you guys enough!
Dad and Mama