Full Plate. Prepare Yourself.

Pics of our new digs...

...because it's better than finding this NOT updated AGAIN, right??

Ah- life is just insanely busy. Apparently the story of my life, really. Because I say it




My TO DO lists are miles long- or at least FEEL like they're that long, mentally.

Feeling a little bogged down. A little blue.

I'll snap out of it.

It's like this-- a nice little plate, overcrowded with all these AMAZING, TANTALIZING foods is thrust into your hands-and you're told to eat it. NOW.



Even though you just ate a full, filling meal BEFORE being handed this plate.

WHat do you eat first?? What looks the yummiest or the more healthful option?? The food the hostess made or the food your Mom made? The lightest, so you don't feel ill- since you're already full? The richest, most decadent- just because you never typically treat yourself to it??

That's me. That's my plate-o-life right now. Lots and lots of amazing, fun, interesting things going on. All are things with deadlines or obligations to be fulfilled- and all of them are jam packed onto this "plate" and aren't going anywhere. They must be done. These things are coming at me and have to be handled- I just have to keep moving and have a morsel of this and a morsel of that- tackling it ALL bit by bit- until I can look back on it all and let out a long, deep breath of relief.

And that *should* happen somewhere around the beginning of October.

I hope.

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Christy said...

Oooh yay... photos of your new pad - LOOOOOOVE IIIIT!!! Your living room looks garganchuous girl - NICE! And I so love the little birdie sitting on the shelf (you know me and birds). I can totally relate to "busy"... hang in there girlie. Just think - soon you'll be in Cali, relaxing on the beach, drinking SB and chattin' it up with ME, lol! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! I'll call you soon. Love you!