I'm a blog-addict.

I think they've replaced my magazine addiction.

I think I've said that before.

I think I've received more than one virus due to my blog-surfing.

I think there's a blog out there for every interest and lifestyle- which intrigues me.

I think I should try and make EVERY sentence in this blog entry start with "I"...or "I think"..so far so good.

I think I've been a bad blogger lately.

I think that there are a lot of blogs out there that put me in a good mood, inspire me, motivate me, make me think, and lately, aggrivate me.

I think I'm easily aggrivated lately but that's beside the point.

I think blogs are fabulous fun but I think I prefer ones that are gritty and REAL over the perfection, ya know?

I think I appreciate seeing the flux of life in those real blogs- the good days, the fabulous days and then SO horrible they type in all caps "yelling" or in run-on-sentences without proper punctuation..with pics of the aftermath. Or better yet, DURING the disaster.

I like that they're candid and unafraid to say "my kids are adorable but they're driving me up the wall- someone come take them away..but bring 'em back in one piece or you'll answer for it" and show their mountains of laundry waiting to be folded & put away (those are my FAVORITE).

I think (I really KNOW, I just don't want to mess up- I'm on a roll...) there was a time where I wanted everything on my blog to be pretty and light-hearted. Lovely pictures, encouraging words, profound thoughts, etc.etc. And I wouldn't post much if I didn't have those things to give.

I think instead of posting whenever I have something pretty or witty to say...I'll just post when I feel like it.

I think I'll like my blog better that way. Pretty yet disheveled. Occasionally disorganized and rumpled- but still likeable.

With pretty pictures.



don't i wish

photo via ohdeedoh

Curled up in a rocking chair (my dream version IS this Eames molded plastic rocker--wanted one for a long.long.LONG time), with a good book and not a care in the world.
I'd love it, wouldn't you??
Back to my TO DO list....




Feeling very content today. Inspired by the littlest things-- like the color sitting on my counter top this morning after doing up some dishes.

Keeping busy with day-to-day things...
*Flylady Mission (doing the bathrooms and the office this week)
*Tidying up/organizing/purging this place. Does this ever end?? I think not.
*Working out again. Getting back on track, thank goodness.

Thinking of things coming up in the near future.
*family 4th of July Reunion
*Sunday School changes
*prepping for a new year of school. Yes, this year just ended & I'm brainstorming for '09/10!

And a word to you, my friends...
Take a moment to recognize the abundance of blessings around you today and thank Him for them!




I sure dig my kids.
They're just the cutest, coolest thing in my life!
We have the most fun..




photo from Urban Outfitters.com

Wishing this was me right now..anxious to get back to blonde.
Wouldn't mind the hat and cheek bones too. *smile*
While I'm wishing...howzabout some gorgeous Christian Louboutin heels.
le sigh.
Aren't they lovely?? Imagine tan limbs in these...yum!

photo from Zappos.com (I think)

It was a much cooler day today. Drizzle throughout, with cool breezes.
I left our windows open and gave the air conditioner a day off!
Not a very newsworthy post here... we stuck around the homefront for the most part.
Got some paperwork done, housework, ebay,etc.

I fell off the exercise-wagon this week, so I'm hoping to hop back on next week... I've done some pushups, situps, squats but no cardio this week.
My goal for next week is to put in 12 miles on the treadmill. I'll keep you abreast of my progress!

We got the littles all signed up for the city library's Summer reading program. I'm a wee bit more excited than they are, but their interest is already growing as they review the program booklet and the books they've selected to get going.

Speaking of, I finally updated the sidebar with our current book selections. You'll notice we're heavy on Egypt books! We set aside our History of the World curriculum during the school year for various reasons and are now picking it back up over the Summer! It starts with Nomads and living on the Nile...so we've stocked up for the next few weeks. I like leaving the subject stacks out for the kids to freely look through and read whenever they like, in addition to our set reading time. The kids are VERY excited about re-starting History, as well as Science, this Summer.

During the school year our focus was on rudimentary basics and lots & LOTS of reading. We're continuing school through the Summer but in a much more relaxed fashion. Our History and Science programs are both extremely hands-on &/or heavy on reading as a group- which we all favor! Plus lots of field trips, outdoor time and games. We're well on our way!

On the weekend agenda: a birthday party @ Bullwinkle's for a nephew, date night with the hubster (I believe chinese food takeout, LOST/24s catch-ups & pj's are on the agenda!) and church.

Here's one more photo to get your creative juices going...
This pic is one I discovered some time ago on Design Sponge.
It's the laundry room of Sarah Hartill, a freelance photographer & Style Editor @ Canadian House & Home Magazine. Don't you LOVE it?! The color, light, the map... I adore it.

photo from www.sarahhartill.com

Hope you have a blessed weekend, friends.


Wednesday eve

Yesterday was rather balmy. I could feel the storm moving in--and it was interesting (to me anyway!) to watch the clouds blow in and shape shift. To feel the warmth and stickiness in the air..and then the smell of rain before it even began to fall.

We were just finishing up our dinner when we noticed that the wind was picking up. REALLY picking up. And the clouds had darkened almost instantaneously. And then we lost power, along with everyone else for a few blocks.

After standing outside and feeling the smack of a few giant raindrops and the warm wind on our faces, we decided to pile into the car and head down to SONIC.
Praying (ok. not REALLY praying) their power was still on so their ice cream machine would be in perfect working order to supply our FREE Root Beer Floats!! Did you take advantage of their generousity last night too? We were in GOOD company here...the parking lot was packed. We circled several times before we found a spot. The drive-thru line was backed up around the building and onto the street for a good ways. Glad we got there early--our wait was minimal. Plus, we really didn't have anything better to do!

We slurped and Mmmm'd our way to the bottom of our cups- watched and listened to the thunder and lightening (and the honking of impatient customers) and then headed home.
Still no power. We rounded up some candles and flashlights (yesss, for just buying a HUGE pack of batteries at COSTCO!) and then settled in. Josie and I went outside and watched the clouds roll out and the gorgeous sunset emerge. It was such a lovely reminder of God's promise in our lives.

Farewell until tomorrow, sun.
You WILL come back tomorrow, won't you?
Because the forecast says otherwise.
We'd welcome your return. Wholeheartedly!
But traipsing through wet grass after a Summer storm is pretty great too...



Dang Momparazzi.

It's hard..living with this face. I mean..look at me.
I'm a handsome guy.
People are always trying to take my picture.
Pinch my cheeks.
Ruffle my 'do.
But I take it..cuz..you know, they just can't help themselves.

Can you really blame them??!
Yeah..I thought not...
But MAN!
Saturday was hard. I just couldn't shake this one.
She follows me EVERYwhere.
Always snapping pics.
I try to look ugly but that's HARD.
Making faces and gross noises to put her off is tiring.
Turning my head this way and that..I get a sore neck and she coos over the cool new angle.
I get a little frustrated.

I try to take pointers from the stars and pretend she's not there.
Just be chill.
And then I take another pointer and just give the Momarazzi one nice smile/pose thinking that will be enough. That she'll have her shot and LEAVE.
Here you go!

Listen...I gave you a nice picture. Now back off.
oh right. You're still my Mom.
Back off...please?

Still snapping away are we?
Two can play this game..
I'll now only give you nostril shots.
...see how you like that...

Ok. Thinking about it...I don't want too many shots of myself out there in the public like that.... so I'll show off the big guns instead!
Oooooohhhh Yeeaaaahhhhh!

~little dude