Wednesday eve

Yesterday was rather balmy. I could feel the storm moving in--and it was interesting (to me anyway!) to watch the clouds blow in and shape shift. To feel the warmth and stickiness in the air..and then the smell of rain before it even began to fall.

We were just finishing up our dinner when we noticed that the wind was picking up. REALLY picking up. And the clouds had darkened almost instantaneously. And then we lost power, along with everyone else for a few blocks.

After standing outside and feeling the smack of a few giant raindrops and the warm wind on our faces, we decided to pile into the car and head down to SONIC.
Praying (ok. not REALLY praying) their power was still on so their ice cream machine would be in perfect working order to supply our FREE Root Beer Floats!! Did you take advantage of their generousity last night too? We were in GOOD company here...the parking lot was packed. We circled several times before we found a spot. The drive-thru line was backed up around the building and onto the street for a good ways. Glad we got there early--our wait was minimal. Plus, we really didn't have anything better to do!

We slurped and Mmmm'd our way to the bottom of our cups- watched and listened to the thunder and lightening (and the honking of impatient customers) and then headed home.
Still no power. We rounded up some candles and flashlights (yesss, for just buying a HUGE pack of batteries at COSTCO!) and then settled in. Josie and I went outside and watched the clouds roll out and the gorgeous sunset emerge. It was such a lovely reminder of God's promise in our lives.

Farewell until tomorrow, sun.
You WILL come back tomorrow, won't you?
Because the forecast says otherwise.
We'd welcome your return. Wholeheartedly!
But traipsing through wet grass after a Summer storm is pretty great too...


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Christy said...

LOVE the pics!
I'm really, really jealous of your Sonic...sounds wonderful!! ;)
Love You!