Feeling very content today. Inspired by the littlest things-- like the color sitting on my counter top this morning after doing up some dishes.

Keeping busy with day-to-day things...
*Flylady Mission (doing the bathrooms and the office this week)
*Tidying up/organizing/purging this place. Does this ever end?? I think not.
*Working out again. Getting back on track, thank goodness.

Thinking of things coming up in the near future.
*family 4th of July Reunion
*Sunday School changes
*prepping for a new year of school. Yes, this year just ended & I'm brainstorming for '09/10!

And a word to you, my friends...
Take a moment to recognize the abundance of blessings around you today and thank Him for them!


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Christy said...

Yay! Thanks for the update...LOVED it! Love the pix! The turquoise/orange color combo just makes my heart happy! I'm so jealous of your vintage wire basket in the background! Happy Tuesday! ;)