I'm a blog-addict.

I think they've replaced my magazine addiction.

I think I've said that before.

I think I've received more than one virus due to my blog-surfing.

I think there's a blog out there for every interest and lifestyle- which intrigues me.

I think I should try and make EVERY sentence in this blog entry start with "I"...or "I think"..so far so good.

I think I've been a bad blogger lately.

I think that there are a lot of blogs out there that put me in a good mood, inspire me, motivate me, make me think, and lately, aggrivate me.

I think I'm easily aggrivated lately but that's beside the point.

I think blogs are fabulous fun but I think I prefer ones that are gritty and REAL over the perfection, ya know?

I think I appreciate seeing the flux of life in those real blogs- the good days, the fabulous days and then SO horrible they type in all caps "yelling" or in run-on-sentences without proper punctuation..with pics of the aftermath. Or better yet, DURING the disaster.

I like that they're candid and unafraid to say "my kids are adorable but they're driving me up the wall- someone come take them away..but bring 'em back in one piece or you'll answer for it" and show their mountains of laundry waiting to be folded & put away (those are my FAVORITE).

I think (I really KNOW, I just don't want to mess up- I'm on a roll...) there was a time where I wanted everything on my blog to be pretty and light-hearted. Lovely pictures, encouraging words, profound thoughts, etc.etc. And I wouldn't post much if I didn't have those things to give.

I think instead of posting whenever I have something pretty or witty to say...I'll just post when I feel like it.

I think I'll like my blog better that way. Pretty yet disheveled. Occasionally disorganized and rumpled- but still likeable.

With pretty pictures.



Christy said...

Love, love, love, love this post my sweet friend! It's okay to not act like everything is okay. I lived like that for so long and then finally one day I just said ENOUGH. I stopped trying to second guess what other people will think and/or what is "appropriate". I'm me - and I'm going to start being me, and everyone else can choose to accept it or not. If not, then why would I want to share my life/experiences/whatevs with them, ya know? Genuine - to me at least - is so much more respectable. Great post - tfs!
Loves you! xoxo

Sue said...

I'm with you on this one sis! this is my new philosophy also this summer is to change the way people make me feel inhibited. I'm sure they all mean well.

I am in fact trying to also put down my imperfect and good days. I was getting ready to blog just that! LOL!

I love hearing who you are and I care about your good and bad days. Keep it real. We love you!! XXOO

A Life Less Ordinary said...

Pretty yet disheveled. Occasionally disorganized and rumpled- but still VERY likeable. Profound thinker and generously thoughtful yet absentminded and distant at times. But positively and absolutely LOVELY, real and my bestest friend in the world!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks girls. :)

Joc- you nailed me 100%. Is that a good thing?? lol.