Mama, All I Want For Christmas...

Josie made mention, quite some time ago, that she'd love to have a handmade doll. It was random and she'd never expressed interest before- so I didn't take it as much more than just another "I want that" after seeing it or reading about it somewhere. Then the week before Christmas, she mentions it again. Only this time it was "I want a doll made by YOU for Christmas, Mama". "All I want for Christmas is a homemade doll". "You'd make a perfect doll for me, I know it!"..... yes...no pressure. None at all. Especially for someone who's never made a doll. Someone who not only doesn't know how to sew but is frankly SCARED of her sewing machine. Someone who had only days before Christmas but could not shrug this fanciful notion of her daughters any longer..and was suddenly overwhelmed with the potential guilt of NOT making one.

I'd seen the Black Apple dolls on Etsy and their creator demo them on Martha Stewart- but I didn't think I'd ever be doing it myself. And then a family friend recommended the use of that template & gave me a glimmer of hope- so I downloaded it and prayed for the best outcome possible.

It took me hours- fighting with my machine & re-do's due to inexperience, but suddenly this adorable creature began to emerge. And then, with a few final stitches and the snip of the last thread, she was complete. Granted, she's a bit wonky and not altogether symmetrical but it's charming, okay?! I gently wrapped her in tissue paper and tucked her in with the stocking goodies and anxiously awaited her grand reveal Christmas morning.

Nestled in the stocking..a wish come true.

And then it was time. She unwrapped her and well...she loved it. I searched for politeness & overly eager remarks- ready to make promises of a re-do now that I'd muddled through the first one...


..but she was quietly thrilled, with this adorable smile on her face- stroking her & squeezing her and occasionally looking up at me with that smile...

She said she was perfect and named her Lily.


And Lily has been her constant companion since she opened her. She received a bathtub for her American Girl dolls this year from her brother, but instead of using them to play with it- she used Lily. And throughout the day, she asked me to take pictures of Lily & told me what a good job I'd done...
Mission Successful!
I see the lack of skill in the stitching and such, but the glow in my baby girls face and seeing that she so obviously truly DOES adore it makes Lily perfect in my eyes too. I'm so glad I forged ahead of my fear & apprehension- it's made this Christmas priceless.

Meet Lily!