Lubs me some Court...

Want a GREAT tutorial on how to make your OWN vacation album?!
Check out the latest webisode on ScRaP in StYle and my sweet girl, Court, will show you how!! Isn't she cute?! ;) She's amazingly talented but this is DEFINITELY something anyone can make- even my dear "I'm soooo NOT crafty" friends! ;)
Check back tomorrow to see some mail love from today AND another installment of ThRifT GoodNess it's FriDaY!


Sounds like this is going to be a family movie for us around Thanksgiving! Click the link above to view the trailer- it looks REALLY cute and funny! I *know* I'm going to get teased about this from the hubster because Patrick Dempsey is in it. He thinks I have a mad crush, which I do NOT. He IS good looking but I'm not crushing! ;) Anywho- just thought I'd share a fun find for the near future.
Please say a little prayer today for our senior pastor. He's going in for a critical surgery to repair/strengthen the work from a previous extensive bypass done over 10 years ago. He's been in surgery since 7am this morning and the surgery is supposed to last 3-7 hours. He's a wonderful man of God and a good friend of our family. We KNOW God's hand is on him but all prayers would be coveted!
No other news for today. Keeping very busy with Garage Sale preparations for this weekend. Hope we clear out a BUNCH of this stuff and make some $moolah$ for our upcoming Disneyland trip!!


ThRifT Goodness it's Friday!

I do believe I've found a weekly "segment" for my blog! One I'll easily keep up with- just posting pics of thrift/estate sale finds!

I found this sheet set a couple of months ago- they're PRISTINE. Super soft, no holes, fraying--they're wonderful. LOVE the colors and pattern- I can't decide if I want to keep them as bed linens for Josie or hack them up for various projects.... being the AVID SEAMSTRESS I am (those of you who know me should be enjoying a good laugh at this juncture), they'll likely remain bed linens for a bit longer. Vintage sheets seem to be a new "trendy" thing popping up. They're selling like hotcakes on Ebay...I'm afraid my thrifts and garage sales will soon be picked over when it comes to these...I'm already finding this is the case. I used to find pillowcases in abundance (at the time that was all I was interested in- vs. sheet sets)but now they're becoming more and more difficult to find. Hrmpphh.
This is a little jelly dish or somethingerother that I found for my sister, kate. She was over a few weeks ago and commented on my own- serving as a sugar dish next to the coffee. She had one very similar but had lost it. Hopefully this one will suffice. I really hope so, as I sacrificed a whole quarter. And Kate, if not- I'd be happy to keep it! ;)

So there you have it- my first of many ThRifT Goodness it's Friday installments!

And...I saw this in a recent issue of Vogue and thought of my sweet friend, Courtney. I did NOT buy the issue- I just lucked out when I googled in search of this to post here! See?! I'm frugally resourceful! NO magazine purchases for like...uh...18 days or something like that! It's a record for me, folks. Sad but true. ANYwho- this little pic is for you Court. Isn't that little elephant (wearing Louis Vuitton no less!) adorable?! I'll take Kiera Knightly's boots, thanks!

And now that I've partially entertained you for all of two minutes...I'm off!
Happy Friday!




Just a bit of meaningless drivel on this Thursday morning...
The kidlets are still sleeping. I have PANDORA set to Pink Martini-- LOVE that! If you haven't tried it out- you should. Type in a favorite band and it will compile a playlist of songs from that band and others that have a similar style/sound. I've tried a couple but the only one I ever play is this one. I wish I could pipe it through the whole house- even the kiddos love it.

I haven't set foot in Victoria's Secret in quite a long time. While cruising around Ebay I found a couple things that set off the "oooh! I want that!" bells. I guess that the perfume is now hard to come by in stores (figures!!) but I smelled it on a girlfriend and I. Want. It. YUM! Plus- that bottle--how fun is that?! And then those fun flip flops--love 'em. So there ya go-- tack 'em on that ol' Birthday Wish List I have going.

Today the kidlets and I are going to be hanging out in the backyard. Me- weeding, mowing and brainstorming on how I'd like it to be. The kids will swing, flit around and splash in the pool a bit, I'm sure. It's a beautiful day--and I got a FABULOUS idea for a project. A custom album of sorts- mixing old and "new" together. I'm going to have to hunt down some old books and perhaps work on it tonite.

Another share...just read this book. Yes- it's a kids book- but I loved it. Still a little too old for my kids but I enjoyed it! lol. About a little Italian American girl and her family. The dynamic and descriptions were interesting and vivid. I'm also reading "Honey For A Child's Heart"....AMAZING book. LOVE it. Must buy that one so that I can re-read it over and over. For myself. For my kids. Very enriching.

That's all for today. In the middle of writing this I just had a mini caravan of company pop in! How fun! First my sister and brother-in-law and then my parents! So good to see my Dad home.
Hope you all have a wonderful, productive AND enjoyable day!




oooh- IT'S BACK!

That wonderful mind-buzzing is BACK! I'm positively spilling over with ideas... things I want to do. try. experience.

All it took was a visit to someone's lush garden, some time with my family and then some quiet time with the June issue of MSL and Domino...I'm refreshed and ready to roll!

Here are a few more items to add to that birthday DREAM list! lol. It's fun to cyber-window-shop, yes?! Granted, my time could be better placed but...occasional escape from reality is rejuvinating to the soul, right?

First, behold the Kitchenaid mixer. Now- I could go for white. or chrome. But I think the buttercup yellow and the lemongrass are MUCH more fun and years down the road they'll be the gold and avacado of yesteryear- first, everyone will DESPISE them because they were "THE" colors of years ago- then they'll come back hot as "vintage charm".... (btw- do *not* pay attention to my poor sentence structure! I've noticed it's horrific and I'm brushing it off! Please be kind enough to do the same!) SO! What do you think?? I'm leaning toward buttercup. She's cheerful, faithful and uplifting...

Lemongrass is a bit too neon, I think. Next, La Bella Cucina. (sigh) I lifted the pic from Amazon. A "must" on my book list to find SOON.

Lots of good things ahead... dear friends coming to visit. My Dad is headed home from Georgia. More warm, sunny weather. Garage Sales. Dahlias blooming. Creative juices overflowing.... I can't help it. I'm EXTREMELY giddy right now.




So Romantical....

Josie and I attended a wedding this evening. It was another couple from our college group at church- that's three couples now! I *think* we're done for a while! Cara and Alex...SO sweet and in love. Their wedding was a simple garden affair and was perfectly lovely. Cara's Maid of Honor, pictured below, is Leah. Another from our college group. LOVE her! My kidlets love her too. Sweetest, most genuine young lady! And officiating the wedding- one of our closest friends & pastor of our church- Warren. We love that guy. Such a big heart and a great man of God. He and his wife are dear lifelong friends! (wave: Hi Kim! I know you lurk here! Love ya! ;) lol)

I wish you could see Alex's face too- esp. when she was walking down the aisle- OH MY. That guy was BEAMING with love!
They served strawberry shortcake with coffee and punch afterward- perfect for a cool Summer evening! Josie had a ball- loved seeing Miss. Cara in her fancy dress but didn't care for the kissing stuff apparently (upon seeing them kiss she folded her arms across her chest and whispered an "ewwww."lol).


Prepare to Drool.

Seriously-- if you DON'T when looking at these pictures, one must wonder WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! (kidding, of course) Better yet, clink the link to view even MORE of the goodness that is Poet's Garden. It is my local garden boutique, owned by a lovely girl I'm blessed to call friend. She (and her mother and sisters) have such an eye for simple beauty! Enjoy- and if you comment on her blog, tell her Sarah sent you! ;)

I've yet to attend a garden/tea party there...but I hope to very soon. And Mom- I *know* you're reading.... we're due for another jaunt, aren't we??

Poets Garden Blog

Well- other than tantalizing you with the above, I've nothing much to say today. It's cool and serenely overcast today...I'm enjoying it. Tonite we're taking the kidlets to see "Surfs Up" and then the hubster and I have a late night dinner date, curled up on our new King size bed with Thai food and a movie! ~insert happy sigh HERE!~





Just a short one today. It's already noon and I haven't done a blessed THING with my day. Well- nothing PRODUCTIVE anyway. I have another share for my blog friends though! I discovered this WONDERFUL boutique seller on Ebay this morning. She creates the most gorgeous children's wear. I can't afford her beautiful creations-at least right NOW- but perhaps I can enable others to become new customers! This is one that I'm positively SWOONING over!!! If you have a little girl this size- BID AWAY!

WEll- perhaps more later. It's a gorgeous day. Off to pull weeds and soak up the sun!


Good Things.

Cannot WAIT to see these issues on the stands again. My Mom had a subscription for as long as the magazine was around, or close to it. ANd now I grab up any old copies I find at yard sales or in the Freebie bin at the library...if you like the garden/shabby chic/victorian style- you'll LOVE this. I'm not so hep on Victorian things really- but there's great recipes, garden ideas, cottage charm just oozing from the pages. Hope the new ones are just as good. We'll see in a few months. I believe the first issue comes out in November.

Definitely want this CD. He's amazing. period. I played flute for a number of years and would like to pick it up again. The flute I have is the one I used from elementary school and through high school and then some. It's been tortured and it LOOKS IT. It needs all new pads and a lot of tweaking. I took it in for an estimate and the gentleman told me it would be financially in my best interest to purchase a new flute vs. fix that one up! EEK! Regardless- I love listening to this guy play. An inspiration.

REALLY wanting this Japanese crafting/sewing book. BAD.

And this. Oh. My. I love. love. LOVE this artist's whimsical work. LOVE it.
Check out her ETSY SHOP! Amazing. Adorable. Lovely. You name it- I want it. The "Ready For Liftoff" one she has up for sale is SO cute!

Ok...enough DEEP thinking for now! HA!




A Good Friend Shares.

It's been a weird, "off" couple of days. Family events, feeling a little "off"- not really full blown SICK but achey, no appetite BLAH for a few days. Doing better now and the weather helps my demeanor TREMENDOUSLY. It's GORGEOUS outside! Warm sun, cool breeze...LOVE it. And so I told myself. "Self, you have ONE cup of coffee's worth of time to catch up on a few blogs, create an Ebay listing or whatever. ONE CUP. That's it. Then boot your butt from the computer chair!" (I'm now peering into the bottom of an empty cup. And I'm STILL in the chair. Rebel.) But only for a minute. Because I want to share a blog with you!! This woman makes me laugh and want to go tear it up in the kitchen with her amazing photos and yummy recipes. She has another blog with gorgeous photography of her ranch life- you'll find a link on her cooking one. I found her through a series of homeschool blogs and she's now a favorite. Sassy, humorous and warm- her writing entertains and puts a smile on your face. Check it out!
The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Now I'm really going to get up from this chair and get going. Lots to do! Yardwork, dishes, laundry...job security! And our last Creation class for this term is tonite. Next week we'll start hosting a Bible study here at our place on Wednesday evenings through Summer's end. It should be nice- digging into the Word, fellowship and a few BBQ's tossed in there too.

So! A good friend has shared a favorite blog with you. It's YOUR turn! Share a blog, a recipe, a favorite quote, book, magazine, WHATEVER. Leave a comment and SHARE something!

SAVOR your day and MAKE IT a GOOD ONE!



Reserved Goofiness.

You scored as Edward Ferrars, Your husband/boyfriend is like Edward Ferrars of Sense & Sensibility. He is quietly impulsive, with an understated hint of romance. But once you get to know him, he's very affectionate, caring, and faithful. The two of you enjoy a calm, joyful life.

Edward Ferrars


Captain Wentworth






Edmund Bertram




Col. Brandon


Who is Your Jane Austen Boyfriend/Husband?
created with QuizFarm.com
Yes. I *am* a sucker for these things... ;)


This is a picture of my Uncle Buddy, years ago... he's my Dad's big brother.
My Dad learned that he was very,very ill this last week and that it was certain Uncle Buddy wouldn't make it through this time. Dad flew out late on Friday- to Atlanta- to say goodbye.
Uncle Buddy passed before my Dad got there. My heart aches SO much for my Dad. For all that he's gone through lately. For what he's going through right now. I can't express it eloquently...what I feel for my Dad right now. What I can say is that I love him dearly and that the thought of him grieving so far away breaks my heart. I can't wait to hug him and tell him how much I love him.
Please say a little prayer for my Uncle's wife and family- as well as my Dad. Uncle Bud was a wonderful man and will be missed.


Tired today. Perhaps it's the weather-- dismally gray and misty outside and it's to last the weekend. Perhaps it's reading until almost 2am and then getting up at 5am to go to the gym. Perhaps it's the very sight of everything I need to do around here that exhausts me...regardless- I'm feeling very lazy and unmotivated. Schleppy.

And I've nothing useful or interesting to post. Except a glimpse of our bathroom. You can't help but be happy when you walk in there- I love it. Simple but popping with color.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll discover something worth posting.




Yes! SMILE! It's a beautiful day out, the week is half over and this post has pictures & a music video & scrap pages, oh my!

Breakfast this morning...simple. Those peaches were DELISH!

Found fun music---want this CD!

Arielle Dombasle ...fun to have playing while cleaning house, crafting, gardening...love it!
Now- I had a HANDWRITING ANALYSIS done online- it was VERY simple and surprisingly accurate! Well. mostly! lol. Very entertaining- check it out for yourself!

More for the Birthday/General WISH LIST
Fun Retro READER JOURNAL Isn't it fun?!
LOVE these little ditties! Gotta have at least one- so cute! Plus I use pencils alot- and erase. alot. lately on my soduku book. argg. blasted advanced book 5...(sigh)

Gift certificates are always appreciated, though I know many find them a "cop out" gift or not very thoughtful..I *adore* receiving them! So nice to have a stash in your wallet to pull out when you find that special something- or just knowing you have designated money to spend at a specific place JUST FOR YOU. Poet's is a local garden boutique owned by a friend- wonderfully fun place to shop and be inspired!

Also- and lastly for today... the new Autumn Leaves book DESIGNING WITH DETAILS! It's being released sometime in June and I cannot WAIT!!! I'm going to try and be good and not buy it until after my birthday but man-oh-man, it looks positively YUMMY with scrap goodness!

Speaking of scrap...a couple pages promised long ago!

Have a wonderful day!




You Throw Like a GIRL!

Yesterday was lovely. Overcast with a quick sprinkle -but the air was warm and we had a gentle breeze flowing through the house all day. I'm just LOVING our Summer weather so far!

Spent the day taking pics and editing them for Ebay listings. Nothing tremendously enjoyable about THAT. But it had to be done- and makes it much easier to list things when the photos are ready to go. Also went to Safeway and loaded up on SunnyD and some dairy products. If you bought 10 participating items you earned 2 free tickets to the new movie SURFS UP. We wanted to see that as a family and needed the groceries anyway- so it was perfect! Plus I had some coupons and there were in-store specials--we saved over $15 on just 10 items PLUS free movie tickets. I was VERY pleased!

In the evening we went to our first church softball game. Robert was going to play while the kidlets and I cheered and enjoyed coffee, a new craft magazine on a quilt! No such luck. For ME anyway! In order to play, the co-ed church teams must have a minimum of 2 females playing. Ours had ONE. We have a large church body so this surprised me. We waited. We waited. No other girls showed up. In order for our team to not forfeit their first game they needed another girl. me. UGH. Folks, I haven't played since the 5th/6th grade! I'm TERRIBLE. I do indeed, THROW LIKE A GIRL. Not to mention I was wearing white FITTED capris with dainty flower embroidery all over them and flip flops. (you can stop chuckling now.) Fortunately, my female counterpart had brought cleats in addition to the tennies she was wearing- so I wore her cleats. With my floral embroidered white capris. Lovely. (sigh). I was truly terrible and probably drove the guys nuts with my lack of skill- but they were all very sweet and seemingly appreciative that I was there so they could play. They even asked if I would come back-- merely out of politeness, I'm sure. They were probably scheming madly who they could recruit in a weeks time to keep me OFF the field! lol. I don't blame them a bit. It's not my forte but it was good fun, just the same. My children informed me that I need LOTS of practice and wasn't doing such a good job. HA! Leave it to them to tell it like it is! Everyone else's "good effort!", " good eye!" "good hustle!" were slammed by reality from my kidlets! lol.

So today we have errands to run all over town. The kids were up until around 11pm last night and they slept in this morning until 11:40am!!!! I kept tiptoeing in to check on them but they slept HARD. It was eerily quiet ALL morning! I didn't know what to do with myself...I had some coffee, read some favorite blogs I've been missing out on lately and made a few lists (of course!).

Here's more eyecandy for you..and for me! Add to my "birthday list" if you please!

AK Anne Klein Zebra print sandals @ Nordstrom

Aerosoles FloppyDisc sandal in black@Nordstrom
love the white ones too!

This looks SOOOO yummy and full of inspiration!!! Found it on AMAZON.com. Now check out this adorable skirt. LOVE it!

I love the bermuda color set above the best...versatile, summery--LOVE it!!! Click the link to see more color/print selections.http://www.libertyworth.com/LibbyDibbySkirts.htm

Ok...last on my list today is HUGE. HUGE!!! I'd feel like I've died and gone to Heaven (ok,no. not really like THAT, but close?!?!?) if I got a package or gift certificate from SUPERBUZZY . Seriously the most inspiring, crafty/sewing site. And they're located in PORTLAND! I'd love to visit and shop in person- but their online site is amazing too. Look at all these goodies. SO dang adorable!!!! Click the pic to make it larger~ for your viewing pleasure OF COURSE!

*or* just one of THESE would suffice!

Well- that's all the fun for today. I have a long list of TO DO's and the day is quickly dwindling!



HodgePodge Tiddlebits for your Viewing Pleasure...

Just a few bits of this 'n that for todays post...a meandering of fun things I'm thinking of, inspiration, things I want/need...

First, this movie. It looks GOOD. I hope it is. Must go see. Soon. Jocelyn?? Are you reading this?! SOON. (swiveling thumb and pink to ear "CALL ME, lady!"

Have any of you seen it yet? What were your thoughts (not that it will necessarily change my wanting to see it, but still- I like thoughtful critiques!)??

*~*~ A quick SHOUT OUT THANK YOU! to Lisa for the recent mail love! I'm enjoying the book and it just excites me even further for this adventurous undertaking of HOMESCHOOL! Thanks for your support and newfound friendship!

A shout out to EVERYONE!
Shower gel for $3!! And other FABU deals-- click on the link above and go crazy- I think I'm going to! In a modest fashion of course...can't beat $3 a pop!

My backyard. It is SO bad. Weed CITY. Or shall I say a giant FIELD of UNDISCOVERED VIRTUE?! bleh. Today's quote from Real Simple.com made me groan *and* laugh!
What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

My birthday is next month (July 22)and I've been asked several times what I'm wanting. This ALWAYS makes me draw an instant blank at the time- which is nerve wracking~ I'm ALWAYS finding fun stuff to add to my "wish list"! So from now until my birthday I'm going to just post a ton of goodies HERE! And here's a FABULOUS one...a talented scrap artist- Emily Falconbridge- is making camera straps and selling them on Etsy. Here's the one I'd LOVE to have!!! Click the link above the pic to see more!
Emily F's terrific TURQUOISE Camera Strap

And hey- why not.... I'd like one of these to dangle off that badboy strap!

Is that a bit much?? lol. It's on the DREAM list of mine! Here's a few more fun things I've oohed and ahh'd over recently...Enjoy!

Anne of Green Gables 20th Anniversary DVD set

new pair of NIKE SHOX- LOVE these!


Aren't those YUMMY in seafoam and chocolate?!?! LOVE 'em.

Ok,ok.Enough for today! lol.

Have a wonderful day, dear friends.