Just a bit of meaningless drivel on this Thursday morning...
The kidlets are still sleeping. I have PANDORA set to Pink Martini-- LOVE that! If you haven't tried it out- you should. Type in a favorite band and it will compile a playlist of songs from that band and others that have a similar style/sound. I've tried a couple but the only one I ever play is this one. I wish I could pipe it through the whole house- even the kiddos love it.

I haven't set foot in Victoria's Secret in quite a long time. While cruising around Ebay I found a couple things that set off the "oooh! I want that!" bells. I guess that the perfume is now hard to come by in stores (figures!!) but I smelled it on a girlfriend and I. Want. It. YUM! Plus- that bottle--how fun is that?! And then those fun flip flops--love 'em. So there ya go-- tack 'em on that ol' Birthday Wish List I have going.

Today the kidlets and I are going to be hanging out in the backyard. Me- weeding, mowing and brainstorming on how I'd like it to be. The kids will swing, flit around and splash in the pool a bit, I'm sure. It's a beautiful day--and I got a FABULOUS idea for a project. A custom album of sorts- mixing old and "new" together. I'm going to have to hunt down some old books and perhaps work on it tonite.

Another share...just read this book. Yes- it's a kids book- but I loved it. Still a little too old for my kids but I enjoyed it! lol. About a little Italian American girl and her family. The dynamic and descriptions were interesting and vivid. I'm also reading "Honey For A Child's Heart"....AMAZING book. LOVE it. Must buy that one so that I can re-read it over and over. For myself. For my kids. Very enriching.

That's all for today. In the middle of writing this I just had a mini caravan of company pop in! How fun! First my sister and brother-in-law and then my parents! So good to see my Dad home.
Hope you all have a wonderful, productive AND enjoyable day!




Christy said...

Yay... a new post from YOU! My internet has been out ALL day and I feel so out of touch... HATE when that happens, lol! The VS perfume looks positively SCRUMPTIOUS... and those flippie-flops are ADORABLE! Hope you had a good visit with your fam... ((hugs girl))

Christy said...

Okay, so I just HAD to come and tell you how much I'm TOTALLY digging Pandora... seriously, SO FREAKIN' COOL girl!!! I'm thinking, "where has this totally awesome web-site been all my life?", lol! Sittin' here be-boppin' to Hillsong United AND scrapbooking... doesn't get any better than that. Thanks man!

Can't believe I get to see you in about a week - EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! Doing a little happy dance as I type this! :)

Oh, I sent you out a little "sump'in, sump'in" today... meant to send it to you like FOREVER ago, lol! I swear, I am THE WORST when it comes to mailing stuff. Anywho - be on the lookout for that. Okay, better get off here before this turns into a novel, lol! LOVE YOU!!!