Sounds like this is going to be a family movie for us around Thanksgiving! Click the link above to view the trailer- it looks REALLY cute and funny! I *know* I'm going to get teased about this from the hubster because Patrick Dempsey is in it. He thinks I have a mad crush, which I do NOT. He IS good looking but I'm not crushing! ;) Anywho- just thought I'd share a fun find for the near future.
Please say a little prayer today for our senior pastor. He's going in for a critical surgery to repair/strengthen the work from a previous extensive bypass done over 10 years ago. He's been in surgery since 7am this morning and the surgery is supposed to last 3-7 hours. He's a wonderful man of God and a good friend of our family. We KNOW God's hand is on him but all prayers would be coveted!
No other news for today. Keeping very busy with Garage Sale preparations for this weekend. Hope we clear out a BUNCH of this stuff and make some $moolah$ for our upcoming Disneyland trip!!


Christy said...

CANNOT WAIT for this movie to come out... looks like a good one for sure!
We'll be praying for pastor Kieth... hope everything goes well.
Love You (and cannot WAIT to see you!)

Sue said...

Hehe Sarah, that does look like a great movie!

Sue said...

If anyone wants to keep up on Pastors progress: