Yes! SMILE! It's a beautiful day out, the week is half over and this post has pictures & a music video & scrap pages, oh my!

Breakfast this morning...simple. Those peaches were DELISH!

Found fun music---want this CD!

Arielle Dombasle ...fun to have playing while cleaning house, crafting, gardening...love it!
Now- I had a HANDWRITING ANALYSIS done online- it was VERY simple and surprisingly accurate! Well. mostly! lol. Very entertaining- check it out for yourself!

More for the Birthday/General WISH LIST
Fun Retro READER JOURNAL Isn't it fun?!
LOVE these little ditties! Gotta have at least one- so cute! Plus I use pencils alot- and erase. alot. lately on my soduku book. argg. blasted advanced book 5...(sigh)

Gift certificates are always appreciated, though I know many find them a "cop out" gift or not very thoughtful..I *adore* receiving them! So nice to have a stash in your wallet to pull out when you find that special something- or just knowing you have designated money to spend at a specific place JUST FOR YOU. Poet's is a local garden boutique owned by a friend- wonderfully fun place to shop and be inspired!

Also- and lastly for today... the new Autumn Leaves book DESIGNING WITH DETAILS! It's being released sometime in June and I cannot WAIT!!! I'm going to try and be good and not buy it until after my birthday but man-oh-man, it looks positively YUMMY with scrap goodness!

Speaking of scrap...a couple pages promised long ago!

Have a wonderful day!




Christy said...

Ohhhhh yummmmy!!! So happy you finally posted these... LOVE 'em girl! I hear ya loud and clear on the AL Book... CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on that little bit of lovliness! Love that you're posting so much... I could totally get use to this ya know. :)
xoxo, C.

Felicia said...

Your pages are very pretty :)

restyled home said...

What a fun blog you have here...I post daily as well (decorating stuff) and it can be hard coming up with topics. Good thing I have lots of random thoughts!!