ThRifT Goodness it's Friday!

I do believe I've found a weekly "segment" for my blog! One I'll easily keep up with- just posting pics of thrift/estate sale finds!

I found this sheet set a couple of months ago- they're PRISTINE. Super soft, no holes, fraying--they're wonderful. LOVE the colors and pattern- I can't decide if I want to keep them as bed linens for Josie or hack them up for various projects.... being the AVID SEAMSTRESS I am (those of you who know me should be enjoying a good laugh at this juncture), they'll likely remain bed linens for a bit longer. Vintage sheets seem to be a new "trendy" thing popping up. They're selling like hotcakes on Ebay...I'm afraid my thrifts and garage sales will soon be picked over when it comes to these...I'm already finding this is the case. I used to find pillowcases in abundance (at the time that was all I was interested in- vs. sheet sets)but now they're becoming more and more difficult to find. Hrmpphh.
This is a little jelly dish or somethingerother that I found for my sister, kate. She was over a few weeks ago and commented on my own- serving as a sugar dish next to the coffee. She had one very similar but had lost it. Hopefully this one will suffice. I really hope so, as I sacrificed a whole quarter. And Kate, if not- I'd be happy to keep it! ;)

So there you have it- my first of many ThRifT Goodness it's Friday installments!

And...I saw this in a recent issue of Vogue and thought of my sweet friend, Courtney. I did NOT buy the issue- I just lucked out when I googled in search of this to post here! See?! I'm frugally resourceful! NO magazine purchases for like...uh...18 days or something like that! It's a record for me, folks. Sad but true. ANYwho- this little pic is for you Court. Isn't that little elephant (wearing Louis Vuitton no less!) adorable?! I'll take Kiera Knightly's boots, thanks!

And now that I've partially entertained you for all of two minutes...I'm off!
Happy Friday!




Anonymous said...

Love those sheets!

Christy said...

Omg - the baby elephant sportin' the Louis Vuitton is the cutest! LOVE those sheets... and the lil' jelly bowl that doubles as a sugar bowl - LOVE it! Love, love, LOVE the vintagy, porcelin(?) hand... so cool! Is it from the thrift store as well? Awesome finds girl... you totally scored! Have a great weekend! :)