A Good Friend Shares.

It's been a weird, "off" couple of days. Family events, feeling a little "off"- not really full blown SICK but achey, no appetite BLAH for a few days. Doing better now and the weather helps my demeanor TREMENDOUSLY. It's GORGEOUS outside! Warm sun, cool breeze...LOVE it. And so I told myself. "Self, you have ONE cup of coffee's worth of time to catch up on a few blogs, create an Ebay listing or whatever. ONE CUP. That's it. Then boot your butt from the computer chair!" (I'm now peering into the bottom of an empty cup. And I'm STILL in the chair. Rebel.) But only for a minute. Because I want to share a blog with you!! This woman makes me laugh and want to go tear it up in the kitchen with her amazing photos and yummy recipes. She has another blog with gorgeous photography of her ranch life- you'll find a link on her cooking one. I found her through a series of homeschool blogs and she's now a favorite. Sassy, humorous and warm- her writing entertains and puts a smile on your face. Check it out!
The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Now I'm really going to get up from this chair and get going. Lots to do! Yardwork, dishes, laundry...job security! And our last Creation class for this term is tonite. Next week we'll start hosting a Bible study here at our place on Wednesday evenings through Summer's end. It should be nice- digging into the Word, fellowship and a few BBQ's tossed in there too.

So! A good friend has shared a favorite blog with you. It's YOUR turn! Share a blog, a recipe, a favorite quote, book, magazine, WHATEVER. Leave a comment and SHARE something!

SAVOR your day and MAKE IT a GOOD ONE!



Claire said...

I love the pioneer woman! I always thought that it was cool that she is from grass valley, so many of the places she writes about are local. Pretty cool.

hmmmm my fave blog?? One that a young friend of mine just started is called poplove http://poploveblog.blogspot.com/
and is really great!

Christy said...

Hiya girl! I think you pretty much know all my fave blogs/sites/magz. Hmmm... I'll have to think long and hard and let you know if I come up with anything. YOU on the other hand, have been a wealth of knowledge for me. LOVE all the web-sites you link up here... good schtuff! I'll call/write soon! LOVE YOU!!! :)