Finally my 8 bits of random *schtuff*....

1. I've realized lately, that I'm a night owl and LOVE my quiet late nights of reading, tv, creating,etc. That is nothing new. But now I'm finding that I'm not minding getting up early as well, and enjoying a quiet time in the morning with dew on the grass, the sun shining brightly, birds chirping and swooping playfully....it's lovely! Coffee and a book on the patio with my feet propped up on the table...VERY relaxing way to start the day!

2. I *LOVE* making lists. Lists of things to be done for the day. Grocery lists, Wish lists, short term/long term goal lists. LOVE it.

3. I miss writing letters and receiving letters. Email is GREAT but getting a card or letter in the mail is such a precious thing these days- I treasure them. Life is busy, but people made the time to do it in the past- to stay connected. It's on my list of TO DO's!

4. My favorite number is 4. just thought you should know. now, isn't your heart a littler warmer?!

5. I've toyed with chopping off all my hair (well. not ALL but MOST) and going DARK brown just to see what it would be like. I'm scared it would be too much of a shock! And be a terrible decision I'd regret and not be able to fix easily. And that it would look completely horrible and age me and. and. and. Needless to say- the likelihood of it happening is close to nil.

6. I really, really hate those dreams where I'm shopping somewhere and score some FABULOUS clothes or whatever and then I wake up and actually think they'll BE THERE because the dream seemed so real. Ever have those? HATE that...the disappointment is bitter! lol

7. I have a tough time living in the moment. I'm always thinking of how what I do now may affect the future and decisions I'll have to make later on..thus indecisiveness and fretting over the "right thing" abound. Note to self: Live In The Moment!

8. In the 6th grade I had the BEST teacher. We were his first class of kids ever and he was SO nice! A great teacher- perhaps a bit lenient but excellent. I have SUCH great memories from that year. He oozed enthusiasm and encouragement. He beamed with pride when we'd finally "get it" or during school programs. He pushed me to write stories and ideas whenever they struck me. A friend and I decided to change our names. I think mine was MINERVA (after a tv character from a movie that Punky Brewster's Soleil Moon Frye did) and we'd put it on all our work as our name. He acted like it was a perfectly natural thing to do. Until people started coming up with their own names too and not telling him- then turning in homework under these new identities. lol. He went to Outdoor School with us- a weeklong camp for 6th graders- and he made it even more enjoyable. When I moved to the 7th grade classes I was sad- but we still saw him. I was a bit envious of the new group moving into our territory- taking over our great teacher. Then in the middle of the 8th grade my family moved to another town and he heard about it and had someone take over his class for a class period so he could come across campus and bring me a card and give me a big hug on my last day. I'll never forget that. I learned that he moved to Sisters, Oregon to teach there a year or two later. I kept in touch with my friends and went to visit occasionally- and when they had their graduation ceremony I went. And there was our beloved 6th grade teacher- he'd driven a few hours to see his first class of kids graduate high school. He gave us the BIGGEST hugs and took pictures of all of us-- his eyes sparkly and full of tears and a HUGE grin on his face... I'm not sure where he's at now or if he's still teaching- but if he is- those kids are SO lucky.

Ok then! 8 is Enough (remember that show?!)!

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