oooh- IT'S BACK!

That wonderful mind-buzzing is BACK! I'm positively spilling over with ideas... things I want to do. try. experience.

All it took was a visit to someone's lush garden, some time with my family and then some quiet time with the June issue of MSL and Domino...I'm refreshed and ready to roll!

Here are a few more items to add to that birthday DREAM list! lol. It's fun to cyber-window-shop, yes?! Granted, my time could be better placed but...occasional escape from reality is rejuvinating to the soul, right?

First, behold the Kitchenaid mixer. Now- I could go for white. or chrome. But I think the buttercup yellow and the lemongrass are MUCH more fun and years down the road they'll be the gold and avacado of yesteryear- first, everyone will DESPISE them because they were "THE" colors of years ago- then they'll come back hot as "vintage charm".... (btw- do *not* pay attention to my poor sentence structure! I've noticed it's horrific and I'm brushing it off! Please be kind enough to do the same!) SO! What do you think?? I'm leaning toward buttercup. She's cheerful, faithful and uplifting...

Lemongrass is a bit too neon, I think. Next, La Bella Cucina. (sigh) I lifted the pic from Amazon. A "must" on my book list to find SOON.

Lots of good things ahead... dear friends coming to visit. My Dad is headed home from Georgia. More warm, sunny weather. Garage Sales. Dahlias blooming. Creative juices overflowing.... I can't help it. I'm EXTREMELY giddy right now.




Christy said...

Oh good for you sweets! Love when the creative juices flow so freely like that. Unfortunately, they are so far and few for me, lol! I SO want a Kitchen Aid - been wanting one for YEARS! I dunno, I kinda like the neon green - hee! Did you get my e-mail? PLEASE tell me you got it... I'd hate to go back to that again. Oy. Have a great week! Love you... ((hugs))

Courtney DeLaura said...

oh honey send along some of that creative spill over. I like the lemon grass for sure.
How are you? I feels out of the loop with you :(