HodgePodge Tiddlebits for your Viewing Pleasure...

Just a few bits of this 'n that for todays post...a meandering of fun things I'm thinking of, inspiration, things I want/need...

First, this movie. It looks GOOD. I hope it is. Must go see. Soon. Jocelyn?? Are you reading this?! SOON. (swiveling thumb and pink to ear "CALL ME, lady!"

Have any of you seen it yet? What were your thoughts (not that it will necessarily change my wanting to see it, but still- I like thoughtful critiques!)??

*~*~ A quick SHOUT OUT THANK YOU! to Lisa for the recent mail love! I'm enjoying the book and it just excites me even further for this adventurous undertaking of HOMESCHOOL! Thanks for your support and newfound friendship!

A shout out to EVERYONE!
Shower gel for $3!! And other FABU deals-- click on the link above and go crazy- I think I'm going to! In a modest fashion of course...can't beat $3 a pop!

My backyard. It is SO bad. Weed CITY. Or shall I say a giant FIELD of UNDISCOVERED VIRTUE?! bleh. Today's quote from Real Simple.com made me groan *and* laugh!
What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

My birthday is next month (July 22)and I've been asked several times what I'm wanting. This ALWAYS makes me draw an instant blank at the time- which is nerve wracking~ I'm ALWAYS finding fun stuff to add to my "wish list"! So from now until my birthday I'm going to just post a ton of goodies HERE! And here's a FABULOUS one...a talented scrap artist- Emily Falconbridge- is making camera straps and selling them on Etsy. Here's the one I'd LOVE to have!!! Click the link above the pic to see more!
Emily F's terrific TURQUOISE Camera Strap

And hey- why not.... I'd like one of these to dangle off that badboy strap!

Is that a bit much?? lol. It's on the DREAM list of mine! Here's a few more fun things I've oohed and ahh'd over recently...Enjoy!

Anne of Green Gables 20th Anniversary DVD set

new pair of NIKE SHOX- LOVE these!


Aren't those YUMMY in seafoam and chocolate?!?! LOVE 'em.

Ok,ok.Enough for today! lol.

Have a wonderful day, dear friends.



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Anonymous said...

So glad you got that book and that it is inspiring. I see you as the thinking out of the box type and boxed curriculum won't last for long, it's a good starting place but you are too creative to do it more than one year;). By the way, July 22 is my husband's birthday, too. That is too wild! July is a good month(my birthday is also in July)!