I know I've said it before, and I'll say it MANY more times, but I *LOVE* the thrill of finding a fantastic deal while shopping! Especially thrifting.

Here's my recent score...

go ahead, be jealous. it's okay.

You're looking at a Cuisinart coffee maker in Chrome! Woohoo!

Well...news on the homefront:
  • My sister had her baby girl...Adelie, on Wednesday morning. I'll post more details later with a picture...soon, I hope! I've seen pics (haven't seen her in person yet. bahhh)and she's ADORABLE. Perfectly perfect.
  • The hubster started back to work following his back surgery...doing well. Just recovering S-L-O-W-L-Y.
  • I'm going to a Homeschool Convention/Curriculum fair this Saturday and I'm stoked! Cannot WAIT! I've got my "To Buy" list and I'm ready to roll. Going with a couple girlfriends and we're making a day of it...coffee, curriculum and something yummy for lunch & dinner.
  • The sun came out and my garden is actually starting to grow.
  • I got a new printer...not top of the line but it WORKS!!!
  • In serious purge/organize mode 'round the house. LOVE that feeling & seeing how quickly things can come together and simplify living.
  • We're BBQing up a storm.
  • The kidlets are in swim lessons and doing....well. swimmingly well!
  • I detailed my car yesterday and it looks pretty schnazzy, if I do say so myself. I won't tell you how long it took.
  • The kidlets and I are turning golden. I'm sorry but we all look SO good with tans. Our eyes are bluer, our hair blonder and my cottage cheese recedes, or so it seems. And THAT, my friends, is good for EVERYONE who must behold my thighs. Although..that is truly limited to my family. Poor souls.

Alright. I'm sorry to end this entry talking about my thighs but... the bbq'd steak is DONE!




Man...my kids are CUTE. Swashbuckling siblings...

Josie and her cousin, Tori. Again...the cuteness!

My kidlets busy coloring/drawing at Aunt Kates. It's a dark pic but I still love it.

I've been working out to this for the last couple weeks... It's a great workout but oh my. I'm SO outta shape, lemme tell ya. Working on changing that. This is no frills, get your heart pumping, exhaust your muscles GOOD.

Totally random picture here. I found this and yeah. the kaftans are cute. But it reminds me of my bff "j" and myself. I know she'll appreciate it and its simple sweet reflection of our friendship. Except if it were accurate- the blonde would be the taller one. ;)