vbs night1

One night down!!
It turned out great (a bit harried initially but all turned out well).
Here's one of the songs the kids learned tonite...so cute!
*note: please be warned that at the end of this youtube video it stops and gives the option to replay or peruse a filmstrip of related VBS clips- which is cool...but there's one EXTREMELY inappropriate/offensive/NOT for kids (or adults) clip of what seems to be Spongebob- but it's NOT, i'm not sure why youtube stuck it with the others. DO NOT CLICK on that!!




i know this isn't a brand spankin' new movie-- but it's new to me and it is
the BEST movie I've seen in a long, long time.
you MUST watch it.... here's a trailer...

Let me know what you think.


Addictive Fun.

My Wordle

I found this through another blog and boy, oh boy.... this could prove to be a MAJOR source of time-suckage for a bit. BUT. I tried it just once and then posted it here. I'll save it for a rainy day to play around.... Go try it for yourself!


PS: Thank you to all the sweet souls who called, emailed, etc. wishing me a happy b-day last week. You're the best! xoxo


feast your eyes.

Cute kids room...

source: can't remember

Here's fashion designer Betsey Johnson's bathroom....SO fantastic & fun.

source: Elle Decor June '08

Yet another kitchen that SLAYS me...this was an amazing redo by blogger House Obsession/... don't you want to immediately plant yourself in that kitchen??

Happy Friday!


Coolest Beach House. EVER.

Ok. I was meandering over a home design blog I enjoy-- hadn't visited in AGES and found a link to another one..a new favorite! And I had to share. She features a beach house that is the epitome of DREAM beach/vacation house to me. seriously. check it.

Beach House via Cote de Texas blog

This kitchen? I want it for my very own. for everyday. FANTASTIC!

Alright. I'm done gushing. Head over to Cote de Texas for more interior design eye-candy!



Garden Glimpses.

Things are growing quite well in my first, experimental little garden.

I've never had anything beyond some strawberries and tomatoes in containers in the past...so it's been fun to give a "real" garden (a quite *small* real garden, to be precise)a go. As we live in a rental home, I didn't want to invest $$ in raised beds, but I liked the low-weed appeal.And the clean, organized appearance... So I read a blurb in a garden magazine about the French method (basically free-form raised beds of earth, with your veggies placed closer together- thus fewer weeds and better water conservation.) I decided to try it and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Although it's a tad neglected at this very moment, the weeds are insignificant and the veggies are progressing nicely. The mounds do appear to hold water better, and with the plants close together- the necessity of mulch is low. Pretty cool...if you're a garden newbie/nerd like me!

And across the yard...a busy little bee caught landing...

At night, we open the door in our bedroom (which opens out to the backyard)for a while and set a fan in front, to blow some cool air into the house...the smell from this butterfly bush wafts in...very soothing!

Well...off to monitor kidlets & company in pool and work in the yard a bit.





I'm still around! Just been spending less time in front of the computer ( a good thing!). When I am it's downloading MP3 bible study material or blasting PANDORA to listen to while I'm putzin' around. If you haven't checked it out, you should! You type in a band you like and it plays songs from that band AND bands that are similar in sound/styling. Pretty cool. If you type in "Generation Unleashed" you'll hear a ton of our church worship songs...so that's usually what's playing on mine-- love it!

Here's a recent everyday scheduled event...

Be back soon....