Garden Glimpses.

Things are growing quite well in my first, experimental little garden.

I've never had anything beyond some strawberries and tomatoes in containers in the past...so it's been fun to give a "real" garden (a quite *small* real garden, to be precise)a go. As we live in a rental home, I didn't want to invest $$ in raised beds, but I liked the low-weed appeal.And the clean, organized appearance... So I read a blurb in a garden magazine about the French method (basically free-form raised beds of earth, with your veggies placed closer together- thus fewer weeds and better water conservation.) I decided to try it and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Although it's a tad neglected at this very moment, the weeds are insignificant and the veggies are progressing nicely. The mounds do appear to hold water better, and with the plants close together- the necessity of mulch is low. Pretty cool...if you're a garden newbie/nerd like me!

And across the yard...a busy little bee caught landing...

At night, we open the door in our bedroom (which opens out to the backyard)for a while and set a fan in front, to blow some cool air into the house...the smell from this butterfly bush wafts in...very soothing!

Well...off to monitor kidlets & company in pool and work in the yard a bit.



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Christy said...

HOW COOL, S!!! I've been talking about growing my very own garden like forever. ESPECIALLY now that produce is sky rocketing like it is. ;)

That last shot of the little bee flying mid-air is FA-BU-LOUS!!! You... you're good, you. ;)