Coolest Beach House. EVER.

Ok. I was meandering over a home design blog I enjoy-- hadn't visited in AGES and found a link to another one..a new favorite! And I had to share. She features a beach house that is the epitome of DREAM beach/vacation house to me. seriously. check it.

Beach House via Cote de Texas blog

This kitchen? I want it for my very own. for everyday. FANTASTIC!

Alright. I'm done gushing. Head over to Cote de Texas for more interior design eye-candy!




Sue said...

Wow! Can I move in with you? Hehe. ;)

Christy said...

Sigh... those ARE amazing!!! Gimme, gimme, lol! I've been swooning over home decor blogs lately too... I've got the itch to decorate this place... like BAD! If only I had the wallet to do so. ;) Off to check out the web-site. Miss you TONS... xoxoxo

kate said...

hey sissy- i love love love that house- so refreshing and clean... aaahh. Cant wait to see you guys this weekend!!!

kate said...

ps did you notice the plate collage between the living and kitchen? i must do that!!