feeling Gods hand...

I'm so thankful for the little things that God gives each day, to bless us!
We forget to look around to recognize them- to see things for what they are.
The sun warming your face.
The gentle breeze that airs out your home.
An encouraging email from a true friend.
The sloppy kisses from your child.
An unexpected check in the mail.
Being healthy!

There are SO many...
Tonite I saw it. I felt it.
Abundant blessings in a few moments time.
I saw the joy of my child in making a new friend.
I felt the kinship of a fellow homeschool mom and sister-in-Christ.
Just really cool.
In a matter of minutes, I felt showered with undeserving blessing and kindness.

He is truly SO very good to us.



crushing on clothes...

another foofy post...
but I cannot help myself.
I must let the ooze of new Fall collections seep out and be shared!!
I've been getting emails and magazines with the new Autumn fashion and it's
Especially the kids stuff!

I give you Philip Lim's Fall '09 Collection...

Howzabout J.Crew's Crewcuts Fall '09 line....?

That peachy pink is SO 80's yummy...

Enough dreaminess for one day.



around town...

photo love from our little city.


Have you seen some of the recent Matilda Jane clothing??!
I'm in serious. serious. Loooovvvve.

gorgeous. colorful. whimsical and most of all- girly.
No mature, tweenish, fad-filled junk.
But instead flowers and ruffles and color.
So lovely.

kill me now...look at these adorable oatmeal legwarmers! SOOOO cute!!!!

Here's one of our big time favorites...Josie wants this badly.
It IS pretty darn cute. And she'd look great in it...

And lastly- look! Grown up stuff now too!!!!
I adore this Libby shirt...

The internet is such a fun place to "window" shop!