Spent the day today at OHSU. Met with the best Neurosurgeon in Oregon (reportedly) and we're hopeful that his recommended surgery will bring Robert some relief and decrease in symptoms that the spinal cord injury (surf accident a few years ago) caused. We took the kidlets with us and they LOVED watching the tram (we didn't ride it) go back and forth. And the HUGE windows in the building made for fantastic "I Spy" of Portland.

We ate at Taco Del Mar on the way home (YUM!) and now we're all relaxing. And it feels sooooo good! Something about spending the day at the hospital just ZAPS you of ALL energy! Even the kids are wiped out.

I think we'll go to bed early so we'll be recooped and energized tomorrow.

We're going to spend the weekend with my sister K and her family. Can't WAIT!! It's been WAY too long. Plus...I'm hoping to take some pics of her growing baby belly..got some ideas I'd LOVE to try.

Been gathering supplies and gearing up to make some Bella Balloon flops to sell via my Bella Carte blog and Ebay. I am going to try and create some in Disney colors, coordinating colors with summer Gymboree lines,etc. and see what happens. They're fun and Josie loves to help make them-- a nice evening project! I told her if she diligently helps that I'll give her a portion of the profit. She's been DYING for these two things. Obsessively talks about them. MUST HAVE THEM. Silly girl.

And who wouldn't love a baby doll that swims ALL on her own?!

It's super cute 'n all but THESE are more my speed. Recently added to my wish list...

I've seen glimpses of the pages and oh. my.

INSPIRATION galore. I was instantly smitten and MUST.HAVE.THESE.

Anyone know how to purchase using Amazon Japan???




More Scrap-related stuff.

I've had photos and postcards of my father-in-laws for almost 3 years... am supposed to be pulling an album of sorts together for him..did I mention I've had it all for almost 3 years?! SOOO bad! (sigh).
He had a stack of postcards he had collected in his years with the Navy- so I created a handcrafted chipboard album to store them. It was fun and was a good "primer" project to get going on the rest. Now I'm gung-ho to get this done for him!! I think he'll really enjoy looking at this.


Scrap schtuff

Just a few ditties I made last Friday...Thanks for peekin'!



SO good...

The company that we use for our Homeschool curriculum has a daily email they send and I've found so much truth and encouragement in some of them!
Here's a tidbit for you from todays....
As a Christian, walking with the Lord is never boring. The disciples discovered that fact as they followed Jesus while He was on earth. They saw Christ control the wind, heal the diseased and lame, feed the multitudes, and even bring people back to life from the dead. The disciples learned that Jesus was capable of anything, and they were continually surprised at His unlimited, mighty power.

What surprises does God have for your family today? He knows the homeschooling day that lies ahead, and has already orchestrated divine encounters and blessings just for you. Your challenge is seeking His wisdom and then obediently leading your children into that divine plan. What an awesome adventure you'll experience as you learn to expectantly follow the Lord! "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." (Jeremiah 33:3)

It's a comfort to me to remind myself that he already KNOWS how today is going to roll around the Freeman house.

It looks to be another gorgeous Spring-like day here...certainly hope so. The kids enjoyed playing outside in windbreakers yesterday. I'd like to get out in the yard and clean things up a bit too.

Have a wonderful day!



I'm SO psyched about this new product from one of my FAVORITE companies, Melissa Frances! New acrylic stamps in all sorts of fantastic styles... I *MUST* get my hands on these....so versatile and lovely.

Melissa Frances just started a company blog as well! Go take a quick peek and say "hello!".




The kidlets, circa December 2007.I think I'll be doing these once a year from now on...love 'em.Despite a VERY scratchy throat and at the risk of being laughed at for sounding like a man... I'm going to scrapbooking Friday night!!! Creative therapy time needed..like...MUCHO.


Live With Purpose.

Random bits from our morning today. The food? It's oatmeal. The yellow and red IN the oatmeal? Butter and strawberry preserves with a fast plop of milk. Yum.

I got up, did my Bible study. Read a few blogs. Ok. More than a few.

And..Despite a raging sore throat that feels like it's only millimeters wide...

I feel motivated to MOVE today.

Motivated to cross off numerous items from the TO DO list that's never-ending.

Motivated to connect with my children as we learn together today.

Motivated to motivate THEM to enjoy the process.

Motivated to make today count.

Motivated to...live with purpose. That just seems to be swirling in my mind-- like God is gently whispering it in my ear, with His arm on my shoulder- guiding me through this day and each step and action it entails. What a wonderful thing.



PS- Hope you feel better soon, Mama! xoxo

Matthew is finally content. He's been wanting to make a personal contribution to YouTube for quite some time now. He's discussed plans. Venues. Scenarios. I think he's hooked on the process and seeing it come together now... which, as his mom...TOTALLY cool to witness. YouTube, lookout. Now I'll warn you...it's lengthy. But I LOVE Josie's opening line. It sounds very "Little Rascals" to me! lol. And if you get far enough- you'll hear Mom (me) getting a little tired of filming and saying "One last thing guys..". Plus watching Josie trying to fall gracefully so as not to flash her panties..HILARIOUS. Her lightsaber skills are pretty killer- kudos to big brother for all the coaching, which around here- is a daily activity. Matthew is perfecting his injured/dying fall to the ground actions. And you can't tell but he's quietly directing through the whole video- telling Josie what to do. As for the quality- well- sorry folks but it's just from my teensy Pentax point&shoot with video capabilities.

Mission Completed. I just wish you could've seen his face when he watched his own production playing on YouTube. Priceless.


Our Winter Wonderland.

Last Sunday we awoke to a blanket of snow!
Where we live, the weather is quite mild and if we get a light dusting in the Winter it's NEWS! But this was more than a dusting- it was inches and inches of magic. The kids had SO much fun playing. Snowmen, snowangels, snowball fights... fantastic!
Here's our backyard...

I couldn't resist taking a pic of our neighbors house--it's like being transported to Europe! So lovely...

Our gumshoe tree covered in white...

Rosey cheeks and noses...

Resident snowbunnies...

More pictures to come. I went a little crazy taking them!