Matthew is finally content. He's been wanting to make a personal contribution to YouTube for quite some time now. He's discussed plans. Venues. Scenarios. I think he's hooked on the process and seeing it come together now... which, as his mom...TOTALLY cool to witness. YouTube, lookout. Now I'll warn you...it's lengthy. But I LOVE Josie's opening line. It sounds very "Little Rascals" to me! lol. And if you get far enough- you'll hear Mom (me) getting a little tired of filming and saying "One last thing guys..". Plus watching Josie trying to fall gracefully so as not to flash her panties..HILARIOUS. Her lightsaber skills are pretty killer- kudos to big brother for all the coaching, which around here- is a daily activity. Matthew is perfecting his injured/dying fall to the ground actions. And you can't tell but he's quietly directing through the whole video- telling Josie what to do. As for the quality- well- sorry folks but it's just from my teensy Pentax point&shoot with video capabilities.

Mission Completed. I just wish you could've seen his face when he watched his own production playing on YouTube. Priceless.

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Kate said...

We watched it sis- hilarious!! I love the part where matthew tells josie to cut his head off and she does it with a flourish. It was really cute.
Love you!!!!