Spent the day today at OHSU. Met with the best Neurosurgeon in Oregon (reportedly) and we're hopeful that his recommended surgery will bring Robert some relief and decrease in symptoms that the spinal cord injury (surf accident a few years ago) caused. We took the kidlets with us and they LOVED watching the tram (we didn't ride it) go back and forth. And the HUGE windows in the building made for fantastic "I Spy" of Portland.

We ate at Taco Del Mar on the way home (YUM!) and now we're all relaxing. And it feels sooooo good! Something about spending the day at the hospital just ZAPS you of ALL energy! Even the kids are wiped out.

I think we'll go to bed early so we'll be recooped and energized tomorrow.

We're going to spend the weekend with my sister K and her family. Can't WAIT!! It's been WAY too long. Plus...I'm hoping to take some pics of her growing baby belly..got some ideas I'd LOVE to try.

Been gathering supplies and gearing up to make some Bella Balloon flops to sell via my Bella Carte blog and Ebay. I am going to try and create some in Disney colors, coordinating colors with summer Gymboree lines,etc. and see what happens. They're fun and Josie loves to help make them-- a nice evening project! I told her if she diligently helps that I'll give her a portion of the profit. She's been DYING for these two things. Obsessively talks about them. MUST HAVE THEM. Silly girl.

And who wouldn't love a baby doll that swims ALL on her own?!

It's super cute 'n all but THESE are more my speed. Recently added to my wish list...

I've seen glimpses of the pages and oh. my.

INSPIRATION galore. I was instantly smitten and MUST.HAVE.THESE.

Anyone know how to purchase using Amazon Japan???




Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Yes, I was born in Lebanon. LIved there my first 5 yrs. I'm thinking my school was Green Acres? Something like that. We lived RIGHT next to the highschool in a brady bunch house. I'm sure it's a dive now.......or not even there.

glenda said...

Okay..I followed you from Today's Creative Blog too... talk about a small world. We are in Texas now but Lebanon is our HOMETOWN!

I recognized that house you took the picture with the snow. You must live very near our relatives, who are on Maier Drive.

"It's a small world after all, such a small, small, world."

Christy said...

Praying for Bob that he gets relief from his pain soon! Poor guy. Keep us posted on his surgery sweetie. Love you guys!

Bella Art Girl said...

thanks for the looks see at my blog...came over to see you and felt a deja vu when I saw the post about OHSU...we spent way too much time there in 2005/2006 but despite the bittersweet it is a good place..hope your outcome for treatment is good. I just glimpsed some of what you are up to but had to add you to my feeds because I can tell you and I have some kindred spirt moments...will read more later - thanks for popping over to my puddle and commenting else I would not have discovered your creative blog