Live With Purpose.

Random bits from our morning today. The food? It's oatmeal. The yellow and red IN the oatmeal? Butter and strawberry preserves with a fast plop of milk. Yum.

I got up, did my Bible study. Read a few blogs. Ok. More than a few.

And..Despite a raging sore throat that feels like it's only millimeters wide...

I feel motivated to MOVE today.

Motivated to cross off numerous items from the TO DO list that's never-ending.

Motivated to connect with my children as we learn together today.

Motivated to motivate THEM to enjoy the process.

Motivated to make today count.

Motivated to...live with purpose. That just seems to be swirling in my mind-- like God is gently whispering it in my ear, with His arm on my shoulder- guiding me through this day and each step and action it entails. What a wonderful thing.



PS- Hope you feel better soon, Mama! xoxo

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