Happiness, pure & simple.

Boy, I've had a few downer days recently. Or should I say downer week(s)?
But I think I'm coming out of it. (yessssss ! ala Napoleon D.)

Not certain why, but lots of little things were getting me down and instead of pulling myself up by the boot straps and making the best of things, which is my normal M.O., I just felt beaten down and defeated. A little raw and sullen.

I read some Psalms. I read some Ecclesiastes. I did my Bible Study and of course, as usual, it was just what I needed. Because God rocks like that...He gives me what I need. Even if I don't think I do. Or if I don't really WANT it...but I reluctantly read my Bible or listen to my Bible Studies online because I know I should and I go into it thinking "Ok- knock this out so I can actually get my day going!" and then BAM! He smacks me over the head with a word. or two. And gets my attention. My full- humbled and amazed- attention. He's good like that, you know?!

Anywho. Glass-Half-Full girl is BACK!

And she's feeling thankful. And inspired. And creative. And eager. And wistful. And..optimistic.

Thank you, Jesus!

One thing that has me over-the-moon happy is my photography. My obsession. Passion. Drive. I'm completely and utterly camera-happy and my desire to learn and grow in this art form seems insatiable!

Yesterday was a beautiful day but the evening hours were GLORIOUS. Josie had been allowed to rent a game and was enthralled with it but she humored her mother and gamely went along for a walk so I could snap away in the lovely light.

Here's a couple. I'll post more over the next day or two, but these were a couple favorites.



I had quite the weekend!
Very busy, exciting, stressful, lovely...
I helped a friend shoot pics for a wedding.
First time.

Went to my cousins high school graduation.
Not sure when she grew up...
I went with my sister and we got to visit one-on-one.
Been FAR too long since that's happened and it was WONDERFUL.
Saw my aunties and my Nana..got to chat with them for a long while too and it was so nice!
Breakfast dinner at 11ish with my sis afterward paired with coffee talk..the BEST!

Drive-In with the family. There aren't many left in Oregon- not sure about elsewhere- but I'm glad we aren't far from one! The kids LOVED it and are dying to go back! I didn't take too many pics because..well. I was lazy! I didn't even get one of the signs or old snackbar... next time!

Spent Memorial Day enjoying each other's company, the pool and some junk food.

Now back to the grind! Wrapping up school. Tidying up. More VBS prep. More pool time. More photo spots to find. Ahhh...this time of the year is sooo nice!




Discovered a new photo spot this weekend.
My model wasn't too keen on an impromptu shoot- but I still like them!
Need to play with Photoshop and see what I can do to tweak color, crispness,etc.
These are straight out of the camera.
It's been warm and sunny for the last few days...we're loving it!
Not much else to report, I'm afraid.
We're just a bunch of wild and crazy animals, what can I say?

Hope you're having a fantastic Monday!

*love the little graffitti to the right of her skirt...




Not much to say.
But thought I'd toss a pic or two on here today so that I'm still in the habit of posting.
Isn't she cute?!
My baby.
Chubba cheeks still there...
Those little seersucker shorts & moccasins slay me.
Love 'em mucho.

I'll post more pics this evening perhaps...
I got some REALLY fab ones of the little ones running around my parents place this weekend.



Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!
Keeping quite busy here--wrapping up school & such.
I'll post again soon!


Can't beat FREE!

I thought I'd share this...found it on Thrifty Mom's site this morning (see her button on my left sidebar- she's a fabulous resource for frugal shopping!). I signed up (name,address,etc) and won a free razor! If you don't win one today, try again tomorrow. They reset the giveaway at noon Eastern Standard Time daily!
Here's the link: Gillette.com