Ikea Swedish Meatballs

Ikea Swedish Meatballs
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Borshkibuuurdeeee boo! IKEA food cals.for YOU!

I just got an email from HUNGRY GIRL talking about the nutrition info on IKEA food.
WHY did I open this email?? I was happy- in my ignorant bliss, knowing that those blessed meatballs & lingonberry sauce would be waiting for me. I can SMELL them as I type this!! ugh... If you MUST KNOW..here's the link. IKEA Food Nutrition Info
I think you SHOULD go check it out so that I'll have company in my sadness. Knowing the calorie count per serving... Knowledge is NOT always a good thing! Then again, do you think that'll really stop me from consuming them? Was that a "no" I heard?
Yeah- you guessed right. *laugh*


Venturing Out...

The kidlets & I spent an afternoon out and about late last week.
It was our first adventure after being sick & housebound for so many weeks!
We'd make a quick trip to the library to re-stock our book supply but that was it.
So we drove around downtown & around the older neighborhoods-- stopped at a park and let the kids play and I savored the fresh air and took pictures. SO nice!!

Looking forward to many more adventures discovering our "new" town!

aren't these lovely?? Josie discovered them & so sweetly pointed them out to me!
"Look! Your favorite, Mama!"

Spring blossoming before our eyes...

love this pattern--and all the green!

a sweet little home we drove by.
I'm in love....

raincoat close-at-hand, Sonic fruit slush & a touch of red & aqua..YUM!



Starting Fresh.

It's Sunday night. I'm supposed to start a new habit tonight and force myself to go to bed at a decent hour. As it is already 10:12pm, I'm drawing nearer to the line of "decent" vs. "normal" (normal for ME, anyway). But, I thought I'd toss a new post on the blog before I turn in.

It's been a full, full day. Church this morning--taught Sunday School, met with a couple other teachers afterward and briefly discussed future lessons & VBS, then headed home after visiting with a few people on my way out the door. We picked up the kidlets bicycles from storage since the weather is turning-- they' re excited to use them again! Spent the afternoon trying to catch up on my Beth Moore ESTHER Bible Study-- I made a dent but have a long way to go to make up the 3 weeks I missed. It's SUCH a good study--I'm thankful I decided to take it. Everytime there is SOMEthing SO relative to my life that I get goosebumps! Ironically, many women in our class have said this as well. I wholeheartedly recommend it for any woman. You'll be blessed!
Anyway- late afternoon the kids and Bob got up from their nap/quiet time and we headed back to church for evening classes. We typically leave the house at 4:30pm and get home at night around 9pm...so it makes for a LONG day altogether. Well worth it- but tiring just the same.

And though I should be reviewing our schedule for tomorrow's studies- I just don't have it in me! Fortunately it's fairly mapped out already- but I'll have to cut into my devotions time in the morning to squeeze in a quick look-over before the kids get up!

And...blog posts are SO boring without a few pics, aren't they?? Here's few recents...

my always-willing model....and her little dog too.

A lovely Spring evening (after a CRAZY day of weather, I might add! Sunny morning, then heavy rainclouds that dumped, then hail, then it cleared to THIS!)...

Tree blossoms at a local park..so pretty!

I am in love with mossy tree branches. I'm weird, I know. Just another thing that makes me, ME. Isn't it beautiful though??

Hope you have a wonderful week!!


An AMAZING company...

I saw a table at last years HomeSchool Convention for this company. As with many companies there, I hadn't heard of Lamplighters Publishing. I passed by their table several times as I walked the aisles of the convention- trying to take everything in. Searching for things on my small "purchase" list for our second year of schooling at home--and being sidetracked often by wonderful teaching tools and books. And yet again- I try make my way past this crowded table, thinking I'd wait until the crowd died down to check it out. BUT! There was always a HUGE crowd surrounding the table--and so I finally wove my way through to see what the hubub was about.

The first thing I noticed was the quality and visual appeal of their products. Stacks and stacks of books-- colorful & richly textured pages. And then, I saw that these books were all based on building Christian character. Their mission is “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord, by building Christ-like character one story at a time. ...deeply rooted in the truths found in Malachi 4:6 and Luke 1:17." That is something I can stand behind! I'll be making my way back to their table at this years HomeSchool Convention- to purchase books for my family & thank them for sharing their vision and heart in such a beautiful, treasured way!!

This is a video clip from their email newsletter. A short film on light in the darkness. There are some inspiring interviews with them on YouTube as well. I included one below that was especially good!

Link to their website: LAMPLIGHTER PUBLISHING

I hope you'll take a few moments to visit their website...




Table For 12, anyone?

Table For 12 is a new show on TLC.
I'm fascinated with these shows on larger families. Like The Duggars. Jon & Kate & their 8. And now this family.
How they function.
How they...survive each and every day!?

This family has twins, sextuplets & a child with Muscular Dystrophy in the bunch. That is a FULL, FULL life. And they've been blessed with patience, grace and a good sense of humor. I admire that. It warms my heart watching all of the craziness and love for 30 minutes, but then the show is over. For ME. For them- it's 24/7! And let's not forget the camera crew following them all over the place.

Off to watch JimBob & his 18....



Love it.

I don't recall WHEN it was, but years ago- I discovered James MacDonald on a Christian radio station. His teaching style: so frank, to-the-point, yet relateable, caught my attention. That he stressed the importance of the church body to be grounded in the word & not stray from it. That he has such a respectable perspective on our society & where things are at in this day and age...what we, as Christians, are up against. It's just always RIGHT ON. His sermons are online- you can download the MP3's for free for simply signing up your name & email. They don't pester you with emails- in case you're wondering. I would urge you to take a listen. I don't put this man on a pedestal. I don't hang on his every word. But it's obvious he's annointed. He speaks truth, and I'm all about THAT. WALK IN THE WORD
Click on the "Broadcast" tab at the top to get to the messages.

He also keeps a blog...and he posted SUCH a good entry on Brian McClaren, an Emerging Church figure...I had to share. This is such a burden to my husband and I. This philosophy is taking such a hold in churches today- it's quite sobering. I posted the entry below. You can read other blog entries by clicking his blog tag on the main website.

Let me know what you think...



Why Brian McLaren is like my Palm Pilot
posted by James MacDonald on January 23rd, 2009. Filed under: Christian Life, From James, General, Video.
Remember the Palm Pilot? I remember how fresh and cool and capable it seemed sitting there on my desk, syncing so beautifully with the red a black circling arrows. I can see it now so sleek and so incredibly in touch with my needs and frustrations. Yep right there on my desk beside my computer and my phone and my little syncing cradle . . . Palm Pilot was the talk of the town. The best and the brightest got one first, who could afford to be without . . . the next best thing, so much promise!!!
Did you have a palm pilot? Remember learning the new letter forms and mastering the use of the stylus. Such an investment of time seemed worth it . . . I mean the Palm Pilot was here to stay. Never had their been a piece of technology so in touch with what was wrong in communication world so completely geared to everything that bothered me about the current and historic ways of managing your life. Dates and schedules and notes to remember, addresses and other stored information, all entered by me, at the tip of my fingers. Wow, no books to carry around, no need to call the office for a number here at this pay phone . . . No more scraps of paper and business cards. Remember ‘beaming?’ You could actually send your contact information through the air !!!!! to another person!!!!!! Ahhhh “I am so lucky to be alive here in 1999, where we have something as cool as a Palm Pilot.” The stock was soaring the company was exploding. There was no limit to the heights they could achieve.
I actually knew a lot of people that worked for 3Com, the company that invented the Palm Pilot. They built this crazy factory/office complex just down just down the freeway from our church. The walls are tilted and slanted at a lot of weird angles and I am sure they broke every rule of orthodox architectural design, but hey, they invented the Palm Pilot, so who were we to tell them they weren’t cool. Their corporate headquarters had to be different, eye catching, a break from the routine, it was a statement about everything they planned to be. Fresh, current, cool and creative!
Maybe Palm Pilot really got off track when they stopped listening to the users and started believing that just because some good ideas had come from their heads, that everything they thought of was equally helpful and in touch with the customers. At the end of the day it’s always the user that determines what is is truly helpful and powerful, isn’t it? The ditches of the information highway are littered with people who started out with some good ideas about what was missing and needed to change. It wasn’t that they didn’t understand the past and the shortcomings of the old information management systems. It’s that they didn’t understand the future and issues like convergence. Now a days you can get all the corrections to the old and all the benefits of the new in a single handheld device. Today you can escape the historical errors of inferior information systems without giving up the power of what they did well, People who wanted change for changes sake may still carry Palm Pilots, there will always be a handful of uncritical young people who get caught up in the cathartic affect of innovation. However people who have lived a little longer and endured a little more realize that change must continue to bring measureable improvement or in the end it is very hollow. Somehow the Palm Pilot guys just missed that. At the end of the day your ideas for improvement are what determine your success as a company. Palm Pilot’s eliminated some of the problems of the past but in the end didn’t continue to generate innovations of substance that impacted our future in demonstrable ways. After a while I started to feel like an idiot carrying that thing on my belt, it just wasn’t nearly as helpful as I was told it would be. What I thought would set me free actually became pretty cumbersome. I began to notice others who were kind of ticked and disappointed too.
I wish you could see the 3Com headquarters now. It’s really kind of pathetic. Hard to believe but it’s become a bit of a laughing stock. People drive by, giggle and point saying, ‘yeah remember those guys, what ever happened to them?’ Yeah, I don’t know . . . I think I’ll get out my Palm Pilot for old times sake, if I can find it.



I suppose it's because we're living in an apartment and so it doesn't feel like my "own" no matter what I do.. but I've been daydreaming about kitchens lately. A LOT. Anytime they're doing a kitchen redo on HGTV, I'm all over it. I watch all the Real Estate shows to see the different kitchens in the homes for sale. I mull over in my mind "If I had the money, and endless choices- what would I pick? Colors? Cupboards? Style? Flooring? Paint? Type of windows? Island? Stainless steel appliances?"

It's fun to dream.
It's also fun to find beautiful pics to share online...

These were all from HOUSE BEAUTIFUL , I believe...

LOVE those chairs at the island/bar. The mixture of traditional & mod is yummy. And the airiness..it's cozy yet full of light. A MUST in my book.

Same kitchen, opposing side view. LOVE the color scheme they used- the wood, floors & appliances..and then the decor--don't get me started!!! The green pot & kettle on the stove?! I'm in love. The bowls on the island closest in the shot are great too.

Again, the eclectic feel of combining traditional & contemporary/mod pieces is fantastic. LOVE those chairs & dark finish table and the chandelier--it's definitely casual elegance to a tee.

This one jumped out at me too. I don't know if it's what I'd hand select but if I walked into this kitchen, I'd love it. The dark floors contrasting with the white cupboards. I don't prefer white cupboards but it works nicely in this kitchen. The light...once again-- LOVE it. I do hope the next home we live in has a sink with a window above it. I love gazing out while I wash things up...it's soothing.

Pretty but not what I'd handselect. But I like the sink. I think it's how MANY cupboards and drawers there are that attracted me. Oh. And the light/airy feel.
Which one is your fave? Better yet, describe or link to pics of YOUR dream kitchen! It would be fun to hear what your preferences are.

Green Doors Galore

I'm newly in love with green doors.
My dream home must have a vibrant green door.
I dilly-dallied on Flickr tonite for a little bit and found some green door-love to share.

Church history classes tonite, tomorrow & Sunday.
That pretty much sums up our weekend. There's some food and sleeping & dog walking tucked in there too.

Looking forward to Monday-- starting a new week healthy & ready to roll!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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Fantastic! I LOVE the color scheme here--the green door is perfection.

Green door

Green door
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Green Door

Green Door
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This would be amazing in a bright grass green color!!

green door

green door
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green door

green door
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green doors

green doors
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green door 1

green door 1
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Green doors

Green doors
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Happy First Day of Spring, Everyone!

We're alive and feeling well (FINALLY!) this week. We endured almost 5 weeks of crud & a combined 14 hours (2 visits)in the ER and lived to tell the tale.
You name it- we had it. Cold. flu. Mono. It blew into this house and tore it up for a MONTH!
Matthew & I are still coughing and trying to get our energy level back but other than that- I'd say we're officially over it (knock.on.wood.).

Does anyone come to this blog anymore? I've been most unfaithful, even before being ill.
HOPEFULLY things will turn around!
I'm inspired by simply walking upright and getting fresh air this week! How sad is THAT?!
It's Spring time and I always find this time of year refreshing- a sense of renewal in multiple ways.

Despite upheaval and uncertainty in this economy and in other areas of our lives, I feel at peace- I know who's running the show and I'm okay with it. He WILL provide for me. He WILL never leave me or forsake me. I'm in His hands and He'll provide peace and understanding when we need it- whatever the situation. Difficult to remember and implement in our lives at times- but I try to live with these assurances on my mind at all times.

The first week we all got sick-on the second night- the hubster walked in after "working late" (keep reading) and the kids & I were sprawled pathetically on the couches, feeling miserable. He handed me a card and I opened it. McDreamy smiled at me from the card. The card said "Want to feel better fast?" (open card) Inside: "Just stare at this card for 20 minutes 4 times a day (ok. So he's not a REAL doctor. But you can't deny his healing powers!" beneath that my hubby wrote: "If Patrick Dempsey won't work maybe the Nikon D90 at the door will!"

The card was too funny & just made me laugh- but what he did to get this for me meant much more...after a long day of stressful work, my man went to buy the camera here in town and it was sold out. So he called around and discovered there was *1* left 30 minutes away- so he called to let us know he was "working late" ( I suppose calling/driving around WAS a bit of work, yes?) and snuck off and bought it for me.

Anyone that knows me well- knows that I've had pictures of this camera or the model before it- on my fridge, in my journal, by my computer-- just to keep me focused on my dream of ownership one day. And now it's a reality. SO fantastic!

Well- that first night I fiddled with it- I registered it- read some of the quick manual... then had to go to bed. And the poor camera sat practically untouched on the shelf for the next 4 weeks. It was HORRIBLE!

But now- I'm bouncing back and you can believe the first thing I did was pick up my new "baby" and start playing. Even though I was housebound-- I just had to hold it- take boring pics for the sake of taking pics. And it was gooooood! I'm thrilled with the purchase (and the hubster's thoughtfulness & support of my aspirations) and have much to learn.

Here she is, in all her 12.3 megapixel, 4.5 frames-per-second, HD movie capability- glory.
Go ahead- salivate-- as you should. She's perfectly lovely.

We're attempting to get back on track with schooling-- boy, there were more than a few days where I SO wished I could simply drudge up enough energy to get the kids ready for school and put them on the bus! Since we homeschool- it was a wistful thought. *laugh*
I'm feeling good about our schedule and plan of attack to catch up though- and the kids actually missed doing work (so they say!).
There's MUCH more on the TO DO list but ranking of utmost importance for this week has been:
* Get OUT of the HOUSE!
* Open the windows!
* Disinfect this germ-infested nest!
* Jumpstart school!
And so we have.
Tomorrow is Friday and we have a full schedule of commitments at the church for the entire weekend. I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove of things.
Thanks for checking in and not giving up on me!
MUCH more pics, links of inspiration, thoughts & recipes coming soon!