I suppose it's because we're living in an apartment and so it doesn't feel like my "own" no matter what I do.. but I've been daydreaming about kitchens lately. A LOT. Anytime they're doing a kitchen redo on HGTV, I'm all over it. I watch all the Real Estate shows to see the different kitchens in the homes for sale. I mull over in my mind "If I had the money, and endless choices- what would I pick? Colors? Cupboards? Style? Flooring? Paint? Type of windows? Island? Stainless steel appliances?"

It's fun to dream.
It's also fun to find beautiful pics to share online...

These were all from HOUSE BEAUTIFUL , I believe...

LOVE those chairs at the island/bar. The mixture of traditional & mod is yummy. And the airiness..it's cozy yet full of light. A MUST in my book.

Same kitchen, opposing side view. LOVE the color scheme they used- the wood, floors & appliances..and then the decor--don't get me started!!! The green pot & kettle on the stove?! I'm in love. The bowls on the island closest in the shot are great too.

Again, the eclectic feel of combining traditional & contemporary/mod pieces is fantastic. LOVE those chairs & dark finish table and the chandelier--it's definitely casual elegance to a tee.

This one jumped out at me too. I don't know if it's what I'd hand select but if I walked into this kitchen, I'd love it. The dark floors contrasting with the white cupboards. I don't prefer white cupboards but it works nicely in this kitchen. The light...once again-- LOVE it. I do hope the next home we live in has a sink with a window above it. I love gazing out while I wash things up...it's soothing.

Pretty but not what I'd handselect. But I like the sink. I think it's how MANY cupboards and drawers there are that attracted me. Oh. And the light/airy feel.
Which one is your fave? Better yet, describe or link to pics of YOUR dream kitchen! It would be fun to hear what your preferences are.


Sue said...

I would love to have that much kitchen room.

Christy said...

Oh to have THAT much storage space! Sigh... ;)

I SO want that sink in the last pix...LOVE!!!

Here are a few of my faves...mostly from Domino (via Flicker). Surprise, surprise! ;)


Not into purple AT ALL but I LOVE the design...and that extra large window! Happy sigh!

Ooops! Did I say a "few"? Lol! Fun post girlie! Now I'm REALLY itching to move! ;)

Sarah said...

Love those, Christy! We have somewhat similar taste! SHOCK.

I'd LOVE to have a kitchen as open & full of storage & light...SOMEday! But I said that in the original post, didn't I?? lol.

Thanks for posting, girls. ;)