Happy First Day of Spring, Everyone!

We're alive and feeling well (FINALLY!) this week. We endured almost 5 weeks of crud & a combined 14 hours (2 visits)in the ER and lived to tell the tale.
You name it- we had it. Cold. flu. Mono. It blew into this house and tore it up for a MONTH!
Matthew & I are still coughing and trying to get our energy level back but other than that- I'd say we're officially over it (knock.on.wood.).

Does anyone come to this blog anymore? I've been most unfaithful, even before being ill.
HOPEFULLY things will turn around!
I'm inspired by simply walking upright and getting fresh air this week! How sad is THAT?!
It's Spring time and I always find this time of year refreshing- a sense of renewal in multiple ways.

Despite upheaval and uncertainty in this economy and in other areas of our lives, I feel at peace- I know who's running the show and I'm okay with it. He WILL provide for me. He WILL never leave me or forsake me. I'm in His hands and He'll provide peace and understanding when we need it- whatever the situation. Difficult to remember and implement in our lives at times- but I try to live with these assurances on my mind at all times.

The first week we all got sick-on the second night- the hubster walked in after "working late" (keep reading) and the kids & I were sprawled pathetically on the couches, feeling miserable. He handed me a card and I opened it. McDreamy smiled at me from the card. The card said "Want to feel better fast?" (open card) Inside: "Just stare at this card for 20 minutes 4 times a day (ok. So he's not a REAL doctor. But you can't deny his healing powers!" beneath that my hubby wrote: "If Patrick Dempsey won't work maybe the Nikon D90 at the door will!"

The card was too funny & just made me laugh- but what he did to get this for me meant much more...after a long day of stressful work, my man went to buy the camera here in town and it was sold out. So he called around and discovered there was *1* left 30 minutes away- so he called to let us know he was "working late" ( I suppose calling/driving around WAS a bit of work, yes?) and snuck off and bought it for me.

Anyone that knows me well- knows that I've had pictures of this camera or the model before it- on my fridge, in my journal, by my computer-- just to keep me focused on my dream of ownership one day. And now it's a reality. SO fantastic!

Well- that first night I fiddled with it- I registered it- read some of the quick manual... then had to go to bed. And the poor camera sat practically untouched on the shelf for the next 4 weeks. It was HORRIBLE!

But now- I'm bouncing back and you can believe the first thing I did was pick up my new "baby" and start playing. Even though I was housebound-- I just had to hold it- take boring pics for the sake of taking pics. And it was gooooood! I'm thrilled with the purchase (and the hubster's thoughtfulness & support of my aspirations) and have much to learn.

Here she is, in all her 12.3 megapixel, 4.5 frames-per-second, HD movie capability- glory.
Go ahead- salivate-- as you should. She's perfectly lovely.

We're attempting to get back on track with schooling-- boy, there were more than a few days where I SO wished I could simply drudge up enough energy to get the kids ready for school and put them on the bus! Since we homeschool- it was a wistful thought. *laugh*
I'm feeling good about our schedule and plan of attack to catch up though- and the kids actually missed doing work (so they say!).
There's MUCH more on the TO DO list but ranking of utmost importance for this week has been:
* Get OUT of the HOUSE!
* Open the windows!
* Disinfect this germ-infested nest!
* Jumpstart school!
And so we have.
Tomorrow is Friday and we have a full schedule of commitments at the church for the entire weekend. I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove of things.
Thanks for checking in and not giving up on me!
MUCH more pics, links of inspiration, thoughts & recipes coming soon!


Anonymous said...

How is the camera? Amanda wants to get into digital photography with an SLR, I ordered the Amanda Bennett Digital Photography Unit Study for an elective for her;)

Sue said...

I check your blog *almost* everyday. :)
Yes, I am salivating over your camera. She is a beauty, sleek and shiny!! So happy for you.

Sarah said...

Sue- thanks for your faithfulness! ;)

Lisa- The camera is astounding. I've much to learn but it takes beautiful pics & a bonus- it takes HD video as well. She'll love the elective if she's interested in photography...I wish I would've pursued it long ago when I began daydreaming about it...

Anonymous said...

We got her an HD video cam-like the Flip video for her birthday and she's been researching SLRs but there's so many to choose from...

And I have your blog on my googlereader so I know when you post;)