Borshkibuuurdeeee boo! IKEA food cals.for YOU!

I just got an email from HUNGRY GIRL talking about the nutrition info on IKEA food.
WHY did I open this email?? I was happy- in my ignorant bliss, knowing that those blessed meatballs & lingonberry sauce would be waiting for me. I can SMELL them as I type this!! ugh... If you MUST KNOW..here's the link. IKEA Food Nutrition Info
I think you SHOULD go check it out so that I'll have company in my sadness. Knowing the calorie count per serving... Knowledge is NOT always a good thing! Then again, do you think that'll really stop me from consuming them? Was that a "no" I heard?
Yeah- you guessed right. *laugh*


Anonymous said...

MWAHAHAHA! You read that stuff?;) I never look at the calorie count('cause I just don't care;)) I only look for gluten and other ingredients that I can't pronounce 'cause I figure if I can't pronounce it God didn't intend for me to eat it, heheh. So I guess the moral of the story is don't read the label;)

Christy said...

I have yet to try these tasty lil' morsels...definitely not about to NOW, lol!

Sarah said...

I know...I SHOULDN'T have read it!! eek!

Christy- you MUST try them once. JUST once.
...and then you'll be hooked like me! Misery loves company, you know!

Sista Kate said...

Thanks... for nuthin!!! I would rather live in sweet, gravy covered oblivion...