Starting Fresh.

It's Sunday night. I'm supposed to start a new habit tonight and force myself to go to bed at a decent hour. As it is already 10:12pm, I'm drawing nearer to the line of "decent" vs. "normal" (normal for ME, anyway). But, I thought I'd toss a new post on the blog before I turn in.

It's been a full, full day. Church this morning--taught Sunday School, met with a couple other teachers afterward and briefly discussed future lessons & VBS, then headed home after visiting with a few people on my way out the door. We picked up the kidlets bicycles from storage since the weather is turning-- they' re excited to use them again! Spent the afternoon trying to catch up on my Beth Moore ESTHER Bible Study-- I made a dent but have a long way to go to make up the 3 weeks I missed. It's SUCH a good study--I'm thankful I decided to take it. Everytime there is SOMEthing SO relative to my life that I get goosebumps! Ironically, many women in our class have said this as well. I wholeheartedly recommend it for any woman. You'll be blessed!
Anyway- late afternoon the kids and Bob got up from their nap/quiet time and we headed back to church for evening classes. We typically leave the house at 4:30pm and get home at night around 9pm...so it makes for a LONG day altogether. Well worth it- but tiring just the same.

And though I should be reviewing our schedule for tomorrow's studies- I just don't have it in me! Fortunately it's fairly mapped out already- but I'll have to cut into my devotions time in the morning to squeeze in a quick look-over before the kids get up!

And...blog posts are SO boring without a few pics, aren't they?? Here's few recents...

my always-willing model....and her little dog too.

A lovely Spring evening (after a CRAZY day of weather, I might add! Sunny morning, then heavy rainclouds that dumped, then hail, then it cleared to THIS!)...

Tree blossoms at a local park..so pretty!

I am in love with mossy tree branches. I'm weird, I know. Just another thing that makes me, ME. Isn't it beautiful though??

Hope you have a wonderful week!!


Anonymous said...

adorable model! love you little sweetie! God's beauty is so AWESOME! xoxo,m

Anonymous said...

Hi I just came across your blog, I have to say i found myself scolling down to see all your pictures. They are all beautiful. I love the simple beauty that you caught. Thank you.

Sarah said...

Thank you to my "anonymous" readers!