Orla Kiely @ Target!

Consider me officially BROKE in February.
Moreso than usual.
Just look at the pear bowls and tumblers!!
SOOOOO cute.



2009. Day 7

Cozy day at home today.
Got the laundry caught up. Yessss!
We sputtered our way slowly through the morning
gradually gaining speed & purpose.
Waffles & storytime.
Watched the premiere (DVR'd)of The Biggest Loser@ lunchtime.
Prepped for AWANAS.
Going to church prepared to tear down Christmas decor & trees, only to discover
someone completely BLESSED ME by having the job done!
Spontaneous dinner with my parents at the new Thai place in town.
One word.
Delighted to see several River Center families/couples there...
impromptu fellowship always a plus!

* our daily morning generally includes breakfast with a story.

* I like little fingers/hands in my pictures.

* Pajama day at school- ALWAYS appreciated.

* my Pad Thai. The establishment had lovely lighting but it made for HORRIBLE pics.
Trust me. It was VERY appetizing in appearance in person.

*my parents' curry dish. I sampled it--also fantastic! Joc? Are you reading this??!

* new orange sneaks. These just make me happy.





2009. Day 6

Started the day a little tired/weary.
Took the dog out--it was blustery and I was doused with rain no matter which direction I turned.
A lovely beginning for a NON-morning person.
Made breakfast for us.
Took a look around at everything needing done today & said..
uh. NOPE.
We're outta here!
ERRAND day instead.

*breakfast of THESE champions--oatmeal. Mmmm!

* I leaned HEAVILY upon several deep mugs of joe this morning. HEAVILY.

* Just one of the things I was avoiding today.

* A happy place. Scored some good stuff on 99cent day!

* Nothing better than a trip to the library!


2009. Day 5.

Today is THE day.
The "official" first day of 2009 for us.
The day all things return to routine.
The return of daily TO DO lists.
It's a very good thing.

*my TO DO list. ever-growing. I doodle as I mull over things that need to be added.

*a good workout buddy is imperative in starting the New Year resolutions!

*working on this weeks Grocery list(s)

*and we made through our ENTIRE days lesson.

I was surprised because I laid it on pretty heavy for our first day back.
But the littles tackled it with zest and it was a good,good day.

On the evening agenda:
*make Tuesday's TO DO list.
*review Tuesday lesson plans.
*laundry folding while watching The World's Best Dancers w/kidlet2

see? Another list!
gotta love it.
or don't.
i don't care! ;)



2009. Day 4.

This day FLEW by!
Enjoyed a foggy drive this morning.
Taught Sunday School & had some great fellowship afterward!
Then home the rest of the day...
nice 'n simple.

lovely frosty/foggy meadow

spent some time HERE, washing up dishes & thinking.

Catching bits & pieces of this family favorite.

preparing to push HARD in 2009.

more decor to pack away. I keep finding stragglers!

Hope you had a WONDERFUL last day of Christmas Vacation!


2009. Day 3.

A quiet day at home.
No obligations, really.
No where to be.
Staying in our pj's and slippers & mussy hair.
Shades drawn until late afternoon.
Catching up on oodles of DVR'd shows while everyone else slept in.
Grazing all day on leftovers from recent festivities.
Trying NOT to think about getting back into routine tomorrow, yet oddly looking forward to it.

*the view I see when I take Pepper the pugster out for his daily "excursions"

*the view from my couch. Note the lower armoire cabinet left open. What you DON'T see is the spewing of DVD's and game stuffs spilling forth.

*another view from my couch- the sun shone ALL day today. It was lovely.
I should've taken advantage and gone for a walk but I was completely, utterly lazy.
And it was GOOOOOOD.



2009.Day 2

Spent LOTS of time in the car today.
Errands, dentist appointments, shopping.
Being with my favorite people in the whole world!!!
Love my car..even with its problems--it's mine!
The weather was WACKY!
It started out sunny and gorgeous..then a few hours later
it started HAILING.
Then rain and wind. And MORE rain and wind.
Then sunshine in the early evening.
Spending the evening @ home.
Prepping for Sunday School.
Watching movies.
Hanging with the kidlets.