2009. Day 3.

A quiet day at home.
No obligations, really.
No where to be.
Staying in our pj's and slippers & mussy hair.
Shades drawn until late afternoon.
Catching up on oodles of DVR'd shows while everyone else slept in.
Grazing all day on leftovers from recent festivities.
Trying NOT to think about getting back into routine tomorrow, yet oddly looking forward to it.

*the view I see when I take Pepper the pugster out for his daily "excursions"

*the view from my couch. Note the lower armoire cabinet left open. What you DON'T see is the spewing of DVD's and game stuffs spilling forth.

*another view from my couch- the sun shone ALL day today. It was lovely.
I should've taken advantage and gone for a walk but I was completely, utterly lazy.
And it was GOOOOOOD.


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