2009. Day 5.

Today is THE day.
The "official" first day of 2009 for us.
The day all things return to routine.
The return of daily TO DO lists.
It's a very good thing.

*my TO DO list. ever-growing. I doodle as I mull over things that need to be added.

*a good workout buddy is imperative in starting the New Year resolutions!

*working on this weeks Grocery list(s)

*and we made through our ENTIRE days lesson.

I was surprised because I laid it on pretty heavy for our first day back.
But the littles tackled it with zest and it was a good,good day.

On the evening agenda:
*make Tuesday's TO DO list.
*review Tuesday lesson plans.
*laundry folding while watching The World's Best Dancers w/kidlet2

see? Another list!
gotta love it.
or don't.
i don't care! ;)


1 comment:

Christy said...

Hi Girlie! What a fun post. Nothing like crossing things off the ever increasing "To Do List"! Love the feeling of accomplishment. GREAT pic of Josie on the elliptical. In fact, I love ALL your photos you've been sharing! So fun to see little glimpses into your lives. ;) Loves to you & the kiddies. xo