2009. Day 6

Started the day a little tired/weary.
Took the dog out--it was blustery and I was doused with rain no matter which direction I turned.
A lovely beginning for a NON-morning person.
Made breakfast for us.
Took a look around at everything needing done today & said..
uh. NOPE.
We're outta here!
ERRAND day instead.

*breakfast of THESE champions--oatmeal. Mmmm!

* I leaned HEAVILY upon several deep mugs of joe this morning. HEAVILY.

* Just one of the things I was avoiding today.

* A happy place. Scored some good stuff on 99cent day!

* Nothing better than a trip to the library!


Christy said...

I LOVED Value Village! 99cent day was the coolest! Miss it...wish we had one here. :(

Brenda said...

Errands instead of housework? What a lovely, wicked plan. :)