2009.Day 2

Spent LOTS of time in the car today.
Errands, dentist appointments, shopping.
Being with my favorite people in the whole world!!!
Love my car..even with its problems--it's mine!
The weather was WACKY!
It started out sunny and gorgeous..then a few hours later
it started HAILING.
Then rain and wind. And MORE rain and wind.
Then sunshine in the early evening.
Spending the evening @ home.
Prepping for Sunday School.
Watching movies.
Hanging with the kidlets.



Christy said...

You look fabulous, my dear. LOVE your purse (totally cute!) *AND* your leather jacket (I want one BAD!).
So happy to hear that you guys are doing so well. Just makes my heart happy. Love you.

Sarah said...

Thanks,C! Love you to pieces. NEED to see you this year. Need,need,need!!! Matthew was just saying he thinks we REALLY need another trip with Madison to Disneyland- because "it's just fun with her & her family, you know?"
gotta love it!